'RE' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with RE. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'RE' Full Player Listing

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  • 'REA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Colin ReapColin D. Rea2015-20217
    Al ReachOF-2BAlfred James Reach1871-18755
    Bob ReachSSRobert Reach1872-18732
    Raudy Read1B-CRaudy Miguel Read2017-20193
    Randy Ready3B-2BRandy Max Ready1983-199513
    Rip ReaganPArthur Edgar Reagan1903-19031
    J.T. Realmutoc-1b-Jacob Tyler Realmuto2014-20218
    Britt ReamesPWilliam Britt Reames2000-20067
    Leroy ReamsHLeroy Reams1969-19691
    Jeff ReardonPJeffrey James Reardon1979-199416
    Jeremiah ReardonP-OFJeremiah J. Reardon1886-18861
    Phil ReardonOFPhilip Michael Reardon1906-19061
    Chris RearickPChristopher Timothy Rearick2015-20151
    'REB' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Art RebelOFArthur Anthony Rebel1938-19458
    Frank RebergerPFrank Beall Reberger1968-19725
    Jeff RebouletSS-2BJeffrey Allen Reboulet1992-200312
    'REC' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    John RecciusOF-PJohn Reccius1882-18832
    Phil Reccius3B-PPhilip Reccius1882-18909
    Anthony ReckerC-1BAnthony Vito Recker2011-20177
    'RED' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Josh Reddickrf-dhWilliam Joshua Reddick2009-202113
    Phil ReddingPPhilip Hayden Redding1912-19132
    Tim ReddingP-RFTimothy James Redding2001-20099
    Johnny Reder1B-3BJohn Anthony Reder1932-19321
    Buck Redfern2B-SSGeorge Howard Redfern1928-19292
    Pete RedfernPPeter Irvine Redfern1976-19827
    Joe Redfield3B-SSJoseph Randall Redfield1988-19914
    Mark RedmanPMark Allen Redman1999-200810
    Prentice RedmanOF-RFPrentice Montezz Redman2003-20031
    Tike RedmanOF-CFJulian Jawann Redman2000-20078
    Billy RedmonSS-OFWilliam T. Redmon1875-18784
    Glenn Redmon2BGlenn Vincent Redmon1974-19741
    Harry Redmond2BHarry John Redmond1909-19091
    Jack RedmondCJohn McKittrick Redmond1935-19351
    Mike RedmondC-DHMichael Patrick Redmond1998-201013
    Todd RedmondPTodd Richard Redmond2012-20154
    Wayne RedmondOFHoward Wayne Redmond1965-19695
    Gary RedusOF-1BGary Eugene Redus1982-199413
    'REE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bob ReeceCRobert Scott Reece1978-19781
    Addison ReedPAddison Devon Reed2011-20188
    AJ Reed1B-DHAndrew Joseph Reed2016-20194
    Billy Reed2BWilliam Joseph Reed1952-19521
    Bob ReedPRobert Edward Reed1969-19702
    Chris ReedPChristopher William Reed2015-20151
    Cody ReedpCody Austin Reed2016-20216
    Darren ReedOF-CDarren A. Douglas Reed1990-19923
    Eric ReedOF-CFEric Shane Reed2006-20072
    Evan ReedPEvan Reed2013-20142
    Howie ReedPHoward Dean Reed1958-197114
    Jack ReedOFJohn Burwell Reed1961-19633
    Jake ReedPJacob Reed2021-20211
    Jeff ReedC-3BJeffrey Scott Reed1984-200017
    Jeremy ReedOF-CFJeremy Thomas Reed2004-20118
    Jerry ReedPJerry Maxwell Reed1981-199010
    Jody Reed2B-SSJody Eric Reed1987-199711
    Keith ReedOF-RFKeith A. Reed2005-20051
    Michael ReedRF-CFMichael Benton Reed2015-20195
    Milt ReedSS-2BMilton D. Reed1911-19144
    Rick ReedP-RFRichard Allen Reed1988-200316
    Ron ReedPRonald Lee Reed1966-198419
    Steve ReedPSteven Vincent Reed1992-200514
    Bill ReederPWilliam Edgar Reeder1949-19491
    Icicle ReederOFJulius Edward Reeder1884-18841
    Nick Reeder3BNicholas Reeder1891-18911
    Stan ReesPStanley Milton Rees1918-19181
    Andy ReeseOF-3BAndrew Jackson Reese1927-19304
    Jimmie Reese2B-3BJames Herman Reese1930-19323
    Kevin ReeseOF-LFKevin Patrick Reese2005-20062
    Pee Wee ReeseSS-3BHarold Henry Reese1940-195819
    Pokey ReeseSS-2BCalvin Reese Jr.1997-20048
    Rich Reese1B-OFRichard Benjamin Reese1964-197310
    Jakson ReetzCJakson Dale Reetz2021-20211
    Bobby Reeves3B-SSRobert Edwin Reeves1926-19316
    'REF' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Rob Refsnyderlf-CFRobert Daniel Refsnyder2015-20217
