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Review of the 1982 California League (A+) Minor League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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1982 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.376MLB
2Ozzie GuillenReno Padres.347MLB
3Stan LeviStockton Ports.336AA
4Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners.331MLB
5Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks.329MLB
6Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.325AAA
7RJ ReynoldsLodi Dodgers.313MLB
8Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs.311MLB
8John KrukReno Padres.311MLB
10John PalicaVisalia Oaks.309AA
On Base Percentage - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners.452MLB
2Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks.444MLB
3Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.429MLB
4Clay HillBakersfield Mariners.413AAA
5Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.404AAA
6John KrukReno Padres.400MLB
6Mickey TettletonModesto A's.400MLB
8Ernest RilesStockton Ports.399MLB
9Jerome LittmanFresno Giants.395A+
10Stan LeviStockton Ports.394AA
Slugging Percentage - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.704MLB
2Dave HudgensModesto A's.552MLB
3Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.492AAA
4John KrukReno Padres.490MLB
5Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks.485AAA
6Marvin WardFresno Giants.467A+
7Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks.449MLB
8Bryan SnyderFresno Giants.447AA
9Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs.445AA
10Doug LulayReno Padres.441AA
On Base Plus Slugging - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres1.133MLB
2Dave HudgensModesto A's.927MLB
3Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.896AAA
4John KrukReno Padres.890MLB
5Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners.874MLB
6Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks.870MLB
7Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks.859AAA
8Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners.827MLB
8Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks.827MLB
10Marvin WardFresno Giants.826A+
Games Played - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners140MLB
2Edwin AponteBakersfield Mariners139AAA
3Ernest RilesStockton Ports138MLB
3Jon DebusLodi Dodgers138AAA
3Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs138MLB
6Mike FelderStockton Ports137MLB
6Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos137A+
6Al RomeroRedwood Pioneers137AAA
9Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners136MLB
10Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs135AA
Plate Appearances - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners611MLB
2Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos607A+
2Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs607MLB
4Mike FelderStockton Ports599MLB
5Jon DebusLodi Dodgers577AAA
6Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners573MLB
7Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks572AAA
8Trey BrooksSalinas Spurs567AAA
9Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs566AA
9Ozzie GuillenReno Padres566MLB
At Bats - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners566MLB
2Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs549MLB
3Ozzie GuillenReno Padres528MLB
4Mike FelderStockton Ports524MLB
5Ray EtchebarrenReno Padres505AA
6Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos504A+
6Sap RandallRedwood Pioneers504MLB
8Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks501AAA
9Edwin AponteBakersfield Mariners499AAA
9Kevin KingBakersfield Mariners499AAA
Runs - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ozzie GuillenReno Padres103MLB
2Mike FelderStockton Ports102MLB
3Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners98MLB
4Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs92MLB
5Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners91MLB
6Mike ColeVisalia Oaks86AAA
7Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks84AAA
8Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres83MLB
9John KrukReno Padres82MLB
10Steve LombardozziVisalia Oaks81MLB
Hits - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ozzie GuillenReno Padres183MLB
2Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners174MLB
3Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs171MLB
4Jon DebusLodi Dodgers162AAA
5Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks151AAA
6John PalicaVisalia Oaks150AA
