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Review of the 2005 Eastern League (AA) Minor League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2005 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies.349MLB
2Don KellyErie SeaWolves.340MLB
3Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.329MLB
4Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.328AAA
5Anderson HernandezBinghamton Mets.326MLB
6Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs.324MLB
7Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.321MLB
8Chris RobersonReading Phillies.311MLB
9Rob CosbyNew Hampshire Fisher Cats.308AAA
10Ben FranciscoAkron Aeros.307MLB
On Base Percentage - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.432MLB
2Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs.409MLB
3Randy RuizReading Phillies.405MLB
4Don KellyErie SeaWolves.402MLB
5Gabe LopezTrenton Thunder.388AAA
6Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats.382AAA
7Tom EvansAltoona Curve.379MLB
7Ryan RobertsNew Hampshire Fisher Cats.379MLB
9Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.378AAA
10Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.376MLB
Slugging Percentage - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies.669MLB
2Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.589MLB
3Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.578AAA
4Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.565MLB
5Josh BonifayAltoona Curve.556AA
6Brad SnyderAkron Aeros.539MLB
7Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves.535AAA
8Don KellyErie SeaWolves.508MLB
8Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs.508MLB
10Rob CosbyNew Hampshire Fisher Cats.507AAA
On Base Plus Slugging - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies1.074MLB
2Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.997MLB
3Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.965MLB
4Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.957AAA
5Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs.917MLB
6Don KellyErie SeaWolves.909MLB
7Josh BonifayAltoona Curve.895AA
8Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves.893AAA
9Brad SnyderAkron Aeros.885MLB
10Tom EvansAltoona Curve.879MLB
Games Played - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder142MLB
2Chris RobersonReading Phillies139MLB
2Brandon FaheyBowie Baysox139MLB
2Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats139MLB
5Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats138AA
6Fred LewisNorwich Navigators137MLB
7David MurphyPortland Sea Dogs135MLB
7Michael BournReading Phillies135MLB
7AJ LabarberaNorwich Navigators135AAA
7Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators135MLB
Plate Appearances - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Michael BournReading Phillies614MLB
2Chris RobersonReading Phillies611MLB
3Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder606MLB
4Fred LewisNorwich Navigators594MLB
5Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats586AA
6Brandon FaheyBowie Baysox578MLB
7Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators575MLB
8Bronson SardinhaTrenton Thunder569MLB
9Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs568MLB
10Wayne LydonBinghamton Mets562AAA
At Bats - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris RobersonReading Phillies553MLB
2Michael BournReading Phillies544MLB
3Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder537MLB
4Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats531AA
5Fred LewisNorwich Navigators512MLB
5Tyler Von SchellNorwich Navigators512AAA
7Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats509MLB
8Tripper JohnsonBowie Baysox507AA
9Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators503MLB
9Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs503MLB
Runs - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris RobersonReading Phillies90MLB
2Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs87MLB
3Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder86MLB
4Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators85MLB
5Rajai DavisAltoona Curve82MLB
6Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats81AA
7Michael BournReading Phillies80MLB
8Fred LewisNorwich Navigators79MLB
9Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats77AAA
10Eider TorresAkron Aeros73MLB
Hits - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris RobersonReading Phillies172MLB
2Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats153MLB
3Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats150AAA
3Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats150AA
5Brandon FaheyBowie Baysox146MLB
5Michael BournReading Phillies146MLB
7Carlos ValderramaNorwich Navigators145MLB
8Rajai DavisAltoona Curve140MLB
8Fred LewisNorwich Navigators140MLB
10Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets139MLB
Total Bases - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder263MLB
2Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats259AA
3Chris RobersonReading Phillies257MLB
4Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets255MLB
5Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats236AAA
6Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats233MLB
6Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators233MLB
8Randy RuizReading Phillies230MLB
9Jose BautistaAltoona Curve224MLB
10Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs222MLB
Doubles - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets37MLB
2Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats36AA
3Aarom BaldirisBinghamton Mets35AAA
4Rob CosbyNew Hampshire Fisher Cats34AAA
4Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats34AAA
6Carlos ValderramaNorwich Navigators33MLB
7Jeremy WestPortland Sea Dogs32AA
8Chris DurbinPortland Sea Dogs31AA
8Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats31MLB
8Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs31MLB
Triples - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Wayne LydonBinghamton Mets13AAA
2Craig StansberryAltoona Curve11MLB
3David EspinosaErie SeaWolves8AAA
3Michael BournReading Phillies8MLB
3Chris RobersonReading Phillies8MLB
6Fred LewisNorwich Navigators7MLB
6Ben FranciscoAkron Aeros7MLB
6Hanley RamirezPortland Sea Dogs7MLB
9Juan FranciaErie SeaWolves6AAA
9Ivan OchoaAkron Aeros6MLB
Home Runs - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder34MLB
2Randy RuizReading Phillies27MLB
2Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros27MLB
4Josh BonifayAltoona Curve25AA
4Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets25MLB
6Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats23AA
6Jose BautistaAltoona Curve23MLB
8Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves22AAA
9Dee HaynesHarrisburg Senators21AAA
10Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators20MLB
Runs Batted In - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets93MLB
2Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder92MLB
3Jose BautistaAltoona Curve90MLB
4Randy RuizReading Phillies89MLB
5Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats87AA
6Juan TejedaErie SeaWolves82AAA
6Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats82AAA
8Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators79MLB
9Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats77MLB
9Josh BonifayAltoona Curve77AA
Stolen Bases - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Rich ThompsonAltoona Curve45MLB
1Rajai DavisAltoona Curve45MLB
3Wayne LydonBinghamton Mets42AAA
4Michael BournReading Phillies38MLB
5Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators35MLB
6Chris RobersonReading Phillies34MLB
7Eider TorresAkron Aeros33MLB
8Fred LewisNorwich Navigators30MLB
9Carlos ValderramaNorwich Navigators29MLB
10Hanley RamirezPortland Sea Dogs26MLB
Caught Stealings - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris RobersonReading Phillies14MLB
1Wayne LydonBinghamton Mets14AAA
3Fred LewisNorwich Navigators13MLB
3Melvin DortaHarrisburg Senators13MLB
3Hanley RamirezPortland Sea Dogs13MLB
6Miguel NegronNew Hampshire Fisher Cats12AAA
6Michael BournReading Phillies12MLB
6Ivan OchoaAkron Aeros12MLB
6Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators12MLB
10Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats11MLB
Walks - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Fred LewisNorwich Navigators69MLB
2David EspinosaErie SeaWolves66AAA
2Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros66MLB
4Michael BournReading Phillies63MLB
5Jared SandbergPortland Sea Dogs62MLB
6Eric DuncanTrenton Thunder59AAA
7Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats56AAA
7Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder56MLB
9Ryan RobertsNew Hampshire Fisher Cats55MLB
9Bronson SardinhaTrenton Thunder55MLB
Strikeouts - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros155MLB
2Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder140MLB
3Eric DuncanTrenton Thunder136AAA
4Tyler Von SchellNorwich Navigators131AAA
4Jared SandbergPortland Sea Dogs131MLB
6Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs129MLB
7Raul TabladoNew Hampshire Fisher Cats128AA
8Fred LewisNorwich Navigators124MLB
9Michael BournReading Phillies123MLB
10Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats119AAA
Hit By Pitch - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Daniel OrtmeierNorwich Navigators21MLB
2Javier HerreraAkron Aeros14AAA
2Jeremy WestPortland Sea Dogs14AA
4Ivan OchoaAkron Aeros12MLB
4Rajai DavisAltoona Curve12MLB
6Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder11MLB
6Eider TorresAkron Aeros11MLB
8Tim HuttingNorwich Navigators10AAA
8Jared SandbergPortland Sea Dogs10MLB
8Bryan KennedyNew Britain Rock Cats10AAA
Sacrifice Hits - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brandon FaheyBowie Baysox22MLB
2Eider TorresAkron Aeros19MLB
2Wayne LydonBinghamton Mets19AAA
4James TomlinNew Britain Rock Cats17AAA
5Peter BergeronBowie Baysox14MLB