    'REG' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Rudy Regalado3B-2BRudolph Valentino Regalado1954-19563
    Bill Regan2B-3BWilliam Wright Regan1926-19316
    Joe ReganOFJoseph Charles Regan1898-18981
    Mike ReganPMichael John Regan1917-19193
    Phil ReganPPhilip Raymond Regan1960-197213
    Nick RegilioPNicholas D. Regilio2004-20052
    Steve RegisterPSteven Craig Register2008-20092
    Tony RegoCAntone Rego1924-19252
    'REH' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Wally RehgOFWalter Phillip Rehg1912-19198
    'REI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Frank ReiberC-OFFrank Bernard Reiber1933-19364
    Herman Reich1B-OFHerman Charles Reich1949-19491
    Rick ReichardtOF-DHFrederic Carl Reichardt1964-197411
    Dan ReichertP-OFDaniel Robert Reichert1999-20035
    Dick ReichleOF-1BRichard Wendell Reichle1922-19232
    Billy Reid2B-OFWilliam Alexander Reid1883-18842
    Earl ReidPEarl Percy Reid1946-19461
    Hugh ReidOFHugh A. Reid1874-18741
    Jessie ReidOF-1BJessie Thomas Reid1987-19882
    Ryan ReidPRyan Allen Reid2013-20131
    Scott ReidOFScott Donald Reid1969-19702
    Sean Reid-FoleypSean Ian Reid-Foley2018-20214
    Bill ReidyP-2BWilliam Joseph Reidy1896-19049
    Charlie ReilleyC-OFCharles Augustine Reilley1879-18846
    Duke ReilleyOFAlexander Aloysius Reilley1909-19091
    Barney Reilly2B-OFBernard Eugene Reilly1909-19091
    Charlie Reilly3B-SSCharles Thomas Reilly1889-18979
    Hal ReillyOFHarold John Reilly1919-19191
    Joe Reilly2B-3BJames Reilly1885-18851
    John Reilly1B-OFJohn Good Reilly1880-189112
    Josh Reilly2B-SSWilliam Henry Reilly1896-18961
    Tom ReillySSThomas Henry Reilly1908-19147
    Kevin ReimerOF-DHKevin Michael Reimer1988-19936
    Nolan ReimoldLF-OFNolan Gallagher Reimold2009-20168
    Mike ReinbachDH-OFMichael Wayne Reinbach1974-19741
    Chad ReinekePChad Karl Reineke2008-20114
    Art ReinhartP-1BArthur Conrad Reinhart1919-192810
    Jack ReinheimerSS-2BJohn Patrick Reinheimer2017-20182
    Art Reinholz3BArthur August Reinholz1928-19281
    Zac ReiningerPZachary Ryan Reininger2017-20193
    Charlie ReipschlagerC-OFCharles W. Reipschlager1883-18875
    Bobby ReisP-OFRobert Joseph Thomas Reis1931-19388
    Jack ReisPHarrie Crane Reis1911-19111
    Laurie ReisP-OFLaurence P. Reis1877-18782
    Tommy ReisPThomas Edward Reis1938-19381
    Pete ReiserOF-3BHarold Patrick Reiser1940-195213
    Bugs ReisiglPJacob Reisigl1911-19111
    Charlie ReisingOFCharlie Reising1884-18841
    Doc ReislingPFrank Carl Reisling1904-19107
    Al ReissSSAlbert Allen Reiss1932-19321
    Brian ReithPBrian Eric Reith2001-20044
    Chris ReitsmaPChristopher Michael Reitsma2001-20077
    Heinie Reitz2B-3BHenry Peter Reitz1893-18997
    Ken Reitz3B-1BKenneth John Reitz1972-198211
    'REK' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bryan RekarPBryan Robert Rekar1995-20028
    Zach ReksLF-RFZachary Joseph Reks2021-20211
    'REL' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Desi RelafordSS-2BDesmond Lamont Relaford1996-200712
    'REM' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Butch RementerCWillis J. H. Rementer1904-19041
    Mike RemlingerPMichael John Remlinger1991-200616
    Win RemmerswaalPWilhelmus Abraham Remmerswaal1979-19802
    Alex RemneasPAlexander Norman Remneas1912-19154
    Jack RemsenOF-1BJohn Jay Remsen1872-188413
    Jerry Remy2B-DHGerald Peter Remy1975-198410
    'REN' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Tony Renda2B-LFAnthony John Renda2016-20183
    Anthony Rendon3b-DHAnthony Michael Rendon2013-20219
    Erwin RenferPErwin Arthur Renfer1913-19131
    Hunter Renfroerf-CFDustin Hunter Renfroe2016-20216
    Laddie RenfroePCohen Willams Renfroe1991-19911
    Marshall RenfroePMarshall Daniel Renfroe1959-19591
    Luis Rengifoss-2bLuis Jose Rengifo2019-20213
    Rick Renick3B-OFWarren Richard Renick1968-19725
    Hal ReniffPHarold Eugene Reniff1961-19677
