'BR' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with BR. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'BR' Full Player Listing

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  • 'BRA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Gene BrabenderPEugene Matthew Brabender1966-19705
    Brad BrachpBrad Brach2011-202111
    Silvino BrachopSilvino Bracho2015-20206
    Gibby BrackOF-1BGilbert Herman Brack1937-19393
    Jack BrackenPJohn James Bracken1901-19011
    John BrackenridgePJohn Givler Brackenridge1904-19041
    Andrew BrackmanPAndrew Warren Brackman2011-20111
    Zach BraddockPWilliam Zachary Braddock2010-20112
    Dallas BradenPDallas Lee Braden2007-20115
    Don BradeyPDonald Eugene Bradey1964-19641
    Bill BradfordPWilliam D. Bradford1956-19561
    Buddy BradfordOF-DHCharles William Bradford1966-197611
    Chad BradfordPChadwick Lee Bradford1998-200912
    Chasen BradfordPChasen David Bradford2017-20193
    Larry BradfordPLarry Bradford1977-19815
    Vic BradfordOFHenry Victor Bradford1943-19431
    Al BradleyOFAlbert Joseph Bradley1884-18841
    Archie BradleypArchie N. Bradley2015-20217
    Bert BradleyPSteven Bert Bradley1983-19831
    Bill Bradley3B-SSWilliam Joseph Bradley1899-191012
    Bobby Bradley1B-DHBobby Bradley.2019-20213
    Foghorn BradleyP-OFGeorge H. Bradley1876-18761
    Fred BradleyPFred Langdon Bradley1948-19492
    George BradleyOFGeorge Washington Bradley1946-19461
    George BradleyP-3BGeorge Washington Bradley1875-188814
    Herb BradleyPHerbert Theodore Bradley1927-19293
    Hugh Bradley1B-CHugh Frederick Bradley1910-19123
    Jack BradleyCJohn Thomas Bradley1916-19161
    Jackie Bradleycf-RFJackie Bradley Jr.2013-20219
    Jed BradleyPJedidiah Custer Bradley2016-20161
    Mark BradleyOFMark Allen Bradley1981-19833
    Milton BradleyCF-OFMilton Obelle Bradley2000-201112
    Phil BradleyOF-DHPhillip Poole Bradley1983-19908
    Ryan BradleyPRyan James Bradley1998-19981
    Scott BradleyC-OFScott William Bradley1984-19929
    Tom BradleyPThomas William Bradley1969-19757
    Dallas Bradshaw2BDallas Carl Bradshaw1917-19171
    George BradshawCGeorge Thomas Bradshaw1952-19521
    Joe BradshawPJoe Siah Bradshaw1929-19291
    Terry BradshawOF-SSTerry Leon Bradshaw1995-19962
    Bill BradyPWilliam Aloysius Brady1912-19121
    Bob BradyCRobert Jay Brady1946-19472
    Brian BradyOF-1BBrian Phelan Brady1989-19891
    Cliff Brady2BClifford Francis Brady1920-19201
    Doug Brady2B-SSStephen Douglas Brady1995-19951
    Jim BradyPJames Joseph Brady1956-19561
    King BradyPJames Ward Brady1905-19128
    Michael BradyP-3BMichael J. Brady2017-20171
    Neal BradyPCornelius Joseph Brady1915-192511
    Spike BradyOFSpike Brady1875-18751
    Steve BradyOF-1BStephen A. Brady1874-188613
    Bobby BraganSS-CRobert Randall Bragan1940-19489
    Darren BraggOF-RFDarren William Bragg1994-200411
    Dick BragginsPRichard Realf Braggins1901-19011
    Glenn BraggsOF-DHGlenn Erick Braggs1986-19927
