'BO' MLB Player Listing

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Major Leaguers whose last name begin with BO. Only active players are listed in the first grid with historical players listed in full (including active) in the 2nd grid.

For the full player listing, an ACTIVE player (in bold) is based on his last active year as a pro which could be in the minors or overseas. Its an indicator that the player is still known to be playing ball at the pro level.

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'BO' Full Player Listing

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  • 'BOA' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Chet Boak2BChester Robert Bloak1960-19612
    Charlie BoardmanPCharles Louis Boardman1913-19153
    Frederick BoardmanOFFrederick Stanley Boardman1874-18741
    'BOB' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Randy BobbCMark Randall Bobb1968-19692
    'BOC' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Hiram BocachicaOF-2BHiram Colon Bocachica2000-20078
    John BoccabellaC-1BJohn Dominic Boccabella1963-197412
    Milt BocekOFMilton Frank Bocek1933-19342
    Bruce Bochte1B-OFBruce Anton Bochte1974-198613
    Doug BochtlerPDouglas Eugene Bochtler1995-20006
    Brett BochyPBrett Bochy2014-20152
    Bruce BochyC-1BBruce Douglas Bochy1978-198710
    Eddie Bockman3B-2BJoseph Edward Bockman1946-19494
    Randy BockusP-OFRandy Walter Bockus1986-19894
    Brian BocockSS-2BBrian William Bocock2008-20103
    'BOD' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Mike BoddickerP-DHMichael James Boddicker1980-199314
    Ping BodieOF-2BFrank Stephen Bodie1911-192111
    'BOE' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Tony Boeckel3B-SSNorman Doxie Boeckel1917-19237
    George BoehlerPGeorge Henry Boehler1912-192615
    Joe BoehlingPJohn Joseph Boehling1912-19209
    Len Boehmer1B-3BLeonard Joseph Stephen Boehmer1967-19715
    Brian BoehringerPBrian Edward Boehringer1995-200410
    Larry BoernerPLawrence Hyer Boerner1932-19321
    Brennan BoeschRF-OFBrennan Philip Boesch2010-20156
    Joe BoeverPJoseph Martin Boever1985-199612
    'BOG' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Xander Bogaertsss-dhXander Jan Bogaerts2013-20219
    Tim BogarSS-2BTimothy Paul Bogar1993-20019
    John BogartPJohn Renzie Bogart1920-19201
    Terry BogenerOF-1BTerry Wayne Bogener1982-19821
    Brandon BoggsRF-OFBrandon Kyle Boggs 2008-20114
    Mitchell BoggsPMitchell Thomas Boggs2008-20136
    Ray BoggsPRaymond Joseph Boggs1928-19281
    Tommy BoggsPThomas Winton Boggs1976-198510
    Wade Boggs3B-1BWade Anthony Boggs1982-199918
    Warren BoglePWarren Frederick Bogle1968-19681
    Brian BogusevicRF-LFBrian Thomas Bogusevic2010-20156
    'BOH' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Brian BohanonPBrian Edward Bohanon Jr.1990-200112
    Pat BohenPLeo Ignatius Bohen1913-19142
    Alec Bohm3b-1bAlec D. Bohm2020-20212
    Charlie BohnOF-PCharles Bohn1882-18821
    TJ BohnOF-RFThomas Joseph Bohn2006-20083
    Sam Bohne2B-SSSamual Arthur Bohne1916-192611
    John BohnetPJohn Kelly Bohnet1982-19821
    'BOI' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bruce BoisclairOF-1BBruce Armand Boisclair1974-19796
    Dan BoitanoPDanny Jon Boitano1978-19825
    'BOK' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Dick BokelmannPRichard Werner Bokelmann1951-19533
    Bob Boken2B-SSRobert Anthony Boken1933-19342
    Joe BokinaPJoseph Bokina1936-19361
    'BOL' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bernie BolandP-OFBernard Anthony Boland1915-19217
