'HO' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with HO. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'HO' Full Player Listing

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  • 'HOA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Myril HoagOF-PMyril Oliver Hoag1931-194515
    Don Hoak3B-2BDonald Albert Hoak1954-196411
    'HOB' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Ed HobaughPEdward Russell Hobaugh1961-19633
    Glen HobbiePGlen Frederick Hobbie1957-19648
    Bill HobbsSS-2BWilliam Lee Hobbs1913-19164
    John HobbsPJohn Douglas Hobbs1981-19811
    Dick Hoblitzel1B-2BRichard Carleton Hoblitzel1908-191811
    Butch Hobson3B-DHClell Lavern Hobson1975-19828
    'HOC' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Harry HochPHarry Keller Hoch1908-19158
    Luke HochevarPLuke Anthony Hochevar2007-201610
    Ed HockOFEdward Francis Hock1924-19241
    Chuck HockenberyPCharles Marion Hockenbery1975-19751
    Oris HockettOFOris Leon Hockett1938-19458
    George HockettePGeorge Edward Hockette1934-19352
    Denny HockingSS-2BDennis Lee Hocking1993-200513
    'HOD' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Johnny Hodapp2B-3BUrban John Hodapp1925-19339
    Mel Hoderlein2B-SSMelvin Anthony Hoderlein1951-19544
    Charlie HodesC-OFCharlie Hodes1871-18744
    Bert Hodge3BEdward Burton Hodge1942-19421
    Ed HodgePEd Oliver Hodge1984-19841
    Gomer Hodge1B-3BHarold Morris Hodge1971-19711
    Shovel HodgePClarence Clemet Hodge1920-19223
    Gil Hodges1B-OFGilbert Ray Hodges1943-196321
    Kevin HodgesPKevin Jon Hodges2000-20001
    Ron HodgesCRonald Wray Hodges1973-198412
    Trey HodgesPTrey Alan Hodges2002-20032
    Ralph HodginOF-3BElmer Ralph Hodgin1939-194810
    Paul HodgsonOF-1BPaul Joseph Denis Hodgson1980-19801
    Eli HodkeyPAloysius Joseph Hodkey1946-19461
    Charlie HodnettP-OFCharles Hodnett1883-18842
    George HodsonPGeorge S. Hodson1894-18952
    'HOE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Billy HoeftPWilliam Frederick Hoeft1952-196615
    Art Hoelskoetter2B-3BArthur Hoelskoetter1905-19084
    Joe HoernerPJoseph Walter Hoerner1963-197715
    Nico Hoerner2b-ssNicholas Mackie Hoerner2019-20213
    Lefty HoerstPFrank Joseph Hoerst1940-19478
    LJ Hoes2B-LFJerome O'Brian Hoes2012-20154
    Jack HoeyOFJohn Bernard Hoey1906-19083
    Jim HoeyPJames Urban Hoey V2006-20116
    'HOF' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Chet HoffPChester Cornelius Hoff1911-19155
    Bill HofferP-OFWilliam Leopold Hoffer1895-19017
    Stew HofferthCStewart Edward Hofferth1944-19463
    Bill HoffmanPWilliam Joseph Hoffman1939-19391
    Danny HoffmanOF-PDaniel John Hoffman1903-19119
    Dutch HoffmanOFClarence Casper Hoffman1929-19291
    Frank HoffmanPFrank J. Hoffman1888-18881
    Glenn HoffmanSS-3BGlenn Edward Hoffman1980-198910
    Guy HoffmanPGuy Alan Hoffman1979-198810
    Izzy HoffmanOFHarry C. Hoffman1904-19074
    Jeff HoffmanpJeffrey Robert Hoffman2016-20216
    John HoffmanCJohn Edward Hoffman1964-19652
    Larry Hoffman3B-2BLawrence Charles Hoffman1901-19011
    Ray Hoffman3BRaymond Lamont Hoffman1942-19421
    Tex Hoffman3BEdward Adolph Hoffman1915-19151
    Trevor HoffmanP-SSTrevor William Hoffman1993-201018
    William HoffmanC-OFWilliam A. Hoffman1879-18791
