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Review of the 2001 Florida State League (A+) Minor League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2001 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Freddy SanchezSarasota Red Sox.339MLB
2Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads.330MLB
3Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.314AAA
4Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays.311MLB
5Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.307AAA
5Travis ChapmanClearwater Phillies.307MLB
7Brian BaronFort Myers Miracle.306AA
8Luis GarciaSarasota Red Sox.303AAA
9Andy PhillipsTampa Yankees.302MLB
10Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays.301AAA
On Base Percentage - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.458AAA
2Derek BakerLakeland Tigers.432AA
3Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.423AAA
4Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads.417MLB
5Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays.407AAA
6Travis ChapmanClearwater Phillies.400MLB
7Nate EspyClearwater Phillies.399AAA
8Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees.391AA
9Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees.390AAA
10Freddy SanchezSarasota Red Sox.388MLB
Slugging Percentage - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.542AAA
2Mike VentoTampa Yankees.519MLB
3Andy PhillipsTampa Yankees.503MLB
4Luis GarciaSarasota Red Sox.498AAA
5Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs.493AAA
6Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.484AAA
7Brett RonebergBrevard County Manatees.483AAA
7Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers.483MLB
9Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers.481AAA
10Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs.480AAA
On Base Plus Slugging - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.964AAA
2Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.942AAA
3Mike VentoTampa Yankees.890MLB
4Brett RonebergBrevard County Manatees.872AAA
4Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads.872MLB
6Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers.857MLB
7Andy PhillipsTampa Yankees.856MLB
8Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs.852AAA
9Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs.849AAA
10Luis GarciaSarasota Red Sox.847AAA
Games Played - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mitch JonesTampa Yankees137MLB
2Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs134AAA
3Nate EspyClearwater Phillies133AAA
4Prentice RedmanSt. Lucie Mets132MLB
4Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays132AAA
6Pat BurnsSt. Lucie Mets131A+
6Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers131AA
6Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs131AAA
9Mike VentoTampa Yankees130MLB
10Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets129AA
Plate Appearances - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mitch JonesTampa Yankees581MLB
1Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers581AA
3Nate EspyClearwater Phillies571AAA
4Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle570MLB
5Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays567AAA
6Ramon MartinezCharlotte Rangers557MLB
6Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets557AA
6Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs557AAA
9Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs555AAA
10Prentice RedmanSt. Lucie Mets553MLB
At Bats - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ramon MartinezCharlotte Rangers515MLB
2Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs503AAA
3Carlos RodriguezSarasota Red Sox502A+
4Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers498AA
5Prentice RedmanSt. Lucie Mets495MLB
6Mitch JonesTampa Yankees487MLB
7Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs485AAA
8Cody RossLakeland Tigers482MLB
9Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets479AA
10Dave CallahanBrevard County Manatees476A+
Runs - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jesus MedranoBrevard County Manatees93AAA
2Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays90MLB
3Jimmy AlvarezDunedin Blue Jays88AAA
4Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs87AAA
5Mitch JonesTampa Yankees85MLB
6Cody RossLakeland Tigers84MLB
7Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers76AA
8Nate EspyClearwater Phillies75AAA
9Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees73AA
10Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets72AA
Hits - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs149AAA
2Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads147MLB
3Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays143AAA
4Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays141MLB
5Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs140AAA
6Mike VentoTampa Yankees137MLB
7Nate EspyClearwater Phillies134AAA
8Cody RossLakeland Tigers133MLB
9Jimmy AlvarezDunedin Blue Jays132AAA
10Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers131AA
Total Bases - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs248AAA
2Mike VentoTampa Yankees237MLB
3Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs233AAA
4Cody RossLakeland Tigers222MLB
5Mitch JonesTampa Yankees214MLB
6Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads203MLB
7Nate EspyClearwater Phillies202AAA
7Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers202AAA
9Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays201AAA
10Chase UtleyClearwater Phillies197MLB
Doubles - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees37AAA
2Mitch JonesTampa Yankees36MLB
3Cody RossLakeland Tigers34MLB
4Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads33MLB
5Nate EspyClearwater Phillies31AAA
6Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs30AAA
7Justin HeadleySarasota Red Sox28AAA
8Kevin CashDunedin Blue Jays27MLB
9Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs26AAA
9Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers26MLB
Triples - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike VentoTampa Yankees10MLB
2Anderson MachadoClearwater Phillies8MLB
3Douglas GarciaCharlotte Rangers7AAA
4Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs6AAA
4Brian ShippSt. Lucie Mets6AAA
4Jay SitzmanClearwater Phillies6AA
4Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays6MLB
4Felix LugoJupiter Hammerheads6A+
9Darren BlakelyTampa Yankees5AAA
9Cody RossLakeland Tigers5MLB
Home Runs - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs21AAA
1Mitch JonesTampa Yankees21MLB
1Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers21AAA
4Mike VentoTampa Yankees20MLB
5Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs19AAA
6Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees18AA
7Chase UtleyClearwater Phillies16MLB
7Jorge PadillaClearwater Phillies16MLB
9Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers15MLB
9Cody RossLakeland Tigers15MLB
Runs Batted In - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike VentoTampa Yankees87MLB
2Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs85AAA
3Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs82AAA
4Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees81AA
4Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees81AAA
4Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers81MLB
7Cody RossLakeland Tigers80MLB
8Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads74MLB
9Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers71AAA
9Mitch JonesTampa Yankees71MLB
Stolen Bases - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jesus MedranoBrevard County Manatees61AAA
2Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays39MLB
3Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets37AA
4Ramon SantiagoLakeland Tigers34MLB
5Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers31AA
5Jay SitzmanClearwater Phillies31AA
7Chris BasakSt. Lucie Mets30MLB
8Jimmy AlvarezDunedin Blue Jays29AAA
8Prentice RedmanSt. Lucie Mets29MLB
10Ramon MartinezCharlotte Rangers28MLB
Caught Stealings - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets18AA
1Ramon MartinezCharlotte Rangers18MLB
3Jay SitzmanClearwater Phillies17AA
4Carlos RodriguezSarasota Red Sox15A+
5Wilkin RuanJupiter Hammerheads14MLB
6Reggie NelsonVero Beach Dodgers13A+
6Ben JohnstoneDaytona Cubs13AA
8Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays11MLB
8Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers11AA
8Darren BlakelyTampa Yankees11AAA
Walks - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers95AAA
2Nate EspyClearwater Phillies88AAA
3Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays86AAA
4Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle82MLB
5Mitch JonesTampa Yankees81MLB
6Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees78AA
7Corey RichardsonLakeland Tigers71AA
8Josh McKinleyJupiter Hammerheads70AA
9Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees64AAA
10Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads63MLB
Strikeouts - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Carlos RodriguezSarasota Red Sox144A+
2Mitch JonesTampa Yankees135MLB
3Pat BurnsSt. Lucie Mets131A+
4Andy BrownTampa Yankees129AA
5Marvin SealeSt. Lucie Mets127AA
6Chris BasakSt. Lucie Mets125MLB
7Richard LaneJupiter Hammerheads118AA
8Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays114AAA
9Pat SantoroSarasota Red Sox112A+
9Chris WarrenSarasota Red Sox112A+
Hit By Pitch - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers17AAA
2Greg BlumJupiter Hammerheads15A+
3Chris WarrenSarasota Red Sox14A+
4Darren BlakelyTampa Yankees13AAA
5B.J. GarbeFort Myers Miracle12AA
5Chase UtleyClearwater Phillies12MLB
5Lew FordFort Myers Miracle12MLB
5Reggie NelsonVero Beach Dodgers12A+
9Alex AhumadaSarasota Red Sox11AAA
9Brian ShippSt. Lucie Mets11AAA
Sacrifice Hits - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian ShippSt. Lucie Mets14AAA
1Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle14MLB
1Ramon SantiagoLakeland Tigers14MLB
4Wilson ValdezJupiter Hammerheads10MLB
