'SH' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with SH. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'SH' Full Player Listing

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  • 'SHA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Adam ShabalaOF-3BAdam Joseph Shabala2005-20051
    Brian ShackelfordOF-PBrian Wesley Shackelford2005-20062
    Kevin ShackelfordPKevin Russell Shackelford2017-20182
    Justin ShaferpJustin Healy Shafer2018-20203
    Orator ShaferOF-1BGeorge W. Shafer1874-189017
    Taylor Shafer2B-OFZachary Taylor Shafer1884-18907
    Tillie Shafer3B-2BArthur Joseph Shafer1909-19135
    John ShafferPJohn W. Shaffer1886-18872
    Richie Shaffer3B-1BRichard Michael Shaffer 2015-20162
    Gus ShallixP-OFAugust Shallix1884-18852
    Art ShamskyOF-1BArthur Louis Shamsky1965-19728
    Greg ShanahanPPaul Gregory Shanahan1973-19742
    Jim ShandleyOFJames H. Shandley1876-18761
    Wally ShanerOF-1BWalter Dedaker Shaner1923-19297
    Harvey ShankPHarvey Tillman Shank1970-19701
    Howie ShanksOF-3BHoward Samuel Shanks1912-192514
    Doc ShanleySSHarry Root Shanley1912-19121
    Warren Shannabrook3BWarren H. Shannabrook1906-19061
    Bill ShannerPWilfred William Shanner1920-19201
    Dan Shannon2B-SSDaniel Webster Shannon1889-18913
    Frank ShannonSS-3BJohn Francis Shannon1892-18965
    Joe ShannonOF-2BJoseph Aloysius Shannon1915-19151
    Mike Shannon3B-OFThomas Michael Shannon1962-19709
    Owen ShannonC-1BOwen Dennis Ignatius Shannon1903-19075
    Red Shannon2B-SSMaurice Joseph Shannon1915-192612
    Spike ShannonOFWilliam Porter Shannon1904-19085
    Wally Shannon2B-SSWalter Charles Shannon1959-19602
    Billy ShantzCWilliam Ebert Shantz1954-19552
    Bobby ShantzP-OFRobert Clayton Shantz1949-196416
    Ralph SharmanOFRalph Edward Sharman1917-19171
    Dick SharonOFRichard Louis Sharon1973-19753
    Bill SharpOF-DHWilliam Howard Sharp1973-19764
    Sterling SharppSterling Sharp2020-20201
    Bud Sharpe1B-OFBayard Heston Sharpe1905-19106
    Mike Sharperson2B-3BMichael Tyrone Sharperson1987-19959
    Josh SharplessPJoshua David Sharpless2006-20072
    George SharrottPGeorge Oscar Sharrott1893-18942
    Jack SharrottP-OFJohn Henry Sharrott1890-18934
    Shag ShaughnessyOFFrancis Joseph Shaughnessy1905-19084
    Joe ShauteP-OFJoseph Benjamin Shaute1922-193413
    Jon Shave2B-SSJonathan Taylor Shave1993-19997
    Jeff ShaverPJeffrey Thomas Shaver1988-19881
    Al ShawOF-SSAlbert Simpson Shaw1907-19093
    Ben Shaw1B-CBenjamin Nathaniel Shaw1917-19182
    Bob ShawPRobert John Shaw1957-196711
    Bryan ShawpBryan A. Shaw2011-202111
    Chris ShawLFChristopher James Shaw2018-20192
    Don ShawPDonald Wellington Shaw1967-19726
    Dupee ShawP-OFFrederick Lander Shaw1883-18886
    Hunky ShawHRoyal N. Shaw1908-19081
    Jeff ShawPJeffrey Lee Shaw1990-200112
    Jim ShawPJames Aloysius Shaw1913-19219
    Sam ShawPSamuel E. Shaw1888-18936
    Travis Shaw3b-1bTravis Richard Shaw2015-20217
    Mike ShawarynPMichael Thomas Shawaryn2019-20191
    Bob ShawkeyPJames Robert Shawkey1913-192715
    Danny ShaySS-2BDaniel C. Shay1901-19077
    Marty Shay2B-SSArthur Joseph Shay1916-19249
    'SHE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Gerry SheaCGerald J. Shea1905-19051
    John SheaPJohn Michael Joseph Shea1928-19281
    Merv SheaCMervyn David John Shea1927-194418
    Mike SheaPMichael Joseph Shea1887-18871
    Nap SheaCJohn Edward Shea1902-19021
    Red SheaPPatrick Henry Shea1918-19225
    Spec SheaPFrancis Joseph Shea1947-19559
    Steve SheaPSteven Francis Shea1968-19692