    Dave Brain3B-SSDavid Leonard Brain1901-19088
    Asa BrainardP-2BAsa Brainard1871-18744
    Fred Brainerd1B-3BFrederick F. Brainerd1914-19163
    Erv BramePErvin Beckham Brame1928-19325
    Art Bramhall3B-SSArthur Washington Bramhall1935-19351
    Ralph BrancaPRalph Theodore Joseph Branca1944-195613
    Al BrancatoSS-3BAlbert Brancato1939-19457
    Harvey BranchPHarvey Alfred Branch1962-19621
    Norm BranchPNorman Downs Branch1941-19422
    Roy BranchPRoy Branch1979-19791
    Ron BrandC-SSRonald George Brand1963-19719
    Mark BrandenburgPMark Clay Brandenburg1995-19973
    Chick BrandomPChester Milton Brandom1908-19092
    Bucky BrandonPDarrell G Brandon1966-19738
    Bill BrandtPWilliam George Brandt1941-19433
    Ed BrandtPEdward Arthur Brandt1928-193811
    Jackie BrandtOF-3BJohn George Brandt Jr.1956-196712
    Otis Brannan2BOtis Owen Brannan1928-19292
    Mike Brannock3BMichael J. Brannock1871-18755
    Dud Branom1BEdgar Dudley Branom1927-19271
    Kitty Bransfield1B-CWilliam Edward Bransfield1898-191114
    Jeff BransonSS-3BJeffrey Glenn Branson1992-200110
    Marshall Brant1B-DHMarshall Lee Brant1980-19834
    Cliff BrantleyPClifford Brantley1991-19922
    Jeff BrantleyPJeffrey Hoke Brantley1988-200114
    Michael Brantleylf-dhMichael Charles Brantley Jr.2009-202113
    Mickey BrantleyOF-DHMichael Charles Brantley1986-19894
    Rob Brantlyc-1BRobert Jacob Brantly2012-202110
    Russell Branyan3B-1BRussell Oles Branyan1998-201114
    Kitty BrashearPNorman Cobb Brashear1899-18991
    Roy Brashear1B-2BRoy Parks Brashear1902-19032
    Ryan BrasierpRyan David Brasier2013-20219
    Joe BratcherOFJoseph Warlick Bratcher1924-19241
    Fred BratschiOFFrederick Oscar Bratschi1921-19277
    Steven BraultpSteven Joseph Brault2016-20216
    John BraunPJohn Paul Braun1964-19641
    Ryan BraunPRyan Zachary Braun2006-20072
    Ryan Braunrf-dhRyan Joseph Braun2007-202014
    Steve BraunOF-3BStephen Russell Braun1971-198515
    Angel BravoOFAngel Alfonso (Urdaneta) Bravo1969-19713
    Garland BraxtonPEdgar Garland Braxton1921-193313
    Bill BrayPWilliam Alan Bray2006-20127
    Buster BrayOFClarence Wilbur Bray1941-19411
    Ben BraymerpBenjamin John Braymer2020-20201
    Craig Brazell1B-OFCraig Walter Brazell2004-20074
    Dewon BrazeltonPDewon Cortez Brazelton2002-20065
    Frank Brazill1B-3BFrank Leo Brazill1921-19222
    Al BrazlePAlpha Eugene Brazle1943-195412
    Yhency BrazobanOF-PYhency Jose Brazoban2004-20118
    'BRE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Leslie BreaPLeslie Guillermo Brea2000-20012
    Sid Bream1B-OFSidney Eugene Bream1983-199412
    Jim Breazeale1B-DHJames Leo Breazeale1969-197810
    John BrebbiaPJohn Fulboam Brebbia2017-20215
    Harry BrecheenPHarry David Brecheen1940-195314
    Bill BreckinridgePWilliam Robertson Breckinridge1929-19291
    Brent BredeOF-1BBrent David Brede1996-19983
    Danny BreedenCDanny Richard Breeden1969-19713
    Hal Breeden1B-OFHarold Noel Breeden1971-19755
