'BU' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with BU. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'BU' Full Player Listing

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  • 'BUB' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Jaime BubelaOF-CFJaime Lee Bubela2005-20051
    Kris BubicpKristofer Bubic2020-20212
    Hal BubserHHarold Fred Bubser1922-19221
    'BUC' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Johnny BuchaCJohn George Bucha1948-19536
    Bob BuchananP-CRobert Gordon Buchanan1985-19895
    Brian BuchananOF-RFBrian James Buchanan2000-20045
    David BuchananPDavid Andrew Buchanan 2014-20152
    Jake BuchananPJake T. Buchanan 2014-20174
    Jim BuchananPJames Forrest Buchanan1905-19051
    Jerry Buchek2B-SSGerald Peter Buchek1961-19688
    Jim Bucher3B-2BJames Quinter Bucher1934-194512
    Clay BuchholzPClay Daniel Buchholz2007-201913
    Taylor BuchholzPTaylor Buchholz2006-20116
    Ryan BuchterpRyan James Buchter2014-20218
    John BuckC-DHJonathan Richard Buck2004-201411
    Travis BuckRF-OFTravis George Buck2007-20126
    Gary BuckelsPGary Scott Buckels1994-19941
    Garland BuckeyePGarland Maiers Buckeye1918-192811
    Fred BuckinghamPFrederick Bristol Buckingham1895-18951
    Jess BucklesPJesse Robert Buckles1916-19161
    Dick BuckleyC-3BRichard D. Buckley1888-18958
    John BuckleyPJohn Edward Buckley1890-18901
    Kevin BuckleyC-OFKevin John Buckley1984-19841
    Bill Buckner1B-OFWilliam Joseph Buckner1969-199022
    Billy BucknerPWilliam Jennings Buckner2007-20148
    'BUD' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Mark BudaskaOF-1BMark David Budaska1978-19814
    Jay BuddOFJay Cook Budd1890-18901
    Ryan BuddeC-1BRyan Dean Budde2007-20104
    Mike BuddiePMichael Joseph Buddie1998-20025
    Don BuddinSS-3BDonald Thomas Buddin1956-19627
    Mike BudnickPMichael Joe Budnick1946-19472
    Mark BudzinskiOF-CFMark Joseph Budzinski 2003-20031
    'BUE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Steve Buechele3B-2BSteven Bernand Buechele1985-199511
    Walker BuehlerpWalker Anthony Buehler2017-20215
    Mark BuehrlePMark Anthony Buehrle2000-201516
    Charlie Buelow3B-2BCharles John Buelow1901-19011
    Fritz BuelowC-OFFrederick William Buelow1899-19079
    Francisley BuenoPFrancisley Trueba Bueno2008-20147
    Jay BuenteP-CJay Phillip Buente2010-20112
    Art Bues3B-2BArthur Frederick Bues1913-19142
    'BUF' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Charlie BuffintonP-OFCharles G. Buffinton1882-189211
    Damon BufordOF-CFDamon Jackson Buford1993-20019
    Don BufordOF-2BDonald Alvin Buford1963-197210
    'BUH' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bob BuhlPRobert Ray Buhl1953-196715
    Jay BuhnerOF-RFJay Campbell Buhner1987-200115
    'BUI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Dewayne BuicePDe Wayne Allison Buice1987-19893
    'BUK' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    J.B. BukauskasPJacob Allen Bukauskas2021-20211
    Cy BukerPCyril Owen Buker1945-19451
    Henry BukerSS-OFHenry Leslie Buker1884-18841
    Ryan BukvichPRyan Adrien Bukvich2002-20087
    'BUL' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Jason BulgerPJason Patrick Bulger2005-20117
    George BullardSSGeorge Donald Bullard1954-19541
    Sim BullasC-OFSimeon Edward Bullas1884-18841
