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Review of the 1985 Pacific Coast League (AAA) Minor League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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1985 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.373MLB
2Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.370MLB
3John KrukLas Vegas Stars.351MLB
4Chris JonesTucson Toros.338MLB
5Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars.337MLB
6Jeff StonePortland Beavers.329MLB
7Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes.328MLB
8Ray SmithLas Vegas Stars.325MLB
9John MosesCalgary Cannons.321MLB
10Carlos PonceVancouver Canadians.320MLB
On Base Percentage - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.470MLB
2John KrukLas Vegas Stars.438MLB
3Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.437MLB
4Chris JonesTucson Toros.432MLB
5Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes.428MLB
6Rick PetersTacoma Tigers.421MLB
6Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants.421MLB
8Jeff StonePortland Beavers.417MLB
9Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers.412AAA
10Al ChambersCalgary Cannons.402MLB
Slugging Percentage - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.646MLB
2Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons.615MLB
3Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.609MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes.587MLB
5Mike DiazPortland Beavers.544MLB
6Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars.524MLB
7Rufino LinaresEdmonton Trappers.512MLB
8Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians.511MLB
9Pat KeedyEdmonton Trappers.504MLB
10Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes.502MLB
On Base Plus Slugging - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes1.083MLB
2Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers1.079MLB
3Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons1.001MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes.984MLB
5Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes.930MLB
6Mike DiazPortland Beavers.928MLB
7John KrukLas Vegas Stars.926MLB
8Chris JonesTucson Toros.923MLB
9Jeff StonePortland Beavers.897MLB
10Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars.896MLB
Games Played - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants140MLB
1Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants140MLB
3Mike FelderVancouver Canadians137MLB
3Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes137MLB
5Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders136MLB
6Chris JamesPortland Beavers135MLB
7Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers134AAA
8Trench DavisHawaii Islanders132MLB
8Gus PolidorEdmonton Trappers132MLB
8Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes132MLB
Plate Appearances - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants636MLB
2Mike FelderVancouver Canadians628MLB
3Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants626MLB
4Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes595MLB
5Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers577AAA
6Trench DavisHawaii Islanders571MLB
7Chris JamesPortland Beavers555MLB
8Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders552MLB
9Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons546MLB
10Wally JoynerEdmonton Trappers545MLB
At Bats - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants573MLB
2Mike FelderVancouver Canadians563MLB
3Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes561MLB
4Trench DavisHawaii Islanders534MLB
5Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants518MLB
6Chris JamesPortland Beavers507MLB
7Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons489MLB
8Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders480MLB
9Wally JoynerEdmonton Trappers477MLB
10Thad ReeceTacoma Tigers474AAA
Runs - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants109MLB
2Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons102MLB
3Mike FelderVancouver Canadians91MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes86MLB
5Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants85MLB
6Eric BullockTucson Toros81MLB
7Edwin RodriguezLas Vegas Stars78MLB
7Chris JamesPortland Beavers78MLB
9Kevin RhombergPhoenix Giants76MLB
10Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers75AAA
Hits - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants181MLB
2Mike FelderVancouver Canadians177MLB
3Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants165MLB
4Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes163MLB
5Chris JamesPortland Beavers160MLB
6John MosesCalgary Cannons152MLB