7Bryan SnyderFresno Giants147AA
8Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners146MLB
9Craig GerberRedwood Pioneers145MLB
10Ray EtchebarrenReno Padres144AA
Total Bases - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jon DebusLodi Dodgers245AAA
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners245MLB
3Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks243AAA
4Dave HudgensModesto A's240MLB
5Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres238MLB
6Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs229MLB
7Ozzie GuillenReno Padres224MLB
8Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs217AA
9Bryan SnyderFresno Giants216AA
9John KrukReno Padres216MLB
Doubles - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners36MLB
2Ozzie GuillenReno Padres33MLB
3Ray EtchebarrenReno Padres31AA
3Carlos PonceStockton Ports31MLB
3Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks31AAA
6John PalicaVisalia Oaks30AA
6John KrukReno Padres30MLB
8Sap RandallRedwood Pioneers27MLB
8Dave HudgensModesto A's27MLB
10Paul HertzlerSan Jose Expos26AAA
Triples - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Carlos PonceStockton Ports13MLB
2Mike FelderStockton Ports11MLB
2Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs11AA
4Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners10MLB
5Stan LeviStockton Ports9AA
6Paul HertzlerSan Jose Expos8AAA
6Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs8MLB
6Doug LulayReno Padres8AA
6John KrukReno Padres8MLB
6Juan CastilloStockton Ports8MLB
Home Runs - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres28MLB
2Dave HudgensModesto A's24MLB
3Kevin KingBakersfield Mariners20AAA
4Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks19AAA
5Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs18AA
6Jon DebusLodi Dodgers16AAA
7Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks15MLB
7Gilberto ReyesLodi Dodgers15MLB
9Jeff CarlSan Jose Expos13AA
10Greg ChinnLodi Dodgers12A+
Runs Batted In - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners101MLB
2Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres98MLB
3Jon DebusLodi Dodgers94AAA
4John KrukReno Padres92MLB
5Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks91AAA
6Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks86MLB
7Dave HudgensModesto A's82MLB
8Kevin KingBakersfield Mariners81AAA
8Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs81AA
10Carlos PonceStockton Ports79MLB
Stolen Bases - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mike FelderStockton Ports92MLB
2Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs84MLB
3Don CarterSan Jose Expos71AAA
3Mike ColeVisalia Oaks71AAA
5Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks60MLB
6Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners58MLB
7Stan LeviStockton Ports57AA
8Steve JohnsonReno Padres46AA
9Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs44AA
10Terry AustinSalinas Spurs43A+
Caught Stealings - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Craig GerberRedwood Pioneers20MLB
1Don CarterSan Jose Expos20AAA
3Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks19MLB
4Gary DawsonModesto A's18A+
4Terry AustinSalinas Spurs18A+
4Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs18MLB
4Juan CastilloStockton Ports18MLB
8Paul HertzlerSan Jose Expos16AAA
8Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners16MLB
10Sap RandallRedwood Pioneers15MLB
Walks - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos92A+
2Ernest RilesStockton Ports84MLB
3Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners82MLB
4Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks78MLB
5Trey BrooksSalinas Spurs77AAA
6Jerome LittmanFresno Giants76A+
7Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs75AA
8John KrukReno Padres72MLB
9Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks70MLB
10Jon DebusLodi Dodgers69AAA
Strikeouts - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs166AA
2Kevin KingBakersfield Mariners128AAA
3Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs120AA
4Steve JohnsonReno Padres112AA
5Gary DavenportFresno Giants101AA
6Murphy SuaStockton Ports97A+
6Paul FelixVisalia Oaks97AAA
6John HotchkissModesto A's97AAA
9Greg ChinnLodi Dodgers95A+
10Luis RiveraSan Jose Expos94MLB
Hit By Pitch - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Alex DejesusSan Jose Expos12AA
2Paul HertzlerSan Jose Expos11AAA
3Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs9MLB
3John HotchkissModesto A's9AAA
3Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners9MLB