    Scott BullettOF-LFScott Douglas Bullett1991-19966
    Bud BullingC-DHTerry Charles Bulling1977-19837
    Jim BullingerSS-PJames Eric Bullinger1992-19987
    Kirk BullingerPKirk Matthew Bullinger1998-20047
    Bryan BullingtonPBryan Paul Bullington2005-20106
    Eric BullockOF-1BEric Jerald Bullock1985-19928
    Red BullockPMalton Joseph Bullock1936-19361
    'BUM' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Al BumbryOF-DHAlonza Benjamin Bumbry1972-198514
    Madison BumgarnerpMadison Kyle Bumgarner2009-202113
    Aaron BummerpAaron James Bummer2017-20215
    Nate BumpPNathan Louis Bump2003-20053
    'BUN' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Josh BunceOFJoshua Bunce1877-18771
    Melvin BunchPMelvin Lynn Bunch Jr.1995-19995
    Dylan BundypDylan Matthew Bundy2012-202110
    Wally BunkerPWallace Edward Bunker1963-19719
    Jim BunningPJames Paul David Bunning1955-197117
    'BUR' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Dan BurawaPDaniel James Burawa2015-20151
    Dave BurbaPDavid Allen Burba1990-200415
    Bill BurbachPWilliam David Burbach1969-19713
    Nelson BurbrinkCNelson Edward Burbrink1955-19551
    Al BurchOF-1BAlbert William Burch1906-19116
    Ernie BurchOFErnest A. Burch1884-18874
    Larry BurchartPLarry Wayne Burchart1969-19691
    Fred BurchellPFrederick Duff Burchell1903-19097
    Bob Burda1B-OFEdward Robert Burda1962-197211
    Freddie BurdettePFreddie Thomason Burdette1962-19643
    Lew BurdettePSelva Lewis Burdette1950-196718
    Nick BurdipNicholas Edward Burdi2018-20203
    Zack BurdipZachary M. Burdi2020-20212
    Bill BurdickP-OFWilliam Byron Burdick1888-18892
    Jack Burdock2B-3BJohn Joseph Burdock1872-189120
    Joe Burg3B-SSJoseph Peter Burg1910-19101
    Jake Burger3B-DHJacob Michael Burger2021-20211
    Smoky BurgessCForrest Harrill Burgess1949-196719
    Tom Burgess1B-OFThomas Roland Burgess1954-19629
    Tom BurgmeierP-OFThomas Henry Burgmeier1968-198417
    Bill BurgoOFWilliam Ross Burgo1943-19442
    Ambiorix BurgosPAmbiorix Burgos2005-20073
    Enrique BurgosPEnrique Burgos Calles1993-19953
    Enrique BurgosPEnrique Burgos2015-20162
    Hiram BurgosPHiram A. Burgos2013-20131
    Bill BurichSS-3BWilliam Max Burich1942-19465
    Mack BurkCMack Edwin Burk1956-19583
    Sandy BurkPCharles Sanford Burk1910-19134
    Chris BurkamHChauncey de Pew Burkam1915-19151
    Elmer BurkartPElmert Robert Burkart1936-19394
    Bill BurkeP-OFWilliam Richard Burke1887-18871
    Billy BurkePWilliam Ignatus Burke1910-19112
    Bobby BurkePRobert James Burke1927-193711
    Brock BurkePBrock Christopher Burke2019-20191
    Chris Burke2B-SSChristopher Allen Burke2004-20096
    Dan BurkeOF-CDaniel L. Burke1890-18923
    Eddie BurkeOF-2BEdward D. Burke1890-18978
    Frank BurkeOFFrank Aloysius Burke1906-19072
    Glenn BurkeOF-DHGlenn Lawrence Burke1976-19794
    Greg BurkePGregory Francis Burke2009-20135
    James BurkeP-OFJames Burke1882-18843
    Jamie BurkeC-3BJames Eugene Burke2001-20099
    Jimmy Burke3B-2BJames Timothy Burke1898-19058
    Joe Burke3B-2BJoseph Aloysius Burke1890-18912
    John BurkePJohn Chandler Burke1996-19972
    John BurkeOF-PJohn Patrick Burke1902-19021
    Leo BurkeOF-2BLeo Patrick Burke1958-19658
    Les Burke2B-3BLeslie Kingston Burke1923-19264
    Mike BurkeSS-3BMichael E. Burke1879-18791