    Ed BolandOFEdward John Boland1934-194411
    Ronald BolanospRonald Bolanos.2019-20213
    Charlie Bold1BCharles Dickens Bold1914-19141
    Bill BoldenPWilliam Horace Bolden1919-19191
    Stew BolenPStewart O'Neal Bolen1926-19327
    Carl BolesOFCarl Theodore Boles1962-19621
    Joe BoleySS-3BJohn Peter Boley1927-19326
    Jim BolgerOF-3BJames Cyril Bolger1950-195910
    Frank Bolick3B-1BFrank Charles Bolick1993-19986
    Bobby BolinPBobby Donald Bolin1961-197313
    Frank Bolling2BFrank Elmore Bolling1954-196613
    Jack Bolling1BJohn Edward Bolling1939-19446
    Milt BollingSS-2BMilton Joseph Bolling1952-19587
    Greg BolloPGregory Gene Bollo1965-19662
    Don Bollweg1BDonald Raymond Bollweg1950-19556
    Mike BolsingerPMichael P. Bolsinger2014-20174
    Skye BoltCF-LFSkye Michael Bolt2019-20213
    Cecil Bolton1BCecil Glenford Bolton1928-19281
    Cliff BoltonC-OFWilliam Clifton Bolton1931-194111
    Rodney BoltonPRodney Earl Bolton1993-19953
    Tom BoltonPThomas Edward Bolton1987-19948
    'BOM' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Mark BombackPMark Vincent Bomback1978-19825
    'BON' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Tommy BondP-OFThomas Henry Bond1874-188411
    Walt BondOF-1BWalter Franklin Bond1960-19678
    Jeremy BondermanPJeremy Allen Bonderman2003-201311
    Barry BondsOF-LFBarry Lamar Bonds1986-200722
    Bobby BondsOF-DHBobby Lee Bonds1968-198114
    George BoneSSGeorge Drummon Bone1901-19011
    Ricky BonesP-OFRicardo Bones1991-200111
    Julio BonettiPJulio Giacomo Bonetti1937-19404
    Hank BoneyPHenry Tate Boney1927-19271
    Jung BongPJung-Keun Bong2002-20043
    Nino BongiovanniOFAnthony Thomas Bongiovanni1938-19392
    Bill BonhamPWilliam Gordon Bonham1971-198010
    Tiny BonhamPErnest Edward Bonham1940-194910
    Emilio BonifaciolfEmilio Jose Bonifacio2007-202014
    Jorge Bonifaciorf-lfJorge Luis Bonifacio2017-20215
    Joe BonikowskiPJoseph Peter Bonikowski1962-19621
    Bobby Bonilla3B-OFRoberto Martin Antonio Bonilla1986-200116
    Juan Bonilla2B-3BJuan Guillermo Bonilla1981-19877
    Lisalverto BonillaPLisalverto Bonilla2014-20174
    Luther BoninOFErnest Luther Bonin1913-19131
    Eddie BoninePEddie Keith Bonine2008-20103
    Barry BonnellOF-3BRobert Barry Bonnell1977-198610
    Bobby BonnerSS-2BRobert Averill Bonner1980-19834
    Frank Bonner2B-SSFrank J. Bonner1894-190310
    Bill BonnessPWilliam John Bonness1944-19441
    Gus BonoPAdlai Wendell Bono1920-19201
    Boof BonserPJohn Paul Bonser2006-20105
    Zeke Bonura1BHenry John Bonura1934-19407
    'BOO' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Everett BooeOFEverett Little Booe1913-19131
    Buddy BookerCRichard Lee Booker1966-19683
    Chris BookerPChristopher Scott Booker2005-20073
    Greg BookerP-1BGregory Scott Booker1983-19908
    Rod BookerSS-2BRoderick Stewart Booker1987-19915
    Al BoolCAlbert J. Bool1928-19314
    Red BoolesPSeabron Jesse Booles1909-19091
    Aaron Boone3B-1BAaron John Boone1997-200913
    Bob BooneC-3BRobert Raymond Boone1972-199019
    Bret Boone2B-SSBret Robert Boone1992-200514
    Dan BoonePJames Albert Boone1919-19235
    Danny BooneP-OFDaniel Hugh Boone1981-199010
    George BoonePGeorge Morris Boone1891-18911
    Ike BooneOFIsaac Morgan Boone1922-193211
    Lute Boone2B-SSLute Joseph Boone1913-19186
    Ray Boone3B-SSRaymond Otis Boone1948-196013
    Chris BootcheckPChristopher Brandon Bootcheck2003-201311
    Amos BoothC-SSAmos Smith Booth1876-18827
    Eddie BoothOF-2BEdward H. Booth1872-18765