    Jamie HoffmannOF-CFJamie Richard Hoffmann2009-20113
    Jesse Hoffmeister3BJesse H. Hoffmeister1897-18971
    John HoffordPJohn William Hofford1885-18862
    Jarrett Hoffpauir2B-3BJarrett Lee Hoffpauir2009-20102
    Micah Hoffpauir1B-OFJames Micah Hoffpauir2008-20103
    Bobby Hofman2B-1BRobert George Hoffman1949-19579
    Solly HofmanOF-1BArthur Frederick Hofman1903-191614
    Fred HofmannC-1BFred Hofmann1919-192810
    'HOG' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Eddie HoganPRobert Edward Hogan1882-18821
    Harry HoganOFHarry Sweet Hogan1901-19011
    Kenny HoganOFKenneth Sylvester Hogan1921-19244
    Marty HoganOFMartin F. Hogan1894-18952
    Mortimer HoganOF-SSMortimer Edward Hogan1884-18885
    Shanty HoganC-OFJames Francis Hogan1925-193713
    Willie HoganOF-1BWilliam Henry Hogan1911-19122
    Bert Hogg3BWilbert George Hogg1934-19341
    Bill HoggPWilliam Johnston Hogg1905-19084
    Brad HoggPCarter Bradley Hogg1911-19199
    George HogrieverOF-2BGeorge C. Hogriever1895-19017
    Chief HogsettPElon Chester Hogsett1929-194416
    Bobby HoguePRobert Clinton Hogue1948-19525
    Cal HoguePCalvin Grey Hogue1952-19543
    'HOH' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bill HohmanOFWilliam Henry Hohman1927-19271
    Eddie Hohnhorst1BEdward Hicks Hohnhorst1910-19123
    'HOI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Chris HoilesC-1BChristopher Allen Hoiles1989-199810
    'HOL' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bryan Holadayc-1b-John Bryan Holaday2012-202110
    Aaron HolbertSS-2BAaron Keith Holbert1996-200510
    Bill HolbertC-OFWilliam Henry Holbert1876-188813
    Ray HolbertSS-2BRay Arthur Holbert Iii1994-20007
    Wally HolborowPWalter Albert Holborow1944-19485
    Sammy HolbrookCJames Marbury Holbrook1935-19351
    Ken HolcombePKenneth Edward Holcombe1945-19539
    Bill HoldenOFWilliam Paul Holden1913-19142
    Joe HoldenCJoseph Francis Holden1934-19363
    Jonathan HolderpJonathan Blake Holder2016-20205
    David HoldridgePDavid Allen Holdridge1998-19981
    Fred HoldsworthPFrederick William Holdsworth1972-19809
    Jim HoldsworthOF-SSJames Holdsworth1872-188413
    John HoldzkomPJohn Stephen Holdzkom2014-20141
    Walter Holke1B-PWalter Henry Holke1914-192512
    Bill Hollahan3BWilliam James Hollahan1920-19201
    Al HollandPAlfred Willis Holland1977-198711
    Bill HollandPWilliam David Holland1939-19391
    Derek HollandpDerek Lane Holland2009-202113
    Dutch HollandOFRobert Clyde Holland1932-19343
    Greg HollandpGregory Scott Holland2010-202112
    Mul HollandPHoward Arthur Holland1926-19294
    Will HollandSS-OFWillard A. Holland1889-18891
    Mario HollandsPMario Eduardo Lemus Hollands2014-20141
    Todd HollandsworthLF-OFTodd Matthew Hollandsworth1995-200612
    Gary Holle1B-OFGary Charles Holle1979-19791
    Ed HolleyPEdward Edgar Holley1928-19347
    Bug HollidayOF-1BJames Wear Holliday1889-189810
    Matt HollidayLF-OFMatthew Thomas Holliday2004-201815
    Michael HollimonSS-2BMichael T. Hollimon2008-20081
    Carl HollingPCarl Holling1921-19222
    Holly HollingsheadOF-2BJohn Samuel Hollingshead1872-18754
    Al HollingsworthPAlbert Wayne Hollingsworth1935-194612
    Bonnie HollingsworthPJohn Burnette Hollingsworth1922-19287
    Damon HollinsOF-RFDamon Jamall Hollins1998-20069