    Jim ReningerPJames David Reninger1938-19392
    Steve RenkoP-1BSteven Renko Jr.1969-198315
    Bill RennaOFWilliam Beneditto Renna1953-19597
    Tony RensaCGeorge Anthony Rensa1930-193910
    Edgar RenteriaSS-2bEdgar Enrique Renteria1996-201116
    Rick Renteria2B-3BRichard Avina Renteria1986-19949
    'REP' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bob Repass2B-3BRobert Willis Repass1939-19424
    Jason RepkoOF-CFJason Edward Repko2005-20128
    Andy ReploglePAndrew David Replogle1978-19792
    Roger RepozOF-1BRoger Allen Repoz1964-19729
    Rip RepulskiOFEldon John Repulski1953-19619
    'RES' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Xavier RescignoPXavier Frederick Rescigno1943-19453
    Chris ResopP-OFChristopher Paul Resop2005-20139
    Larry ResslerOF-2BLawrence P. Ressler1875-18751
    Dino RestelliOF-1BDino Paul Restelli1949-19513
    Michael RestovichOF-LFMichael Jerome Restovich2002-20076
    'RET' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Merv RettenmundOF-DHMervin Weldon Rettenmund1968-198013
    George RettgerP-OFGeorge Edward Rettger1891-18922
    Otto RettigPAdolph John Rettig1922-19221
    Ken RetzerCKenneth Leo Retzer1961-19644
    'REU' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Ed ReulbachP-OFEdward Marvin Reulbach1905-191713
    Paul ReuschelPPaul Richard Reuschel1975-19795
    Rick ReuschelPRickey Eugene Reuschel1972-199120
    Jerry ReussPJerry Reuss1969-199022
    'REV' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Todd RevenigPTodd Michael Revenig1992-19921
    Ben RevereCF-LFBen Daniel Revere2010-20178
    Dave Revering1B-DHDavid Alvin Revering1978-19825
    Henry RevilleOFHenry Reville1874-18741
    'REX' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    William RexterOFWilliam H. Rexter1875-18751
    'REY' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Al ReyesPRafael Alberto Reyes1995-200814
    Alex ReyespAlexander Reyes2016-20216
    Anthony ReyesPAnthony Loza Reyes2005-20095
    Argenis Reyes2B-3BArgenis N. Reyes (Sanchez)2008-20092
    Carlos ReyesPCarlos Alberto Reyes1994-200310
    Dennys ReyesPDennys Velarde Reyes1997-201115
    Franmil Reyesdh-RFFranmil Federico Reyes2018-20214
    Gerardo ReyesPGerardo Reyes2019-20191
    Gilberto ReyesC-1BGilberto Rolando Reyes Polanco1983-19919
    Jesus ReyesPJesus Enmanuel Reyes2018-20181
    Jo-Jo ReyesPJoseph Albert Reyes2007-201610
    Jose ReyesC-1BJose Reyes2006-20061
    Jose ReyesSS-3BJose Bernabe Reyes2003-201816
    Nap Reyes3B-1BNapoleon Aguilera Reyes1943-19508
    Pablo Reyes3B-2BPablo Reyes2018-20214
    Rene ReyesOF-1BRene Reyes2003-20042
    Victor Reyesrf-cfVictor Jose Reyes2018-20214
    Allie ReynoldsPAllie Pierce Reynolds1942-195413
    Archie ReynoldsPArchie Edward Reynolds1968-19725
    Bill ReynoldsCWilliam Dee Reynolds1913-19142
    Bob ReynoldsPRobert Allen Reynolds1969-19757
    Bryan Reynoldscf-lfBryan Patrick Reynolds.2019-20213
    Carl ReynoldsOFCarl Nettles Reynolds1927-193913
    Charlie ReynoldsCCharles Lawrence Reynolds1889-18891
    Charlie ReynoldsP-OFCharles E. Reynolds1882-18821
    Craig ReynoldsSS-2BGordon Craig Reynolds1975-198915
    Danny ReynoldsSS-2BDaniel Vance Reynolds1945-19451
    Don ReynoldsOFDonald Edward Reynolds1978-19792
    Greg ReynoldsPGregory Adam Reynolds2008-20136
    Harold Reynolds2B-DHHarold Craig Reynolds1983-199412
    Ken ReynoldsPKenneth Lee Reynolds1970-19767
    Mark Reynolds3B-1BMark Andrew Reynolds2007-201913
    Matt ReynoldsPMatthew Reynolds2010-20167
    Matt ReynoldsSS-2BMatthew William Reynolds2016-20205
    RJ ReynoldsOFRobert James Reynolds1983-19908
    Ronn ReynoldsC-1BRonn Dwayne Reynolds1982-19909
    Ross ReynoldsPRoss Ernest Reynolds1914-19152
    Shane ReynoldsPRichard Shane Reynolds1992-200413
    Tommie ReynoldsOF-3BTommie D Reynolds1963-197210
    Armando ReynosoPMartin Armando Gutierrez1991-200212
    213 record(s)
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