    Josh Booty3B-SSJoshua Gibson Booty1996-19983
    John BoozerPJohn Morgan Boozer1962-19698
    'BOR' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Julio BorbonCF-LFJulio Alberto Borbon2009-20168
    Pedro BorbonPPedro Felix Borbon1992-200312
    Pedro BorbonPPedro (Rodriguez) Borbon1969-198012
    Joe BorchardOF-RFJoseph Edward Borchard2002-20076
    George BorchersP-OFGeorge Bernard Borchers1888-18958
    Frenchy BordagarayOF-3BStanley George Bordagray1934-194512
    Joe BordenP-OFJoseph Emley Borden1875-18762
    Pat BordersC-1BPatrick Lance Borders1988-200518
    Rich BordiPRichard Albert Bordi1980-19889
    Mike BordickSS-2BMichael Todd Bordick1990-200314
    Bill BordleyPWilliam Clarke Bordley1980-19801
    Glenn BorgmannC-DHGlenn Dennis Borgmann1972-19809
    Paul BorisPPaul Stanley Boris1982-19821
    Frank BorkPFrank Bernard Bork1964-19641
    Bob BorkowskiOF-1BRobert Villarian Borkowski1950-19556
    Dave BorkowskiPDavid Richard Borkowski1999-200810
    Toby BorlandPToby Shawn Borland1994-200411
    Tom BorlandPThomas Bruce Borland1960-19612
    John BormannC-1BJohn Bormann2017-20171
    Red Borom2B-3BEdward Jones Borom1944-19452
    Steve Boros3B-1BStephen Boros1957-19648
    Joe BorowskiPJoseph Thomas Borowski1995-200814
    Hank BorowyPHenry Ludwig Borowy1942-195110
    Babe Borton1BWilliam Baker Borton1912-19165
    Ryan BoruckipRyan J. Borucki2018-20214
    'BOS' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    J.C. BoscanC-1BJean Carlos Boscan2010-20134
    Wilfredo BoscanPWilfredo Jose (Fernandez) Boscan 2016-20161
    Don BoschOFDonald John Bosch1966-19694
    Rick BosettiOF-3BRichard Alan Bosetti1976-19827
    Buddy BoshersPJeffrey Alan Boshers Jr.2013-20197
    Chris BosioP-DHChristopher Louis Bosio1986-199611
    Shawn BoskiePShawn Kealoha Boskie1990-19989
    Thad BosleyOF-DHThaddis Bosley Jr.1977-199014
    Dick BosmanPRichard Allen Bosman1966-197611
    Harley Boss1BElmer Harley Boss1928-19336
    Mel BosserPMelvin Edward Bosser1945-19451
    Akeem BostickPAkeem Maurice Bostick2021-20211
    Chris Bostick2B-LFChristopher Michael Bostick2017-20182
    Henry Bostick3BHenry Landers Bostick1915-19151
    Lyman BostockOF-DHLyman Wesley Bostock1975-19784
    Daryl BostonOF-DHDaryl Lamont Boston1984-199411
    Andy BoswellP-1BAndrew Cottrell Boswell1895-18951
    Dave BoswellPDavid Wilson Boswell1964-19718
    Ken Boswell2B-3BKenneth George Boswell1967-197711
    'BOT' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    David Bote2b-3bDavid C. Bote2018-20214
    Derek BotelhoPDerek Wayne Botelho1982-19854
    Ricky BottalicoPRichard Paul Bottalico1994-200512
    John BottariniC-OFJohn Charles Bottarini1937-19371
    Kent BottenfieldP-CKent Dennis Bottenfield1992-200110
    Ralph BottingPRalph Wayne Botting1979-19802
    Jim Bottomley1B-2BJames Leroy Bottomley1922-193716
    Jason Botts1B-OFJason Carl Botts2005-20084
    Bob BotzPRobert Allen Botz1962-19621
    'BOU' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Ed Bouchee1BEdward Francis Bouchee1956-19627
    Denis BoucherPDenis Boucher1991-19944
    Lou BoudreauSS-3BLouis Boudreau1938-195215
    Carl BouldinPCarl Edward Bouldin1961-19644
    Jake BoultesP-3BJacob John Boultes1907-19093
    Justin Bour1BJustin James Bour2014-20196
    Jason Bourgeois2B-CFJason Jerrod Bourgeois2008-20158
    Steve BourgeoisP-3BSteven James Bourgeois1996-19961
    Chris BourjosOFChristopher Bourjos1980-19801
    Peter BourjosCF-OFPeter Christopher Bourjos2010-201910
    Michael BournCF-OFMichael R. Bourn2006-201611