    Danny SheafferC-OFDanny Todd Sheaffer1987-199711
    Al ShealyPAlbert Berley Shealy1928-19303
    Ryan Shealy1B-DHRyan Nelson Shealy2005-20106
    Dave Shean2B-SSDavid William Shean1906-191914
    Ray ShearerOFRay Solomon Shearer1957-19571
    Tom ShearnPThomas Aaron Shearn2007-20071
    John ShearonOF-PJohn M. Shearon1891-18966
    George ShearsPGeorge Penfield Shears1912-19121
    Jimmy SheckardOF-3BSamuel James Tilden Sheckard1897-191317
    Biff SheehanOF-1BTimothy James Sheehan1895-18962
    Dan SheehanOF-3BDaniel Sheehan1884-18841
    Jack SheehanSS-3BJohn Thomas Sheehan1920-19212
    Jim SheehanCJames Thomas Sheehan1936-19361
    Tom SheehanPThomas Clancy Sheehan1915-192612
    Tommy Sheehan3B-SSThomas H. Sheehan1900-19089
    Bud SheelyCHollis Kimball Sheely1951-19533
    Earl Sheely1BEarl Homer Sheely1921-193111
    Chuck Sheerin2B-3BCharles Joseph Sheerin1936-19361
    Andy SheetsSS-3BAndrew Mark Sheets1996-20027
    Ben SheetsPBen M. Sheets2001-201212
    Gavin Sheets1B-RFGavin Sheets.2021-20211
    Larry SheetsOF-DHLarry Kent Sheets1984-199310
    Gary SheffieldRF-3BGary Antonian Sheffield1988-200922
    Jordan SheffieldPJordan Ladon Sheffield2021-20211
    Justus SheffieldpJustus Kane Sheffield2018-20214
    John ShelbyOF-DHJohn T. Shelby1981-199111
    Bob Sheldon1B-2BBob Mitchell Sheldon1974-19774
    Rollie SheldonPRoland Frank Sheldon1961-19666
    Scott SheldonSS-3BScott Patrick Sheldon1997-20015
    Steven ShellPSteven Daniel Shell2008-20092
    Frank ShellenbackP-OFFrank Victor Shellenback1918-19192
    Jim ShellenbackPJames Philip Shellenback1966-197712
    Hugh ShelleyOFHubert Leneirre Shelley1935-19351
    Ben Shelton1B-OFBenjamin Davis Shelton1993-19931
    Chris Shelton1B-CChristopher Bob Shelton2004-20096
    Skeeter SheltonOFAndrew Kemper Shelton1915-19151
    Steve Shemo2B-3BStephen Michael Shemo1944-19452
    Bert ShepardPBert Robert Shepard1945-19451
    Jack ShepardC-1BJack Leroy Shepard1953-19564
    Ray ShepardsonCRaymond Francis Shepardson1924-19241
    Chandler ShepherdPJames Chandler Shepherd2019-20191
    Keith ShepherdPKeith Wayne Shepherd1992-19965
    Ron ShepherdOF-DHRonald Wayne Shepherd1984-19863
    John SheppardOF-CJohn Sheppard1873-18731
    Bill SherdelP-OFWilliam Henry Sherdel1918-193215
    Jimmie SherfyPJames Harold John Sherfy2017-20215
    Roy SheridPRoyden Richard Sherid1929-19313
    Neill SheridanHNeill Rawlins Sheridan1948-19481
    Pat SheridanOF-DHPatrick Arthur Sheridan1981-199111
    Red SheridanSS-2BEugene Anthony Sheridan1918-19203
    Ed SherlingHEdward Creech Sherling1924-19241
    Monk Sherlock1B-2BJohn Clinton Sherlock1930-19301
    Vince Sherlock2BVincent Thomas Sherlock1935-19351
    Darrell ShermanOFDarrell Edward Sherman1993-19931
    Joe ShermanPJoel Powers Sherman1915-19151
    Ryan SherriffpRyan Sebastian Sherriff2017-20215
    Dennis SherrillSS-3BDennis Lee Sherrill1978-19803
    George SherrillPGeorge Frederich Sherrill2004-20129
    Tim SherrillPTimothy Shawn Sherrill1990-19912
    Fred SherryPFred Peter Sherry1911-19111
    Larry SherryPLawrence Sherry1958-196811
    Norm SherryCNorman Burt Sherry1959-19635
    Barry ShetroneOFBarry Stevan Shetrone1959-19635
    John Shetzline3B-2BJohn Henry Shetzline1882-18821
    Jimmy Shevlin1BJames Cornelius Shevlin1930-19345
    'SHI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Ben ShieldsPBenjamin Cowan Shields1924-19318
    Charlie ShieldsP-OFCharles Jessamine Shields1902-19076
    James ShieldsPJames Anthony Shields2006-201813
    Pete Shields1BFrancis Leroy Shields1915-19151