7Eric BullockTucson Toros149MLB
8John KrukLas Vegas Stars148MLB
9Vic RodriguezLas Vegas Stars144MLB
9Trench DavisHawaii Islanders144MLB
Total Bases - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons291MLB
2Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes247MLB
3Chris JamesPortland Beavers244MLB
4Mike DiazPortland Beavers242MLB
5Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants224MLB
6Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes222MLB
7Mike FelderVancouver Canadians221MLB
8Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons217MLB
9Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars216MLB
10Vic RodriguezLas Vegas Stars214MLB
Doubles - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1John MosesCalgary Cannons37MLB
2Chris JamesPortland Beavers35MLB
3Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers33AAA
4Ray SmithLas Vegas Stars32MLB
5Vic RodriguezLas Vegas Stars31MLB
5Al ChambersCalgary Cannons31MLB
7Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons30MLB
8Pat CaseyCalgary Cannons29AAA
8Wally JoynerEdmonton Trappers29MLB
8John KrukLas Vegas Stars29MLB
Triples - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Trench DavisHawaii Islanders12MLB
2Mike FelderVancouver Canadians11MLB
2Gib SeibertPortland Beavers11AAA
4Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants9MLB
5Eric BullockTucson Toros8MLB
5Reggie WestEdmonton Trappers8AAA
5Jeff StonePortland Beavers8MLB
5Chris JamesPortland Beavers8MLB
5Rufino LinaresEdmonton Trappers8MLB
5Chris JonesTucson Toros8MLB
Home Runs - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons43MLB
2Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes32MLB
3Mike DiazPortland Beavers22MLB
4Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians20MLB
5Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes17MLB
5Pat KeedyEdmonton Trappers17MLB
5Randy AsadoorLas Vegas Stars17MLB
8Rufino LinaresEdmonton Trappers16MLB
8Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons16MLB
8Kevin KingCalgary Cannons16AAA
Runs Batted In - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons109MLB
2Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes93MLB
3Mike DiazPortland Beavers85MLB
4Carlos PonceVancouver Canadians78MLB
5Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians77MLB
6Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars75MLB
7Wally JoynerEdmonton Trappers73MLB
7Chris JamesPortland Beavers73MLB
9Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons70MLB
10Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders67MLB
Stolen Bases - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike FelderVancouver Canadians61MLB
2Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants56MLB
3Eric BullockTucson Toros48MLB
4Keith ThrowerTacoma Tigers40AAA
5Denny GonzalezHawaii Islanders39MLB
6Juan CastilloVancouver Canadians37MLB
7John MosesCalgary Cannons35MLB
8Jeff StonePortland Beavers34MLB
8Scott LoucksHawaii Islanders34MLB
10Trench DavisHawaii Islanders33MLB
Caught Stealings - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants22MLB
2Rick PetersTacoma Tigers18MLB
2Trench DavisHawaii Islanders18MLB
4Juan CastilloVancouver Canadians16MLB
5Reggie WestEdmonton Trappers15AAA
6Jeff StonePortland Beavers14MLB
6Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants14MLB
6Eric BullockTucson Toros14MLB
9Harold ReynoldsCalgary Cannons13MLB
9Denny GonzalezHawaii Islanders13MLB
Walks - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers108AAA
2Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants93MLB
3Rick PetersTacoma Tigers91MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes83MLB
5Bob MiscikHawaii Islanders75AAA
6Bob BatheTacoma Tigers70AAA
7Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders69MLB
8Pat CaseyCalgary Cannons68AAA
9John KrukLas Vegas Stars67MLB
9Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons67MLB
Strikeouts - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin KingCalgary Cannons126AAA
2Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons123MLB
3Tye WallerTucson Toros120MLB
4Pat AdamsPhoenix Giants119AAA
5Pat KeedyEdmonton Trappers115MLB
6Jody LansfordTacoma Tigers113MLB
7Randy AsadoorLas Vegas Stars110MLB
8Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes105MLB
9Ralph BryantAlbuquerque Dukes103MLB
10Gib SeibertPortland Beavers98AAA
Hit By Pitch - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike DiazPortland Beavers7MLB
1Chris JamesPortland Beavers7MLB
1Eric BullockTucson Toros7MLB
1Greg SchultzPhoenix Giants7AAA
1Bob MiscikHawaii Islanders7AAA
6Carlos PonceVancouver Canadians6MLB
7Roy HowellPortland Beavers5MLB
7Ralph BryantAlbuquerque Dukes5MLB
