'SM' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with SM. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'SM' Full Player Listing

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  • 'SMA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Craig Smajstria2B-3BCraig Lee Smajstrla1988-19881
    Aaron SmallPAaron James Small1994-200613
    Charlie SmallOFCharles Albert Small1930-19301
    Hank Small1BGeorge Henry Small1978-19781
    Jim SmallOFJames Arthur Patrick Small1955-19584
    Mark SmallPMark Allen Small1996-19961
    Roy SmalleySS-DHRoy Frederick Smalley Iii1975-198713
    Roy SmalleySS-2BRoy Frederick Smalley Jr.1948-195811
    Will Smalley3B-2BWilliam Darwin Smalley1890-18912
    Walt SmallwoodPWalter Clayton Smallwood1917-19193
    JD SmartPJon David Smart1999-20013
    Joe SmazaOFJoseph Paul Smaza1946-19461
    'SME' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Devin SmeltzerpDevin Paul Smeltzer2019-20213
    'SMI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bill Smiley2B-3BWilliam B. Smiley1874-18829
    John SmileyPJohn Patrick Smiley1986-199712
    Al SmithPAlfred Kendricks Smith1926-19261
    Al SmithPAlfred John Smith1934-194512
    Al SmithOF-3BAlphonse Eugene Smith1953-196412
    Aleck SmithC-OFAlexander Benjamin Smith1897-190610
    Art SmithPArthur Laird Smith1932-19321
    Bernie SmithOFCalvin Bernard Smith1970-19712
    Bill SmithPWilliam Garland Smith1958-19625
    Bill SmithP-OFFrederick William Smith1886-18861
    Bill SmithOFWilliam E. Smith1884-18841
    Bill SmithOF-CWilliam J. Smith1873-18731
    Billy Smith2B-SSBilly Edward Smith1975-19817
    Billy SmithPBilly Lavern Smith1981-19811
    Blake SmithRF-PBlake Smith2016-20161
    Bob SmithP-SSRobert Eldridge Smith1923-193715
    Bob SmithPRobert Ashley Smith1913-19131
    Bob SmithPRobert Walkup Smith1958-19592
    Bob SmithPRobert Gilchrist Smith1955-19595
    Bobby Smith3B-SSRobert Eugene Smith1998-20025
    Bobby Gene SmithOF-3BBobby Gene Smith1957-19659
    Brian SmithPRandall Brian Smith2000-20001
    Brick Smith1B-3BBrick Dudley Smith1987-19882
    Bryn SmithPBryn Nelson Smith1981-199313
    Bud SmithPRobert Allan Smith2001-20022
    Bull SmithOFLewis Oscar Smith1904-19063
    Burch SmithpBurch Taylor Smith2013-20219
    Caleb SmithpCaleb Anthony Smith2017-20215
    Carr SmithOFEmanuel Carr Smith1923-19242
    Carson SmithPCarson Donald Smith2014-20185
    Chad SmithPChad Dennis Smith2014-20152
    Charley Smith3B-SSCharles William Smith1960-196910
    Charlie SmithP-2BCharles Edwin Smith1902-191413
    Charlie Smith3B-2BCharles J. Smith1871-18711
    Chick SmithPJohn William Smith1913-19131
    Chris SmithPChristopher Michael Smith2008-201710
    Chris SmithOF-3BChristopher William Smith1981-19833
    Chris SmithPChris Smith2017-20171
    Chuck SmithPCharles Edward Smith2000-20012
    Clay SmithPClay Jamieson Smith1938-19403
    Dan SmithPDaniel Charles Smith Iii1999-20035
    Dan SmithPDaniel Scott Smith1992-19943
    Daryl SmithP-OFDaryl Clinton Smith1990-19901
    Dave SmithPDavid Stanley Smith Jr.1980-199213
    Dave SmithPDavid Merwin Smith1938-19392
    Dave SmithPDavid Wayne Smith1984-19852
    Dick SmithOFRichard Kelly Smith1969-19691