    Marv Breeding2B-3BMarvin Eugene Breeding1960-19634
    Alex Bregman3bAlexander David Bregman2016-20216
    Fred BreiningPFred Lawrence Breining1980-19845
    Alonzo BreitensteinPAlonzo Breitenstein1883-18831
    Ted BreitensteinP-OFTheodore P. Breitenstein1891-190111
    Herb BremerCHerbert Frederick Bremer1937-19393
    Bob BrenlyC-3BRobert Earl Brenly1981-19899
    Ad BrennanP-OFAddison Foster Brennan1910-19189
    Brandon BrennanpBrandon S. Brennan2019-20213
    Don BrennanPJames Donald Brennan1933-19375
    Jack BrennanC-OF3/24/19141884-18907
    Tom BrennanPThomas Martin Brennan1981-19855
    William BrennanPWilliam Raymond Brennan1988-19936
    Jim BrennemanPJames Leroy Brenneman1965-19651
    Bert BrennerPDelbert Henry Brenner1912-19121
    Lynn BrentonPLynn David Brenton1913-19219
    Bryce BrentzRF-LFBryce Everett Brentz2014-20163
    Jake BrentzPJacob Steven Brentz2021-20211
    Bill BrenzelCWilliam Richard Brenzel1932-19354
    Craig BreslowPCraig Andrew Breslow2005-201713
    Roger BresnahanC-OFRoger Phillip Bresnahan1897-191519
    Rube BresslerOF-1BRaymond Bloom Bressler1914-193219
    Eddie BressoudSS-2BEdward Francis Bressoud1956-196712
    Jim Breton3B-SSJohn Frederick Breton1913-19153
    George Brett3B-DHGeorge Howard Brett1973-199321
    Herb BrettPHerbert James Brett1924-19252
    Ken BrettPKenneth Alven Brett1967-198115
    Ryan Brett2B-CFRyan Duane Brett2015-20151
    Marv BreuerPMarvin Howard Breuer1939-19435
    Billy BrewerPWilliam Robert Brewer1993-19997
    Charles BrewerPCharles Robert Brewer2013-20131
    Colten BrewerpColten Bradley Brewer2018-20214
    Jack BrewerPJohn Herndon Brewer1944-19463
    Jim BrewerPJames Thomas Brewer1960-197617
    Mike BrewerOF-DHMichael Quinn Brewer1986-19861
    Rod Brewer1B-OFRodney Lee Brewer1990-19934
    Tom BrewerPThomas Austin Brewer1954-19618
    Tony BrewerOFAnthony Bruce Brewer1984-19841
    Jamie BrewingtonPJamie Chancellor Brewington1995-20006
    Charlie BrewsterSS-2BCharles Lawrence Brewster1943-19464
    'BRI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Alan BricePAlan Healey Brice1961-19611
    Austin BricepAustin Robert Brice2016-20216
    Jose Bricenoc-1BJose Manuel Briceno2018-20203
    Fred BrickellOFGeorge Frederick Brickell1926-19338
    Fritz BrickellSS-2BFritz Darrell Brickell1959-19613
    George BrickleyOFGeorge Vincent Brickley1913-19131
    Ralph BricknerPRalph Harold Brickner1952-19521
    Jim BrideweserSS-2BJames Ehrenfeld Brideweser1951-19577
    Marshall BridgesPMarshall Bridges1959-19657
    Rocky BridgesSS-2BEverett Lamar Bridges1951-196111
    Tommy BridgesPThomas Jefferson Davis Bridges1930-194617
    Al BridwellSS-3BAlbert Henry Bridwell1905-19139
    Parker BridwellPParker Alan Bridwell2016-20183
    Bunny Brief1B-OFAnthony Vincent Brief1912-19176
    Buttons BriggsPHerbert Theodore Briggs1896-190510
    Charlie BriggsOF-2BCharles R. Briggs1884-18841
    Dan BriggsOF-1BDan Lee Briggs1975-19828