5Tim HuttingNorwich Navigators14AAA
7Tommy WatkinsNew Britain Rock Cats13MLB
8Melvin DortaHarrisburg Senators11MLB
9Rich ThompsonAltoona Curve10MLB
10Aarom BaldirisBinghamton Mets9AAA
Sacrifice Flies - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs8MLB
1Alberto ConcepcionPortland Sea Dogs8AAA
3Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats7AA
3Craig StansberryAltoona Curve7MLB
3Mike WoodsErie SeaWolves7AA
3Tom EvansAltoona Curve7MLB
7Prentice RedmanBinghamton Mets6MLB
7Jeremy WestPortland Sea Dogs6AA
7Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets6MLB
7Gabe LopezTrenton Thunder6AAA
Intentional Walks - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies11MLB
2Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets6MLB
3Trent PrattReading Phillies5AA
3Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros5MLB
3Bob MalekBinghamton Mets5AAA
3Ryan RobertsNew Hampshire Fisher Cats5MLB
3Don KellyErie SeaWolves5MLB
3Michael BournReading Phillies5MLB
3Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs5MLB
10Jorge CortesAltoona Curve4AAA
Grounded into Double Play - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1AJ LabarberaNorwich Navigators20AAA
1Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats20AA
3Pat OsbornAkron Aeros18AA
4Jared SandbergPortland Sea Dogs15MLB
4Ronald AcunaNew Hampshire Fisher Cats15AA
4Maikel JovaNew Hampshire Fisher Cats15AAA
4Joey HammondBowie Baysox15AAA
4Juan RichardsonReading Phillies15AAA
9Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder14MLB
9Bronson SardinhaTrenton Thunder14MLB
Extra Base Hits - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder64MLB
1Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets64MLB
3Danny MatienzoNew Britain Rock Cats61AA
4Randy RuizReading Phillies56MLB
5Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves52AAA
5Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats52AAA
7Brandon MossPortland Sea Dogs51MLB
7Craig StansberryAltoona Curve51MLB
7Rob CosbyNew Hampshire Fisher Cats51AAA
7Jose BautistaAltoona Curve51MLB
Secondary Average - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.466MLB
2Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros.450MLB
3Randy RuizReading Phillies.401MLB
4Tom EvansAltoona Curve.388MLB
5Ryan RobertsNew Hampshire Fisher Cats.382MLB
6Josh BonifayAltoona Curve.359AA
6Craig StansberryAltoona Curve.359MLB
8Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder.356MLB
9Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves.354AAA
10Brad SnyderAkron Aeros.349MLB
Isolated Power - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies.320MLB
2Josh BonifayAltoona Curve.274AA
3Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.268MLB
4Brad SnyderAkron Aeros.260MLB
5Kurt AirosoErie SeaWolves.255AAA
6Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros.254MLB
7Shelley DuncanTrenton Thunder.250MLB
7Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.250AAA
9Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.236MLB
10Craig StansberryAltoona Curve.233MLB
BAVG on Balls in Play - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Randy RuizReading Phillies.396MLB
2Anderson HernandezBinghamton Mets.392MLB
3Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder.386MLB
4Dan DementHarrisburg Senators.383AAA
5Doug DeedsNew Britain Rock Cats.371AAA
6Peter BergeronBowie Baysox.370MLB
7Don KellyErie SeaWolves.365MLB
7Chris RobersonReading Phillies.365MLB
9Ben FranciscoAkron Aeros.357MLB
10Mike JacobsBinghamton Mets.356MLB
Walks Percentage - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ryan RobertsNew Hampshire Fisher Cats0.14MLB
1Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder0.14MLB
1Jon Van EveryAkron Aeros0.14MLB
4Tom EvansAltoona Curve0.13MLB
4David EspinosaErie SeaWolves0.13AAA
4Woody CliffordsBowie Baysox0.13AAA
4Gabe LopezTrenton Thunder0.13AAA
8Jeff DuncanBinghamton Mets0.12MLB
8Fred LewisNorwich Navigators0.12MLB
8Jorge CortesAltoona Curve0.12AAA
Strikeouts Percentage - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Gabe LopezTrenton Thunder0.08AAA
2Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs0.09MLB
3Jesus FelicianoHarrisburg Senators0.10MLB
3Melvin DortaHarrisburg Senators0.10MLB
5Alex RomeroNew Britain Rock Cats0.12MLB
5AJ LabarberaNorwich Navigators0.12AAA
5Don KellyErie SeaWolves0.12MLB
5Brandon FaheyBowie Baysox0.12MLB
5Hanley RamirezPortland Sea Dogs0.12MLB
10Mike RabeloErie SeaWolves0.13MLB
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (East)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Gabe LopezTrenton Thunder0.63AAA
2Dustin PedroiaPortland Sea Dogs0.76MLB
3Don KellyErie SeaWolves1.19MLB
4Shaun LarkinAkron Aeros1.26AAA
5Kevin ThompsonTrenton Thunder1.28MLB
6Ryan FlemingReading Phillies1.29AAA
7Melvin DortaHarrisburg Senators1.31MLB
8Woody CliffordsBowie Baysox1.33AAA
9AJ LabarberaNorwich Navigators1.38AAA
10J.T. StottsTrenton Thunder1.58AAA
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