    Scot ShieldsPRobert Scot Shields2001-201010
    Steve ShieldsPStephen Mack Shields1985-19895
    Tommy ShieldsSS-3BThomas Charles Shields1993-19931
    Vince ShieldsPVincent William Shields1924-19241
    Jason ShiellPJason Alexander Shiell2002-20065
    Garland ShifflettPGarland Jessie Shifflett1957-19648
    Steve ShifflettPStephen Earl Shifflett1992-19921
    Jim Shilling2B-SSJames Robert Shilling1939-19391
    Zak ShinallPZakary Sebastien Shinall1993-19931
    Ginger ShinaultCEnoch Erskine Shinault1921-19222
    Billy Shindle3B-SSWilliam D. Shindle1886-189813
    Razor Shines1B-3BAnthony Raymond Shines1983-19875
    Tsuyoshi ShinjoCF-LFTsuyoshi Shinjo2001-20033
    Ralph ShinnersOFRalph Peter Shinners1922-19254
    Tim Shinnick2B-3BTimothy James Shinnick1890-18912
    Dave ShipanoffPDavid Noel Shipanoff1985-19851
    Bill Shipke3B-2BWilliam Martin Shipke1906-19094
    Braden ShipleyPBraden Alec Shipley2016-20183
    Craig ShipleySS-3BCraig Barry Shipley1986-199813
    Joe ShipleyPJoseph Clark Shipley1958-19636
    Art Shires1B-2BCharles Arthur Shires1928-19325
    Duke ShireyPClair Lee Shirey1920-19201
    Bart ShirleySS-2BBarton Arvin Shirley1964-19685
    Bob ShirleyPRobert Charles Shirley1977-198711
    Mule Shirley1BErnest Raeford Shirley1924-19252
    Steve ShirleyPSteven Brian Shirley1982-19821
    Tex ShirleyPAlvis Newman Shirley1941-19466
    Ivey ShiverOFIvey Merwin Shiver1931-19344
    'SHO' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    George ShochOF-SSGeorge Quintus Shoch1886-189712
    Urban ShockerPUrban James Shocker1916-192813
    Costen Shockley1B-OFJohn Costen Shockley1964-19652
    Charlie Shoemaker2BCharles Landis Shoemaker1961-19644
    Matt ShoemakerpMatthew David Shoemaker2013-20219
    Milt ShoffnerPMilburn James Shoffner1929-194012
    Strick Shofner3BFrank Strickland Shofner1947-19471
    Eddie Shokes1BEdward Christopher Shokes1941-19466
    Ron ShoopCRonald Lee Shoop1959-19591
    Tom ShopayOF-CThomas Michael Shopay1967-197711
    Kelly ShoppachC-DHKelly Brian Shoppach2005-20139
    Ernie ShorePErnest Grady Shore1912-19209
    Ray ShorePRaymond Everett Shore1946-19494
    Bill ShoresPWilliam David Shores1928-19369
    Bill ShortPWilliam Ross Short1960-196910
    Chris ShortP-CChristopher Joseph Short1959-197315
    Dave ShortOFDavis Orvis Short1940-19412
    Rick Short3B-2BRichard Ryan Short2005-20051
    Zack ShortSS-2BZachary Ryan Short2021-20211
    Chick ShortenOFCharles Henry Shorten1915-192410
    Burt ShottonOFBurton Edwin Shotton1909-192315
    Clyde ShounPClyde Mitchell Shoun1935-194915
    John ShoupeSS-2BJohn H. Shoupe1879-18846
    Brian ShousePBrian Douglas Shouse1993-200917
    John Shovlin2B-SSJohn Joseph Shovlin1911-192010
    Eric ShowPEric Vaughn Show1981-199111
    'SHR' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Chasen ShrevepChasen Dean Shreve2014-20218
    Lev ShreveP-OFLeven Lawrence Shreve1887-18893
    Harry ShriverPHarry Graydon Shriver1922-19232
    'SHU' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    George ShubaOFGeorge Thomas Shuba1948-19558
    J.B. ShuckLF-CFJack Burdett Shuck III2011-20199
    Paul ShueyPPaul Kenneth Shuey1994-200714
    Frank ShugartSS-OFFrank Harry Shugarts1890-190112
    Toots ShultzPWallace Luther Shultz1911-19122
    Anthony ShumakerPAnthony Warren Shumaker1999-19991
    Harry ShumanPHarry Shuman1942-19443
    Terry Shumpert2B-3BTerrance Darnell Shumpert1990-200314
    Vince Shupe1BVincent William Shupe1945-19451
    203 record(s)
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