    Grant BriggsC-OFGrant Briggs1890-18956
    John BriggsPJonathan Tift Briggs1956-19605
    Johnny BriggsOF-1BJohn Edward Briggs1964-197512
    Jake BrighamPJacob Daniel Brigham2015-20151
    Jeff BrighampJeffrey John Brigham2018-20203
    Harry Bright1B-3BHarry James Bright1958-19658
    Reid BrignacSS-2BReid Michael Brignac2008-20169
    Nelson BrilesPNelson Kelley Briles1965-197814
    Greg BrileyOF-2BGregory Briley1988-19936
    Frank BrillP-OFFrancis Hasbrouck Brill1884-18841
    Jim BrillheartPJames Benson Brillheart1922-193110
    Brad BrinkPBradford Albert Brink1992-19943
    Bill Brinker3B-OFWilliam Hutchinson Brinker1912-19121
    Chuck BrinkmanCCharles Ernest Brinkman1969-19746
    Ed BrinkmanSS-3BEdwin Albert Brinkman1961-197515
    Leon BrinkopfSSLeon Clarence Brinkopf1952-19521
    Lewis Brinsonlf-cfLewis Lamont Brinson2017-20215
    Fatty BriodyC-2BCharles F. Briody1880-18889
    John BriscoePJohn Eric Briscoe1991-19966
    Lou BrissiePLeland Victor Brissie1947-19537
    George BristowOFGeorge Gates Bristow1899-18991
    Bernardo BritoOF-DHBernardo Brito1992-19954
    Eude BritoPEude Ezequiel Brito2005-20062
    Jorge BritoC-1BJorge Manuel Brito Uceta1995-19962
    Juan BritoC-OFJuan Ramon Brito2002-20043
    Socrates BritoRF-CFSocrates Orel Brito2015-20195
    Tilson BritoSS-2BTilson Manuel Brito Jiminez1996-19972
    Jim BrittP-OFJames Edward Britt1872-18732
    Gus BrittainCAugust Schuster Brittain1937-19371
    Jack BrittinPJohn Albert Brittin1950-19512
    Chris BrittonPChristopher Daniel Britton2006-20083
    Drake BrittonP-DHJohn Drake Britton2013-20142
    Gil BrittonSSStephen Gilbert Britton1913-19131
    Jim BrittonPJames Allan Britton1967-19715
    Zack BrittonpZachary Grant Britton2011-202111
    Tony BrizzolaraPAnthony John Brizzolara1979-19846
    'BRO' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Johnny BroacaPJohn Joseph Broaca1934-19396
    Lance BroadwayPLance Daniel Broadway2007-20093
    Mike BroadwayPMichael A. Broadway2015-20162
    Pete BrobergPPeter Sven Broberg1971-19788
    Doug BrocailPDouglas Keith Brocail1992-200918
    Chris BrockPTerrence Christopher Brock1997-20026
    Greg Brock1B-3BGregory Allen Brock1982-199110
    John BrockC-OFJohn Roy Brock1917-19182
    Lou BrockOFLouis Clark Brock1961-197919
    Tarrik BrockOF-1BTarrick Jumaan Brock2000-20001
    Lew BrockettP-3BLewis Albert Brockett1907-19115
    Brian BroderickPBrian Michael Broderick2011-20111
    Matt Broderick2BMatthew Thomas Broderick1903-19031
    Steve BrodieOF-2BWalter Scott Brodie1890-190213
    Dick BrodowskiPRichard Stanley Brodowski1952-19598
    Connor BrogdonpConnor Brogdon2020-20212
    Ernie BroglioPErnest Gilbert Broglio1959-19668
    Rico Brogna1B-OFRico Joseph Brogna1992-200110
    Jack Brohamer2B-3BJohn Anthony Brohamer Jr.1972-19809
    Troy BrohawnPMichael Troy Brohawn2001-20033
    Ken BrondellPKenneth Leroy Brondell1944-19441
    Jeff BronkeyPJacob Jeffery Bronkey1993-19953