    Pat Burke3BPatrick Edward Burke1924-19241
    Steve BurkePSteven Michael Burke1977-19782
    Tim BurkePTimothy Philip Burke1985-19928
    Jesse BurkettOF-PJesse Cail Burkett1890-190516
    John BurkettPJohn David Burkett1987-200317
    Ken BurkhartPKenneth William Burkhart1945-19495
    Morgan Burkhart1B-OFMorgan Burkhart2000-20034
    Ellis BurksOF-DHEllis Rena Burks1987-200418
    Rick BurlesonSS-2BRichard Paul Burleson1974-198714
    Corbin BurnespCorbin Brian Burnes2018-20214
    AJ BurnettPAllen James Burnett1999-201517
    Alex BurnettPAlex James Burnett2010-20134
    Hercules BurnettOF-1BHercules H. Burnett1888-18958
    Johnny BurnettSS-3BJohn Henderson Burnett1927-19359
    Sean BurnettPSean Richard Burnett2004-201613
    Wally BurnettePWallace Harper Burnette1956-19583
    Jeromy BurnitzRF-OFJeromy Neal Burnitz1993-200614
    Andy Burns3B-2BAndrew David Burns2016-20216
    Bill BurnsPWilliam Thomas Burns1908-19125
    Billy BurnsCF-LFWilliam John Burns2014-20174
    Britt BurnsPRobert Britt Burns1978-19858
    C.B. BurnsHCharles Brittingham Burns1902-19021
    Cory BurnsPCory Wade Burns2012-20132
    Dennis BurnsPDennis Burns1923-19242
    Dick BurnsOF-PRichard Simon Burns1883-18853
    Ed BurnsC-OFEdward James Burns1912-19187
    Farmer BurnsPJames Burns1901-19011
    George BurnsOF-3BGeorge Joseph Burns1911-192515
    George Burns1B-OFGeorge Henry Burns1914-192916
    Jack Burns1BJohn Irving Burns1930-19367
    Jack Burns2BJohn Joseph Burns1903-19042
    Jim BurnsOF-3BJames Milton Burns1888-18914
    Joe BurnsOFJoseph Francis Burns1910-19134
    Joe Burns3B-OFJoseph James Burns1943-19453
    Joe BurnsCJoseph Francis Burns1924-19241
    Mike BurnsPMichael John Burns2005-20095
    Oyster BurnsOF-SSThomas P Burns1884-189512
    Pat Burns1BJohn E. Burns1884-18841
    Todd BurnsPTodd Edward Burns1988-19936
    Tom Burns3B-SSThomas Everett Burns1880-189213
    Pete BurnsidePPeter Willits Burnside1955-19639
    Sheldon BurnsidePSheldon John Burnside1978-19803
    George BurpoPGeorge Harvie Burpo1946-19461
    Ryan BurrPRyan Matthew Burr2018-20214
    Buster BurrellC-1BFrank Andrew Burrell1891-18977
    Harry BurrellP-OFHarry J. Burrell1891-18911
    Pat BurrellLF-1BPatrick Brian Burrell2000-201112
    Brian BurresPBrian James Burgess2006-20116
    Larry Burright2B-SSLarry Allen Burright1962-19643
    Al BurrisPAlva Burton Burris1894-18941
    Paul BurrisCPaul Robert Burris1948-19536
    Ray BurrisP-DHBertram Ray Burris1973-198715
    Emmanuel BurrissSS-2BEmmanuel Allen Burriss2008-20169
    Henry BurroughsOF-3BHenry S. Burroughs1871-18722
    Jeff BurroughsOF-DHJeffrey Alan Burroughs1970-198516
    Sean Burroughs3B-2BSean Patrick Burroughs2002-201211
    Beau BurrowspBeau Van Burrows2020-20212
    John BurrowsPJohn Burrows1943-19442
    Terry BurrowsPTerry Dale Burrows1994-19974
    Dick Burrus1B-OFMaurice Lennon Burrus1919-192810
    Frank BurtOFFrank J. Burt1882-18821
    Ellis BurtonOFEllis Narrington Burton1958-19658
    Jared BurtonPLevi Jared Burton2007-20148
    Jim BurtonPJim Scott Burton1975-19773
    Moe BurtschyPEdward Frank Burtschy1950-19567
    Dennis BurttPDennis Allen Burtt1985-19862
    Bill BurwellPWilliam Edwin Burwell1920-19289
    Dick BurwellPRichard Matthew Burwell1960-19612