6Steve JohnsonReno Padres8AA
6Doug LulayReno Padres8AA
8Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks7MLB
8Darryl StephensRedwood Pioneers7AA
8Joe KubitVisalia Oaks7A+
Sacrifice Hits - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Ozzie GuillenReno Padres14MLB
1Ernesto GomezBakersfield Mariners14A+
3Juan CruzModesto A's12AA
3Juan CastilloStockton Ports12MLB
5Craig GerberRedwood Pioneers11MLB
5Wayne RudolphModesto A's11A+
5Don CarterSan Jose Expos11AAA
5Stan LeviStockton Ports11AA
9Michael BuckleySalinas Spurs9A+
10Frank RamppenVisalia Oaks8AA
Sacrifice Flies - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Carlos PonceStockton Ports12MLB
1Tom JohnsonSalinas Spurs12AA
3John KrukReno Padres11MLB
4Steve LombardozziVisalia Oaks10MLB
5Gary DavenportFresno Giants9AA
5Darnell ColesBakersfield Mariners9MLB
7John HotchkissModesto A's8AAA
7Pete BazanSalinas Spurs8AAA
7Jon DebusLodi Dodgers8AAA
10Murphy SuaStockton Ports7A+
Intentional Walks - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks11MLB
2Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres6MLB
2Dave HudgensModesto A's6MLB
4Sap RandallRedwood Pioneers5MLB
4Pete BazanSalinas Spurs5AAA
4Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos5A+
4Jessie ReidFresno Giants5MLB
8Kevin KingBakersfield Mariners4AAA
8Jose GomezReno Padres4A+
8Tom CopelandModesto A's4A+
Extra Base Hits - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Dave HudgensModesto A's56MLB
2Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks52AAA
3Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs50AA
3Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres50MLB
3Carlos PonceStockton Ports50MLB
6John KrukReno Padres49MLB
7Ricky NelsonBakersfield Mariners48MLB
8Jon DebusLodi Dodgers45AAA
9Bryan SnyderFresno Giants42AA
9Sap RandallRedwood Pioneers42MLB
Secondary Average - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.435MLB
2Mickey TettletonModesto A's.415MLB
3Jim WeaverVisalia Oaks.407MLB
4Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners.405MLB
5Mike FelderStockton Ports.384MLB
6Jeff CarlSan Jose Expos.383AA
7Marvin WardFresno Giants.370A+
7John KrukReno Padres.370MLB
9Dave HudgensModesto A's.363MLB
10Steve MurrayReno Padres.347AA
Isolated Power - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.328MLB
2Dave HudgensModesto A's.251MLB
3Marvin WardFresno Giants.210A+
4Dan CatalineSalinas Spurs.199AA
5Jerry LomastroVisalia Oaks.184AAA
6John KrukReno Padres.179MLB
7Jeff CarlSan Jose Expos.177AA
8Brick SmithBakersfield Mariners.167MLB
8Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.167AAA
10David HarriganSalinas Spurs.166AA
BAVG on Balls in Play - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jim PayneSalinas Spurs.386AAA
2Ozzie GuillenReno Padres.378MLB
3Kevin McReynoldsReno Padres.372MLB
4Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners.364MLB
4RJ ReynoldsLodi Dodgers.364MLB
6Stan LeviStockton Ports.363AA
7Jon DebusLodi Dodgers.360AAA
8Don CarterSan Jose Expos.356AAA
9Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks.345MLB
10Joe KubitVisalia Oaks.339A+
Walks Percentage - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mickey TettletonModesto A's0.20MLB
2Jerome LittmanFresno Giants0.17A+
2Tito NievesSan Jose Expos0.17A+
4Clay HillBakersfield Mariners0.16AAA
4Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners0.16MLB
4Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks0.16MLB
4Steve MurrayReno Padres0.16AA
8Jeff CarlSan Jose Expos0.15AA
8Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos0.15A+
8Ernest RilesStockton Ports0.15MLB
Strikeouts Percentage - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Edwin AponteBakersfield Mariners0.05AAA
2Wayne RudolphModesto A's0.06A+
3Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks0.07MLB
3Tom CopelandModesto A's0.07A+
3Craig GerberRedwood Pioneers0.07MLB
6Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners0.08MLB
6Steve LombardozziVisalia Oaks0.08MLB
6Billy HatcherSalinas Spurs0.08MLB
6Ray EtchebarrenReno Padres0.08AA
6Chris HenryBakersfield Mariners0.08A+
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (Calif)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Jeff ReedVisalia Oaks0.41MLB
2Phil BradleyBakersfield Mariners0.48MLB
3Tom CopelandModesto A's0.54A+
4Wayne RudolphModesto A's0.58A+
5Edwin AponteBakersfield Mariners0.62AAA
6Ernest RilesStockton Ports0.63MLB
7Steve LombardozziVisalia Oaks0.64MLB
8Bobby DoerrerSan Jose Expos0.66A+
9Jerome LittmanFresno Giants0.67A+
10Mickey TettletonModesto A's0.73MLB
290 record(s)