    Herman Bronkie3B-2BHerman Charles Bronkie1910-192213
    Jim BronstadPJames Warren Bronstad1959-19646
    Ike BrookensPEdward Dwain Brookens1975-19751
    Tom Brookens3B-2BThomas Dale Brookens1979-199012
    Aaron BrooksPAaron Lee Brooks2014-20196
    Bobby BrooksOFRobert Brooks1969-19735
    Frank BrooksP-OFFrank J. Brooks2004-20052
    Hubie Brooks3B-OFHubert Brooks1980-199415
    Jerry BrooksOF-CJerome Edward Brooks1993-19964
    Mandy BrooksOFJonathan Joseph Brooks1925-19262
    Scott Brosius3B-SSScott David Brosius1991-200111
    Sig BroskieCSigmund Theodore Broskie1940-19401
    Jim BrosnanPJames Patrick Brosnan1954-196310
    Terry BrossPTerrance Paul Bross1991-19933
    Frank BrosseauPFranklin Lee Brosseau1969-19713
    Mike Brosseau3b-2bMichael Brosseau2019-20213
    Rex BrotherspRex Coleman Brothers2011-202111
    Tony BrottemC-OFAnton Christian Brottem1916-19216
    Cal BroughtonC-OFCecil Calvert Broughton1883-18886
    Mark BrouhardOF-DHMark Steven Brouhard1980-19856
    Ben Broussard1B-OFBenjamin Isaac Broussard2002-20087
    Art Brouthers3B-2BArthur H. Brouthers1906-19061
    Dan Brouthers1B-OFDennis Joseph Brouthers1879-190426
    Joe BroviaHJoseph John Brovia1955-19551
    Scott BrowPScott John Brow1993-19986
    Bob BrowerOF-DHRobert Richard Brower1986-19894
    Frank BrowerOF-1BFrank Willard Brower1920-19245
    Jim BrowerPJames Robert Brower1999-20079
    Louis BrowerSS-2BLouis Lester Brower1931-19311
    Adrian BrownOF-CFAdrian Desmond Brown1997-200610
    Alton BrownPAlton Leo Brown1951-19511
    Andrew BrownRF-1BAndrew M. Brown2011-20144
    Andrew BrownP-1BAndrew Aaron Brown2006-20083
    Bill BrownOFWilliam Verna Brown1912-19121
    Boardwalk BrownPCarroll William Brown1911-19155
    Bob BrownPRobert Murray Brown1930-19367
    Bobby Brown3B-SSRobert William Brown1946-19549
    Bobby BrownOF-3BRogers Lee Brown1979-19857
    Brant Brown1B-LFBrant Michael Brown1996-20005
    Brooks BrownPBrooks Steven Brown2014-20152
    Buster BrownPCharles Edward Brown1905-19139
    Charlie BrownPCharles Edward Brown1897-18971
    Chris Brown3B-1BJohn Christopher Brown1984-19896
    Clint BrownPClinton Harold Brown1928-194215
    Corey BrownCF-OFCorey Allen Brown2011-20144
    Curly BrownPCharles Roy Brown1911-19155
    Curt BrownPCurtis Steven Brown1983-19875
    Curtis BrownOFCurtis Brown1973-19731
    Darrell BrownOF-SSDarrell Wayne Brown1981-19844
    Dee BrownOF-LFDermal Bram Brown1998-200710
    Delos BrownHDelos Hight Brown1914-19141
    Dick BrownCRichard Ernest Brown1957-19659
    Domonic BrownRF-LFDomonic Larun Brown2010-20156
    Drummond BrownCDrummond Nicol Brown1913-19131
    Dusty BrownC-OFDustin William Brown2009-20113
    Ed Brown3B-OFEdward P. Brown1882-18843
    Eddie BrownOF-1BEdward William Brown1920-19289
    Elmer BrownPElmer Young Brown1911-19155
    Emil BrownOF-RFEmil Quincy Brown1997-200913
    Fred BrownOFFred Herbert Brown1901-19022
    Gary BrownCF-LFGary Allen Brown2014-20141
    Gates BrownOF-DHWilliam James Brown1963-197513