    Dick SmithOF-1BRichard Arthur Smith1963-19653
    Dick Smith3B-SSRichard Harrison Smith1951-19555
    Dominic Smithlf-1bDominic David Rene Smith2017-20215
    Doug SmithPDouglass Weldon Smith1912-19121
    Drew SmithpAndrew David Smith2018-20214
    Dwight SmithOF-RFJohn Dwight Smith1989-19968
    Dwight Smithlf-dhJohn Dwight Smith2017-20204
    Earl SmithC-2BEarl Sutton Smith1919-193012
    Earl SmithOFEarl Calvin Smith1955-19551
    Earl SmithOF-3BEarl Leonard Smith1916-19227
    Ed SmithPRhesa Edward Smith1906-19061
    Ed SmithPEd Smith1884-18841
    Eddie SmithP-OFEdgar Smith1936-194712
    Edgar (AE) SmithOF-CAlbert Edgar Smith1883-18831
    Edgar (EE) SmithOF-PEdgar Eugene Smith1883-18908
    Elmer SmithOFElmer John Smith1914-192512
    Elmer SmithOF-PElmer Ellsworth Smith1886-190116
    Ernie SmithSSErnest Henry Smith1930-19301
    Frank SmithPFrank Elmer Smith1904-19129
    Frank SmithPFrank Thomas Smith1950-19567
    Frank SmithC-OFFrank L. Smith1884-18841
    Fred Smith3B-2BFred Vincent Smith1913-19175
    Fred SmithPFrederick Smith1907-19071
    Fred SmithP-OFFrederick C. Smith1890-18901
    George SmithPGeorge Shelby Smith1926-19305
    George Smith2B-SSGeorge Cornelius Smith1963-19664
    George SmithPGeorge Allen Smith1916-19238
    Germany SmithSS-2BGeorge J. Smith1884-189815
    Greg Smith2B-SSGregory Allen Smith1989-19913
    Greg SmithPGregory Thomas Smith2008-20103
    Hal SmithCHarold Raymond Smith1956-196510
    Hal SmithPHarold Laverne Smith1932-19354
    Hal SmithC-3BHarold Wayne Smith1955-196410
    Happy SmithOFHenry Joseph Smith1910-19101
    Harry SmithC-OFJames Harry Smith1914-19185
    Harry SmithC-OFHarry Thomas Smith1901-191010
    Harry SmithPHarrison Morton Smith1912-19121
    Harry Smith2B-OFHarry W. Smith1877-188913
    Harvey Smith3BHarvey Fetterhoff Smith1896-18961
    Heinie Smith2B-PGeorge Henry Smith1897-19037
    Jack SmithPJack Hatfield Smith1962-19643
    Jack SmithOFJack Smith1915-192915
    Jake SmithPJacob Smith1911-19111
    Jake SmithPJacob Matthew Smith2016-20161
    Jason SmithSS-2BJason William Smith2001-20099
    Jim SmithSS-3BJames Lorne Smith1982-19821
    Jimmy Smith2B-SSJames Lawrence Smith1916-19227
    Joe SmithCSalvatore Smith1913-19131
    Joe SmithPJoseph Michael Smith2007-202115
    John Smith1BJohn Marshall Smith1931-19311
    John Smith1BJohn Joseph Smith1882-18821
    John SmithSS-OFJohn Smith1873-18753
    Jordan SmithP-3BJordan Smith2010-20112
    Josh SmithpJoshua Allen Smith2015-20206
    Josh SmithpJoshua Dwayne Smith2019-20202
    Jud Smith3B-SSJudson Grant Smith1893-19019
    Keith SmithSS-2BPatrick Keith Smith1984-19852
    Keith SmithOFKeith Lavarne Smith1977-19804
    Ken Smith1B-SSKenneth Earl Smith1981-19833
    Kevan Smithc-dhKevan Alan Smith2016-20216
    Kevin SmithSS-3BKevin Smith2021-20211
    Klondike SmithOFArmstrong Frederick Smith1912-19121
    Lee SmithPLee Arthur Smith1980-199718
    Leo SmithSSLionel H. Smith1890-18901
    Lewis SmithOFLewis J. Smith1882-18821
    Lonnie SmithOF-DHLonnie Smith1978-199417
    Mallex Smithcf-LFMallex Lydell Smith2016-20205
    Mark SmithOF-LFMark Edward Smith1994-200310
    Mark SmithPMark Christopher Smith1983-19831
    Matt SmithPMatthew Joel Smith2006-20072