    Dave Hollins3B-1BDavid Michael Hollins1990-200213
    Jessie HollinsPJessie Edward Hollins1992-19921
    John HollisonPJohn Henry Hollison1892-18921
    Stan HollmigOFStanley Ernest Hollmig1949-19513
    Charlie HollocherSSCharles Jacob Hollocher1918-19247
    Bobo HollomanPAlva Lee Holloman1953-19531
    Jim HollowayPJames Madison Holloway1929-19291
    Jordan HollowaypJordan Lee Holloway2020-20212
    Ken HollowayPKenneth Eugene Holloway1922-19309
    Ed HollySS-2BEdward William Holly1906-19072
    Jeff HollyPJeffrey Owen Holly1977-19793
    Billy HolmCWilliam Frederick Holm1943-19453
    Steve HolmC-3BStephen Robert Holm2008-20114
    Wattie HolmOF-3BRoscoe Albert Holm1924-19329
    Brad HolmanPBradley Thomas Holman1993-19931
    Brian HolmanPBrian Scott Holman1988-19914
    Gary Holman1B-OFGary Richard Holman1968-19692
    Scott HolmanPRandy Scott Holman1980-19834
    Shawn HolmanPShawn Leroy Holman1989-19891
    David HolmbergPDavid A. Holmberg2013-20175
    Chick HolmesPElwood Marter Holmes1918-19181
    Clay HolmespClayton Walter Holmes2018-20214
    Darren HolmesPDarren Lee Holmes1990-200314
    Ducky HolmesOF-3BJames William Holmes1895-190511
    Ducky HolmesCHoward Elbert Holmes1906-19061
    Fred Holmes1B-CFrederick C. Holmes1903-19042
    Jim HolmesPJames Scott Holmes1906-19083
    Tommy HolmesOFThomas Francis Holmes1942-195211
    Herm HolshouserPHerman Alexander Holshouser1930-19301
    Brock Holt3b-lfBrock Wyatt Holt2012-202110
    Chris HoltPChristopher Michael Holt1996-20016
    Jim HoltOF-1BJames William Holt1968-19769
    Red Holt1BJames Emmett Madison Holt1925-19251
    Roger Holt2B-3BRoger Boyd Holt1980-19801
    Tyler HoltCF-LFTyler A. Holt2014-20163
    Vern HoltgravePLavern George Holtgrave1965-19651
    Brian HoltonPBrian John Holton1985-19906
    Mike HoltzPMichael James Holtz1996-200611
    Ken HoltzmanPKenneth Dale Holtzman1965-197915
    Mark HolzemerPMark Harold Holzemer1993-20008
    'HON' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Marty HonanCMartin Weldon Honan1890-18912
    Rick HoneycuttP-DHFrederick Wayne Honeycutt1977-199721
    Brent HoneywellPBrent Lee Honeywell Jr.2021-20211
    'HOO' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Abie Hood2BAlbie Larrison Hood1925-19251
    Destin HoodRF-LFDestin Dwane Hood2016-20161
    Don HoodP-DHDonald Harris Hood1973-198311
    Wally HoodOFWallace James Sr. Hood1920-19223
    Wally HoodPWallace James Hood Jr.1949-19491
    Chris HookPChristopher Wayne Hook1995-19962
    Jay HookPJames Wesley Hook1957-19648
    Buck HookerPWilliam Edward Hooker1902-19032
    Alex Hooks1BAlexander Marcus Hooks1935-19351
    Bob HooperPRobert Nelson Hooper1950-19556
    Harry HooperOF-PHarry Bartholomew Hooper1909-192517
    Kevin Hooper2B-SSKevin J. Hooper2005-20062
    Mike HooperOF-CMichael H. Hooper1873-18731
    Leon HootenPMichael Leon Hooten1974-19741
    Burt HootonPBurt Carlton Hooton1971-198515
    Buster HooverOF-SSWilliam James Hoover1884-18929
    Charlie HooverC-3BCharles E. Hoover1888-18892
    Dick HooverPRichard Lloyd Hoover1952-19521
    J.J. HooverPJames Allan Hoover2012-20187
    Joe HooverSS-2BRobert Joseph Hoover1943-19453
    John HooverPJohn Nicklaus Hoover1990-19901
    Paul HooverC-3BPaul Chester Hoover2001-201010
    'HOP' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    John HopePJohn Alan Hope1993-19964