    Hal BrownP-3BHector Harold Brown1951-196414
    Ike Brown2B-1BIsaac Brown1969-19746
    Jackie BrownPJackie Gene Brown1970-19778
    Jake BrownOFJerald Ray Brown1975-19751
    Jamie BrownPJames Monroe Brown2004-20041
    Jarvis BrownOF-2BJarvis Ardel Brown1991-19955
    Jeremy BrownC-1BJeremy Scott Brown2006-20061
    Jim BrownOFJames Donaldson Brown1915-19162
    Jim BrownP-OFJames W.H. Brown1884-18863
    Jimmy Brown2B-3BJames Roberson Brown1937-194610
    Joe BrownPJoseph Henry Brown1927-19271
    Joe BrownP-OFJoseph E. Brown1884-18852
    John BrownPJohn J. Brown1897-18971
    Jophery BrownPJophery Clifford Brown1968-19681
    Jordan Brown1B-LFJordan Cassidy Brown2010-20134
    Jumbo BrownPWalter George Brown1925-194117
    Keith BrownPKeith Edward Brown1988-19925
    Kevin BrownC-1BKevin Lee Brown1996-20027
    Kevin BrownPJames Kevin Brown1986-200520
    Kevin BrownP-OFKevin Dewayne Brown1990-19923
    Larry BrownSS-2BLarry Leslie Brown1963-197412
    Leon BrownOFLeon Brown1976-19761
    Lew BrownC-1BLewis J. Brown1876-18849
    Lindsay BrownSSJohn Lindsay Brown1937-19371
    Lloyd BrownPLloyd Andrew Brown1925-194016
    Mace BrownPMace Stanley Brown1935-194612
    Mark BrownPMark Anthony Brown1984-19852
    Marty Brown3B-1BMarty Leo Brown1988-19903
    Matt Brown3B-1BMatthew Benjamin Brown2007-20082
    Mike BrownOF-PMichael Charles Brown1983-19886
    Mike BrownPMichael Gary Brown1982-19876
    Mordecai BrownP-OFMordecai Peter Centennial Brown1903-191614
    Myrl BrownPMyrl Lincoln Brown1922-19221
    Norm BrownPNorman Brown1943-19464
    Oliver BrownOF-1BOliver Edward Brown1872-18754
    Ollie BrownOF-DHOllie Lee Brown1965-197713
    Oscar BrownOFOscar Lee Brown1969-19735
    Paul BrownPPaul Dwayne Brown1961-19688
    Randy BrownC-OFEdwin Randolph Brown1969-19702
    Ray BrownPPaul Percival Brown1909-19091
    Robert BrownSSRobert Brown1874-18741
    Roosevelt BrownOF-LFRoosevelt Lawayne Brown1999-20024
    Sam BrownC-OFSamuel Wakefield Brown1906-19072
    Scott BrownPScott Edward Brown1981-19811
    Seth BrownRF-LFSeth William Brown2019-20213
    Steve BrownPSteven Elbert Brown1983-19842
    Stub BrownPRichard P. Brown1893-18975
    Tom BrownOF-PThomas Tarlton Brown1882-189817
    Tom BrownPThomas Tarlton Brown1978-19781
    Tom BrownOF-1BThomas William Brown1963-19631
    Tommy BrownSS-OFThomas Michael Brown1944-195310
    Trevor BrownC-2BTrevor Michael Brown2015-20162
    Walter BrownPWalter Irving Brown1947-19471
    Willard BrownOFWillard Jessie Brown1947-19471
    Willard Brown1B-CWilliam M. Brown1887-18948
    Byron BrowneOFByron Ellis Browne1965-19728
    Earl BrowneOF-1BEarl James Browne1935-19384
    George BrowneOFGeorge Edward Browne1901-191212
    Jerry Browne2B-OFJerome Austin Browne1986-199510
    Pidge Browne1BPrentice Almont Browne1962-19621
    Barret BrowningPGary Barret Browning2012-20121
    Cal BrowningPCalvin Duane Browning1960-19601
    Frank BrowningPFrank Browning1910-19101