    Rafael BournigalSS-2BRafael Antonio Bournigal1992-19998
    James BourquepJames Buchanan Bourque2019-20202
    Pat Bourque1B-DHPatrick Daniel Bourque1971-19744
    Jim BoutonPJames Alan Bouton1962-197817
    'BOV' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Mike BoveePMichael Craig Bovee1997-19971
    'BOW' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Larry BowaSS-2BLawrence Robert Bowa1970-198516
    Benny Bowcock2BBenjamin James Bowock1903-19031
    Ben BowdenPBenjamin Douglas Bowden2021-20211
    Mike BowdenPMichael Matthew Bowden2008-20136
    Tim BowdenOFDavid Timon Bowden1914-19141
    Chick BowenOFEmmons Joseph Bowen1919-19191
    Cy BowenPSutherland McCoy Bowen1896-18961
    Rob BowenC-1BRobert McClure Bowen2003-20086
    Ryan BowenPRyan Eugene Bowen1991-19955
    Sam BowenOFSamuel Thomas Bowen1977-19804
    Sam BowensOFSamuel Edward Bowens1963-19697
    Frank BowermanC-1BFrank Eugene Bowerman1895-190915
    Billy BowersOFGrover Bill Bowers1949-19491
    Brent BowersOF-LFBrent Raymond Bowers1996-19961
    Cedrick BowersPCedrick Jerome Bowers2008-20103
    Shane BowersPShane Patrick Bowers1997-19971
    Stew BowersPStewart Cole Bowers1935-19373
    Frank BowesC-OFFrank M. Bowes1890-18901
    Jim Bowie1B-PJames R. Bowie1994-19941
    Micah BowiePMicah Andrew Bowie1999-200810
    John BowkerOF-1BJohn Brite Bowker2008-20114
    Grant BowlerPGrant Tierney Bowler1931-19322
    Brian BowlesPBrian Christopher Bowles2001-20033
    Charlie BowlesPCharles James Bowles1943-19453
    Emmett BowlesPEmmett Jerome Bowles1922-19221
    Weldon Bowlin3BLois Weldon Bowlin1967-19671
    Steve BowlingOF-SSStephen Shaddon Bowling1976-19772
    Abe BowmanPAlvah Edson Bowman1914-19152
    Bill BowmanCWilliam G. Bowman1891-18911
    Bob BowmanOF-PRobert Leroy Bowman1955-19595
    Bob BowmanPRobert James Bowman1939-19424
    Elmer BowmanHElmari Wilhelm Bowman1920-19201
    Ernie BowmanSS-2BErnest Ferrell Bowman1961-19633
    Joe BowmanP-OFJoseph Emil Bowman1932-194514
    Matt BowmanPMatthew Chou Bowman2016-20194
    Roger BowmanPRoger Clinton Bowman1949-19557
    Sumner BowmanP-OFSumner Sallade Bowman1890-18912
    Red BowserOFJames Harvey Bowser1910-19101
    Ted BowsfieldPEdward Oliver Bowsfield1958-19647
    Travis Bowyer PTravis Charlton Bowyer2005-20051
    'BOX' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Brad BoxbergerpBradley George Boxberger2012-202110
    'BOY' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Bill Boyd3B-OFWilliam J. Boyd1872-18754
    Bob Boyd1B-OFRobert Richard Boyd1951-196111
    Frank BoydCFrank Jay Boyd1893-18931
    Gary BoydPGary Lee Boyd1969-19691
    Jake BoydOF-PJacob Henry Boyd1894-18963
    Jason BoydPJason Pernell Boyd1999-20046
    Matt BoydpMatthew Boyd2015-20217
    Oil Can BoydPDennis Ray Boyd1982-199110
    Ray BoydPRaymond C. Boyd1910-19112
    Blaine BoyerPBlaine Thomas Boyer2005-201814
    Clete Boyer3B-SSClete Leroy Boyer1955-197117
    Cloyd BoyerPCloyd Victor Boyer1949-19557
    Ken Boyer3B-OFKenneth Lloyd Boyer1955-196915
    Dorian Boyland1B-OFDorian Scott Boyland1978-19814
    Buzz BoyleOFRalph Francis Boyle1929-19357
    Eddie BoyleCEdward J. Boyle1896-18961
    Henry BoyleP-OFHenry J. Boyle1884-18896
    Jack Boyle3B-SSJohn Bellew Boyle1912-19121
    Jack BoyleC-1BJohn Anthony Boyle1886-189813
    Harry BoylesPHarry Boyles1938-19392
    'BOZ' Players
    Player NamePosProper NameMLB YearsYears Count
    Marshall BozePMarshall Wayne Boze1996-19961
    252 record(s)
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