    Mayo SmithOFEdward Mayo Smith1945-19451
    Mike SmithOFElwood Hope Smith1926-19261
    Mike SmithP-OFMichael Anthony Smith1989-19902
    Mike SmithPMichael Anthony Smith1984-19896
    Mike SmithP-2BMichael Anthony Smith2002-20065
    Milt Smith3B-2BMilton Smith1955-19551
    Murphy SmithPMurphy Alexander Smith2018-20181
    Nate SmithCNathaniel Beverly Smith1962-19621
    Ollie SmithOFOrlin Hudson Smith1894-18941
    Ozzie SmithSSOsborne Earl Smith1978-199619
    Paddy SmithCLawrence Patrick Smith1920-19201
    Paul SmithOFPaul Stoner Smith1916-19161
    Paul Smith1B-OFPaul Leslie Smith1953-19586
    Pavin Smith1b-rfPavin Joe Smith2020-20212
    Pete SmithPPeter Luke Smith1962-19632
    Pete SmithP-SSPeter John Smith1987-199812
    Phenomenal SmithP-OFJohn Francis Smith1884-18918
    Pop Smith2B-SSCharles Marvin Smith1880-189112
    Pop-Boy SmithPCharles Ossie Smith1913-19175
    Ray SmithC-OFRaymond Edward Smith1981-19833
    Red SmithCWillard Jehu Smith1917-19182
    Red Smith3B-OFJames Carlisle Smith1911-19199
    Red SmithSS-3BMarvin Harold Smith1925-19251
    Reggie SmithOF-1BCarl Reginald Smith1966-198217
    Rex SmithPRex Smith1886-18861
    Riley SmithpRiley Smith2020-20212
    Roy SmithPWalter Roy Smith2001-20022
    Roy SmithPLe Roy Purdy Smith1984-19918
    Rufus SmithPRufus Frazier Smith1927-19271
    Seth SmithLF-OFSeth Michael Smith2007-201711
    Sherry SmithP-OFSherrod Malone Smith1911-192717
    Skyrocket Smith1BSamuel J. Smith1888-18881
    Stub SmithSSJames Abner Smith1898-18981
    Syd SmithC-1BSydney E. Smith1908-19158
    Tom Smith2BThomas N. Smith1875-18751
    Tom SmithP-1BThomas Edward Smith1894-18985
    Tommy SmithOF-PTommy Alexander Smith1973-19775
    Tony SmithSS-3BAnthony Smith1907-19115
    Travis SmithP-OFTravis William Smith1998-20069
    Tyler SmithSS-2BTyler Douglas Smith2017-20171
    Vinnie SmithCVincent Ambrose Smith1941-19466
    Wally Smith3B-SSWallace H. Smith1911-19144
    Wib SmithC-1BWilbur Floyd Smith1909-19091
    Will SmithpWilliam Smith2012-202110
    Will Smithc-dh-William Dills Smith2019-20213
    Willie SmithOF-1BWillie P. Smith1963-19719
    Willie SmithP-CWillie Everett Smith1994-19941
    Zane SmithPZane William Smith1984-199613
    Roger SmithbergP-1BRoger Craig Smithberg1993-19942
    Steve SmithermanOF-1BStephen Lydell Smitherman2003-20031
    Mike SmithsonP-OFBilly Mike Smithson1982-19898
    'SMO' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Justin Smoak1b-dhJustin Kyle Smoak2010-202011
    Josh SmokerPJoshua M. Smoker2016-20183
    Jake SmolinskiLF-CFJacob M. Smolinski2014-20185
    Lefty SmollPClyde Hetrick Smoll1940-19401
    John SmoltzPJohn Andrew Smoltz1988-200922
    Homer SmootOFHomer Vernon Smoot1902-19065
    Henry SmoyerSS-3BHenry Neitz Smoyer1912-19121
    'SMY' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Frank SmykalSS-3BFrank John Smykal1916-19161
    Drew SmylypTodd Andrew Smyly2012-202110
    Clancy SmyresHClarence Melvin Smyres1944-19441
    Red SmythOF-2BJames Daniel Smyth1915-19184
    Steve SmythPSteven Delton Smyth2002-20021
    Harry SmythePWilliam Henry Smythe1929-19346
    196 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available MLB Years Up-to-date Range of Years played