4Reggie NelsonVero Beach Dodgers10A+
4Anderson MachadoClearwater Phillies10MLB
7Kenny JamesJupiter Hammerheads9AAA
7Luis UguetoBrevard County Manatees9MLB
9Nathanael StevensFort Myers Miracle8AA
9Jorge SequeaLakeland Tigers8AAA
Sacrifice Flies - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Andy PhillipsTampa Yankees10MLB
2Brett RonebergBrevard County Manatees9AAA
2Cody RossLakeland Tigers9MLB
4Chris BasakSt. Lucie Mets8MLB
5Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees7AA
5Rayner BautistaLakeland Tigers7AAA
5Nate EspyClearwater Phillies7AAA
8Travis ChapmanClearwater Phillies6MLB
8Peter ZoccolilloDaytona Cubs6MLB
8Prentice RedmanSt. Lucie Mets6MLB
Intentional Walks - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Hank BlalockCharlotte Rangers7MLB
2Pat BurnsSt. Lucie Mets5A+
2Derek BakerLakeland Tigers5AA
2Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs5AAA
2Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers5MLB
2Pat DeschenesSt. Lucie Mets5AA
7Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers4AAA
7Brett CadienteCharlotte Rangers4AAA
7Chase UtleyClearwater Phillies4MLB
7Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads4MLB
Grounded into Double Play - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Carlos RodriguezSarasota Red Sox21A+
2Jesus FelicianoVero Beach Dodgers15MLB
2Hunter BledsoeVero Beach Dodgers15AA
4Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle14MLB
5Dave CallahanBrevard County Manatees13A+
5Rick NadeauSarasota Red Sox13AA
7Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers12MLB
7Mitch JonesTampa Yankees12MLB
7Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees12AA
7John EdwardsFort Myers Miracle12A+
Extra Base Hits - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mitch JonesTampa Yankees60MLB
2Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs55AAA
3Cody RossLakeland Tigers54MLB
4Mike VentoTampa Yankees50MLB
5Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs49AAA
6Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees47AAA
7Nate EspyClearwater Phillies44AAA
8Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers43MLB
8Chase UtleyClearwater Phillies43MLB
10Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads42MLB
Secondary Average - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.444AAA
2Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.421AAA
3Mitch JonesTampa Yankees.396MLB
4Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees.387AA
5Darren BlakelyTampa Yankees.364AAA
5Peter TucciSt. Lucie Mets.364AA
7Derek BakerLakeland Tigers.352AA
8Andy BrownTampa Yankees.346AA
9Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers.344MLB
10Brady WilliamsSarasota Red Sox.343AA
Isolated Power - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs.227AAA
2Mike VentoTampa Yankees.219MLB
3Mitch JonesTampa Yankees.216MLB
4Andy PhillipsTampa Yankees.201MLB
5Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers.200MLB
6Nic JacksonDaytona Cubs.197AAA
7Nick AlvarezVero Beach Dodgers.195AAA
7Luis GarciaSarasota Red Sox.195AAA
9Jim DeschaineDaytona Cubs.192AAA
9Darren BlakelyTampa Yankees.192AAA
BAVG on Balls in Play - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers.413AAA
2Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays.375AAA
3Freddy SanchezSarasota Red Sox.373MLB
4Brian ShippSt. Lucie Mets.364AAA
4Rich ThompsonDunedin Blue Jays.364MLB
6Matt PadgettBrevard County Manatees.362AAA
7Ryan GrippDaytona Cubs.359AA
8Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads.356MLB
9Luis GarciaSarasota Red Sox.354AAA
10Brian BaronFort Myers Miracle.352AA
Walks Percentage - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Derek BakerLakeland Tigers0.22AA
2Lamont MatthewsVero Beach Dodgers0.21AAA
3Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs0.15AAA
3Brady WilliamsSarasota Red Sox0.15AA
3Nate EspyClearwater Phillies0.15AAA
3Jose SantosBrevard County Manatees0.15AA
3Shawn FaganDunedin Blue Jays0.15AAA
8Andy BrownTampa Yankees0.14AA
8Mitch JonesTampa Yankees0.14MLB
8Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle0.14MLB
Strikeouts Percentage - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle0.07MLB
2Mike CollinsVero Beach Dodgers0.08AAA
2Jesus FelicianoVero Beach Dodgers0.08MLB
4Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads0.09MLB
4Ben JohnstoneDaytona Cubs0.09AA
6Lew FordFort Myers Miracle0.10MLB
6Travis ChapmanClearwater Phillies0.10MLB
6Mike TerhuneSt. Lucie Mets0.10AA
6Freddy SanchezSarasota Red Sox0.10MLB
10Wilkin RuanJupiter Hammerheads0.11MLB
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (FSL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Luis RodriguezFort Myers Miracle0.51MLB
2Mike CollinsVero Beach Dodgers0.70AAA
3Matt WatsonJupiter Hammerheads0.71MLB
4Derek BakerLakeland Tigers0.72AA
5Jason JonesCharlotte Rangers0.86MLB
6Travis ChapmanClearwater Phillies0.89MLB
7Tony SchragerDaytona Cubs0.91AAA
8Nate EspyClearwater Phillies1.02AAA
9Joe KerriganSarasota Red Sox1.04A+
10Mike TerhuneSt. Lucie Mets1.07AA
300 record(s)