    Pete BrowningOF-3BLouis Rogers Browning1882-189413
    Tom BrowningPThomas Leo Browning1984-199512
    Mark BrownsonPMarshall Phillip Brownson1998-20003
    Jonathan BroxtonPJonathan Roy Broxton2005-201713
    Keon BroxtonCF-LFKeon Darell Broxton2015-20195
    'BRU' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bill Brubaker3B-2BWilber Lee Brubaker1932-194312
    Bruce BrubakerPBruce Ellsworth Brubaker1967-19704
    J.T. BrubakerpJonathan Brubaker2020-20212
    Bob BrucePRobert James Bruce1959-19679
    Jay Bruce1b-lfJay Anderson Bruce2008-202114
    Lou BruceOF-PLouis R. Bruce1904-19041
    Fred BruckbauerPFrederick John Bruckbauer1961-19611
    Earle BruckerCEarle Francis Brucker Jr.1948-19481
    Earle BruckerC-1BEarle Francis Brucker Sr.1937-19437
    Andy BruckmillerPAndrew Bruckmiller1905-19051
    J.T. BruettOF-DHJoseph Timothy Bruett1992-19932
    Frank BruggyC-1BFrank Leo Bruggy1921-19255
    Jaycob BrugmanCF-LFJaycob Hull Brugman2017-20171
    Mike BruhertPMichael Edwin Bruhert1978-19781
    Justin BruihlPJustin Bruihl2021-20211
    Vidal Brujan2B-LFVidal Brujan.2021-20211
    Cliff BrumbaughOF-3BClifford Michael Brumbaugh2001-20011
    Jacob BrumfieldOF-CFJacob Donnell Brumfield1992-19998
    Duff BrumleyPDuff Lechaun Brumley1994-19941
    Mike BrumleySS-OFAnthony Michael Brumley1987-19959
    Mike BrumleyCTony Mike Brumley1964-19663
    Glenn BrummerC-DHGlenn Edward Brummer1981-19855
    Greg BrummettPGregory Scott Brummett1993-19931
    Tyson BrummettPTyson Colby Brummett2012-20121
    Tom BrunanskyOF-DHThomas Andrew Brunansky1981-199414
    Jack BrunerPJack Raymond Bruner1949-19502
    Roy BrunerPWalter Roy Bruner1939-19413
    George BrunetPGeorge Stuart Brunet1956-197116
    Justin BrunettePJustin Thomas Brunette2000-20001
    Brian BruneyPBrian Anthony Bruney2004-20129
    Tom BrunoPThomas Michael Bruno1976-19794
    Arlo BrunsbergCArlo Adolph Brunsberg1966-19661
    Will BrunsonPWilliam Donald Brunson1998-19992
    Eric BruntlettSS-2BEric Kevin Bruntlett2003-20097
    Bob Brush1BRobert Brush1907-19071
    Jim BruskeOF-PJames Scott Bruske1995-20006
    Warren BrusstarPWarren Scott Brusstar1977-19859
    Bill BrutonOFWilliam Haron Bruton1953-196412
    Ed BruyetteOF-2BEdaward T. Bruyette1901-19011
    'BRY' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Billy BryanC-1BWilliam Ronald Bryan1961-19688
    Clay BryantP-OFClaiborne Henry Bryant1935-19406
    Derek BryantOF-DHDerek Roszell Bryant1979-19791
    Don BryantCDonald Ray Bryant1966-19705
    George Bryant2BGeorge F. Bryant1885-18851
    Kris Bryant3b-lfKristopher Lee Bryant2015-20217
    Ralph BryantOFRalph Wendell Bryant1985-19873
    Ron BryantPRonald Raymond Bryant1967-19759
    T.R. BrydenPThomas Ray Bryden1986-19861
    Steve BryeOF-DHStephen Robert Brye1970-19789
    Tod BrynanP-OFCharles Ruley Brynan1888-18914
    408 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available MLB Years Up-to-date Range of Years played