    Sam HopePSamuel Hope1907-19071
    Buck HopkinsOFJohn Winton Hopkins1907-19071
    Don HopkinsOF-DHDonald Hopkins1975-19751
    Gail Hopkins1B-DHGail Eason Hopkins1968-19747
    Marty Hopkins3B-2BMeredith Hilliard Hopkins1934-19352
    Mike HopkinsCMichael Joseph Hopkins1902-19021
    Paul HopkinsPPaul Henry Hopkins1927-19293
    Johnny HoppOF-1BJohn Leonard Hopp1939-195214
    Bill HopperPWilliam Booth Hopper1913-19153
    Jim HopperPJames McDaniel Hopper1946-19461
    Lefty HopperPClarence Franklin Hopper1898-18981
    Norris HopperOF-CFNorris Stephen Hopper 2006-20083
    'HOR' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    John HoranP-OFPatrick J. Horan1884-18841
    Shags HoranOFJoseph Patrick Horan1924-19241
    Joe HorganP-OFJoseph Paul Horgan2004-20052
    Joe HorlenPJoel Edward Horlen1961-197212
    Sam Horn1B-DHSamuel Lee Horn1987-19959
    Trader HornePBerlyn Dale Horne1929-19291
    Bob Horner3B-1BJames Robert Horner1978-198811
    Jack HornerPWilliam Frank Horner1894-18941
    Rogers Hornsby2B-SSRogers Hornsby1915-193723
    Joe HornungOF-1BMichael Joseph Hornung1879-189012
    Hanson HorseyPHanson Horsey1912-19121
    Vince HorsmanPVincent Stanley Joseph Horsman1991-19955
    Jeremy HorstPJeremy M. Horst2011-20133
    Oscar HorstmannPOscar Theodore Horstmann1917-19193
    Elmer HortonPElmer E. Horton1896-18983
    Ricky HortonP-OFRicky Neal Horton1984-19907
    Tony Horton1B-OFAnthony Darrin Horton1964-19707
    Willie HortonOF-DHWillie Watterson Horton1963-198018
    Brian HorwitzOF-LFBrian Jeffery Horwitz2008-20081
    'HOS' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Dwayne HoseyOF-CFDwayne Samuel Hosey1995-19962
    Steve HoseyOF-1BSteven Bernard Hosey1992-19932
    Dave HoskinsPDavid Taylor Hoskins1953-19542
    Rhys Hoskins1b-dhRhys Dean Hoskins2017-20215
    Tim HosleyC-DHTimtohy Kenneth Hosley1970-198112
    Eric Hosmer1b-dhEric John Hosmer2011-202111
    Gene HostPEugene Earl Host1956-19572
    Chuck HostetlerOFCharles Cloyd Hostetler1944-19452
    Dave Hostetler1B-DHDavid Alan Hostetler1981-19888
    'HOT' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Pete HotalingOF-CPeter James Hotaling1879-188810
    Ken HottmanOFKenneth Roger Hottman1971-19711
    Tommy HottovyPThomas L. Hottovy2011-20122
    'HOU' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Byron HouckPByron Simon Houck1912-19187
    Sadie HouckSS-OFSargent Perry Houck1879-18879
    Tanner HouckpTanner Lee Houck2020-20212
    Charlie HoughPCharles Oliver Hough1970-199425
    Ralph HoukCRalph George Houk1947-19548
    DJ HoultonPDennis Sean Houlton2005-20073
    Craig HousePCraig Michael House2000-20001
    Frank HouseCHenry Franklin House1950-196112
    Fred HousePWillard Edwin House1913-19131
    J.R. HouseC-1BJames Rodger House2003-20086
    Pat HousePPatrick Lory House1967-19682
    TJ HousePGlenn A. House2014-20174
    Tom HousePThomas Ross House1971-19788
    Charlie Householder1B-CCharles W. Householder1882-18843
    Charlie Householder3B-OFCharles W. Householder1884-18841
    Ed HouseholderOFEdward H. Householder1903-19031
    Paul HouseholderOF-DHPaul Wesley Householder1980-19878
    Frank HousemanPWilliam H. Houseman1886-18861
    John Houseman2B-OFJohn Franklin Houseman1894-18974