7Jamie AllenCalgary Cannons5MLB
7Dan DavidsmeierVancouver Canadians5AAA
Sacrifice Hits - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Vern FollowellTucson Toros12AAA
2Ron HarrisonTacoma Tigers11AAA
2Juan CastilloVancouver Canadians11MLB
4Gus PolidorEdmonton Trappers10MLB
5Rick PetersTacoma Tigers9MLB
5Vic RodriguezLas Vegas Stars9MLB
5Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants9MLB
8Steve MosesPortland Beavers8AAA
8Keith ThrowerTacoma Tigers8AAA
8Thad ReeceTacoma Tigers8AAA
Sacrifice Flies - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Doug LomanVancouver Canadians8MLB
1Gilberto ReyesAlbuquerque Dukes8MLB
3Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants7MLB
3Danny GoodwinTacoma Tigers7MLB
5Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers6AAA
5Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians6MLB
5Tom RomanoTacoma Tigers6MLB
5Vern FollowellTucson Toros6AAA
5Ed AmelungAlbuquerque Dukes6MLB
5Al ChambersCalgary Cannons6MLB
Intentional Walks - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1John KrukLas Vegas Stars12MLB
2Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders11MLB
2Ron RoenickePhoenix Giants11MLB
4Doug LomanVancouver Canadians10MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes10MLB
6Bob MiscikHawaii Islanders8AAA
6Randy SalavaPortland Beavers8AAA
8Eric BullockTucson Toros7MLB
8Al ChambersCalgary Cannons7MLB
8Brad MillsTucson Toros7MLB
Extra Base Hits - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes60MLB
1Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons60MLB
3Mike DiazPortland Beavers55MLB
4Chris JamesPortland Beavers54MLB
5Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians50MLB
5Ricky NelsonCalgary Cannons50MLB
7Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers49AAA
7Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders49MLB
9Pat CaseyCalgary Cannons47AAA
10Wally JoynerEdmonton Trappers46MLB
Secondary Average - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes.551MLB
2Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons.484MLB
3Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.423MLB
4Denny GonzalezHawaii Islanders.400MLB
5Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers.396AAA
6Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.394MLB
7Bob BatheTacoma Tigers.391AAA
8Chris JonesTucson Toros.388MLB
9Pat CaseyCalgary Cannons.383AAA
10Jeff StonePortland Beavers.377MLB
Isolated Power - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Danny TartabullCalgary Cannons.315MLB
2Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes.306MLB
3Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.276MLB
4Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.236MLB
5Jim AdduciVancouver Canadians.234MLB
6Mike DiazPortland Beavers.231MLB
7Pat KeedyEdmonton Trappers.227MLB
8Kevin KingCalgary Cannons.218AAA
9Mickey BrantleyCalgary Cannons.208MLB
10Jody LansfordTacoma Tigers.204MLB
BAVG on Balls in Play - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers.435MLB
2Jeff StonePortland Beavers.389MLB
3Rusty TillmanLas Vegas Stars.385MLB
3Kevin KingCalgary Cannons.385AAA
5Sid BreamAlbuquerque Dukes.384MLB
6John KrukLas Vegas Stars.381MLB
7Chris JonesTucson Toros.369MLB
8Tye WallerTucson Toros.363MLB
9Al ChambersCalgary Cannons.362MLB
10Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes.355MLB
Walks Percentage - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers0.19AAA
2Bob BatheTacoma Tigers0.17AAA
2Rick PetersTacoma Tigers0.17MLB
4Franklin StubbsAlbuquerque Dukes0.16MLB
5Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants0.15MLB
5Bobby RamosEdmonton Trappers0.15MLB
5Chris JonesTucson Toros0.15MLB
5Pat CaseyCalgary Cannons0.15AAA
5Jack HowellEdmonton Trappers0.15MLB
5Bob MiscikHawaii Islanders0.15AAA
Strikeouts Percentage - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants0.06MLB
2Mike WoodardPhoenix Giants0.07MLB
2Hector RinconesAlbuquerque Dukes0.07AAA
4Steve GarciaLas Vegas Stars0.08AAA
4Vic RodriguezLas Vegas Stars0.08MLB
4Brad MillsTucson Toros0.08MLB
4Vern FollowellTucson Toros0.08AAA
8Francisco MelendezPortland Beavers0.09MLB
8Greg SchultzPhoenix Giants0.09AAA
8Chris JonesTucson Toros0.09MLB
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (PCL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Tack WilsonPhoenix Giants0.41MLB
2Chris JonesTucson Toros0.60MLB
3Chris ClarkEdmonton Trappers0.65AAA
4Bob MiscikHawaii Islanders0.67AAA
5Rick PetersTacoma Tigers0.68MLB
5Brad MillsTucson Toros0.68MLB
7John KrukLas Vegas Stars0.72MLB
8Vern FollowellTucson Toros0.73AAA
9Benny DistefanoHawaii Islanders0.77MLB
10Stu PedersonAlbuquerque Dukes0.81MLB
290 record(s)