    'BUS' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Jim BusbyOF-3BJames Franklin Busby1950-196213
    Mike BusbyPMichael James Busby1996-19994
    Paul BusbyOFPaul Miller Busby1941-19433
    Steve BusbyPSteven Lee Busby1972-19809
    Ed BuschSS-2BEdgar John Busch1943-19453
    Mike Busch3B-1BMichael Anthony Busch1995-19962
    Brian Buscher3B-1BBrian Phillip Buscher2007-20093
    Don BuschhornPDonald Lee Buschhorn1965-19651
    Matt BuschmannP-RFMatthew D. Buschmann2016-20161
    Alan BusenitzPAlan Paul Busenitz2017-20182
    David BushPDavid Thomas Bush2004-201310
    Donie BushSS-3BOwen Joseph Bush1908-192316
    Guy BushPGuy Terrell Bush1923-194523
    Homer Bush2B-3BHomer Giles Bush1997-20048
    Joe BushP-OFLeslie Ambrose Bush1912-192817
    Matt BushPMatthew Brian Bush2016-20216
    Randy BushOF-DHRobert Randall Bush1982-199312
    Jack BushelmanPJohn Francis Bushelman1909-19124
    Frank BusheyPFrancis Clyde Bushey1927-19304
    Chris BushingPChristopher Shaun Bushing1993-19931
    Doc BushongC-OFAlbert John Bushong1875-189016
    Joe BuskeySSJoseph Henry Buskey1926-19261
    Mike BuskeySS-3BMichael Thomas Buskey1977-19771
    Tom BuskeyPThomas William Buskey1973-19808
    Nick BussCF-LFNicholas Buss2013-20164
    Ray BusseSS-3BRaymond Edward Busse1971-19744
    'BUT' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Hank ButcherOFHenry Joseph Butcher1911-19122
    John ButcherPJohn Daniel Butcher1980-19867
    Max ButcherPAlbert Maxwell Butcher1936-194510
    Mike ButcherPMichael Dana Butcher1992-19954
    Drew Buterac-1b-Andrew Edward Butera2010-202112
    Sal ButeraC-DHSalvatore Phillip Butera1980-19889
    Ed Butka1BEdward Luke Butka1943-19442
    Bill ButlandPWilburn Rue Butland1940-19478
    Adam ButlerPAdam Christopher Butler1998-19981
    Art ButlerSS-2BArthur Edward Butler1911-19166
    Bill ButlerPWilliam Franklin Butler1969-19779
    Bill ButlerOFWilliam J. Butler1884-18841
    Billy ButlerDH-1BBilly Ray Butler2007-201610
    Brent ButlerSS-2BJustin Brent Butler2001-20033
    Brett ButlerOF-CFBrett Morgan Butler1981-199717
    Cecil ButlerPCecil Dean Butler1962-19643
    Charlie ButlerPCharles Thomas Butler1933-19331
    Daniel ButlerCDaniel John Butler2014-20185
    Dick ButlerCRichard Henry Butler1897-18993
    Eddie ButlerPTimothy Edward Butler2014-20185
    Frank ButlerOFFrank Dean Butler1895-18951
    Ike ButlerP-OFIsaac Burr Butler1902-19021
    Joey ButlerRF-LFJoseph Frank Butler2013-20153
    John ButlerC-OFJohn Albert Butler1901-19077
    Johnny ButlerSS-3BJohn Stephen Butler1926-19294
    Josh ButlerPJoshua James Butler2009-20091
    Keith ButlerPKeith Allen Butler2013-20142
    Kid Butler2B-3BWillis Everett Butler1907-19071
    Kid ButlerOF-2BFrank Edward Butler1884-18841
    Rich ButlerOF-LFRichard Dwight Butler1997-19993
    Rob ButlerOF-CFRobert Frank John Butler1993-19997
    Tom ButtersPThomas Arden Butters1962-19654
    Frank ButteryOF-PFrank Buttery1872-18721
    Ty ButtreypTy Douglas Buttrey2018-20203
    'BUX' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Byron BuxtoncfByron Keiron Buxton2015-20217
    Ralph BuxtonPRalph Stanley Buxton1938-194912
    'BUZ' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Joe BuzasSSJoseph John Buzas1945-19451
    John BuzhardtPJohn William Buzhardt1958-196811
    250 record(s)
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