    Adrian HouserpAdrian David Houser2015-20217
    Ben Houser1BBenjamin Franklin Houser1910-19123
    James HouserPJames Robert Houser2010-20101
    Wayne HousieOF-2BWayne Tyrone Housie1991-19933
    Tyler HoustonC-3BTyler Sam Houston1996-20038
    Art HouttemanPArthur Joseph Houtteman1945-195713
    Lefty HoutzOFFred Fritz Houtz1899-18991
    'HOV' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Steve HovleyOF-DHStephen Eugene Hovley1969-19735
    Ed HovlikPEdward Charles Hovlik1918-19192
    Joe HovlikPJoseph Hovlik1909-19113
    'HOW' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Ben HowardPBenjamin Richard Howard2002-20043
    Bruce HowardPBruce Ernest Howard1963-19686
    Chris HowardC-OFChristopher Hugh Howard1991-19944
    Chris HowardP-OFChristian Howard1993-19953
    Dave Howard2BDavid Austin Howard1912-19121
    David HowardSS-2BDavid Wayne Howard1991-19999
    Del HowardOF-1BGeorge Elmer Howard1905-19095
    Doug HowardOF-1BDouglas Lynn Howard1972-19765
    Earl HowardPEarl Nycum Howard1918-19181
    Elston HowardC-OFElston Gene Howard1955-196814
    Frank HowardOF-1BFrank Oliver Howard1958-197316
    Fred HowardPFred Irving Howard1979-19791
    Ivan Howard1B-2BIvon Chester Howard1914-19174
    Larry HowardC-1BLawrence Rayford Howard1970-19734
    Lee HowardPLee Vincent Howard1946-19472
    Matt Howard2B-SSMatthew Christopher Howard1996-19961
    Mike HowardOF-SSMichael Fredric Howard1981-19833
    Paul HowardOFPaul Joseph Howard1909-19091
    Ryan Howard1B-DHRyan James Howard2004-201613
    Sam HowardpSam James Howard2018-20214
    Spencer HowardpSpencer Lee Howard2020-20212
    Steve HowardOF-DHSteven Bernard Howard1990-19901
    Thomas HowardOF-RFThomas Sylvester Howard1990-200011
    Wilbur HowardOF-2BWilbur Leon Howard1973-19786
    Jim HowarthOF-1BJames Eugene Howarth1971-19744
    Art Howe3B-2BArthur Henry Howe Jr.1974-198512
    Cal HowePCalvin Earl Howe1952-19521
    Les HowePLester Curtis Howe1923-19242
    Shorty Howe2B-3BJohn Howe1890-18934
    Steve HowePSteven Roy Howe1980-199617
    Dixie HowellPMillard Howell1940-195819
    Dixie HowellCHomer Elliott Howell1947-195610
    Harry HowellP-OFHenry Harry Howell1898-191013
    Jack Howell3B-OFJack Robert Howell1985-199915
    Jay HowellPJay Canfield Howell1980-199415
    JP HowellPJames Phillip Howell2005-201713
    Ken HowellPKenneth Howell1984-19907
    Pat HowellOFPatrick O'Neal Howell1992-19921
    Red HowellHMurray Donald Howell1941-19411
    Roland HowellPRoland Boatner Howell1912-19121
    Roy Howell3B-DHRoy Lee Howell1974-198411
    Bill HowertonOF-3BWilliam Ray Howerton1949-19524
    Dann HowittOF-1BDann Paul John Howitt1989-19946
    Dan HowleyCDaniel Phillip Howley1913-19131
    Bob HowryPBobby Dean Howry1998-201013
    Dick HowserSS-2BRichard Dalton Howser1961-19688
    'HOY' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Dummy HoyOF-2BWilliam Ellsworth Hoy1888-190215
    Peter HoyPPeter Alexander Hoy1992-19921
    Jared HoyingRF-CFJared William Hoying2016-20216
    Tex HoylePRoland Edison Hoyle1952-19521
    James HoytpJames Allen Hoyt2016-20216
    LaMarr HoytP-OFDewey La Marr Hoyt1979-19868
    Waite HoytPWaite Charles Hoyt1918-193821
    307 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available MLB Years Up-to-date Range of Years played