Dear Baseball Fan,

The Baseball Cube (TBC) will be going on data hiatus for 4-6. This means that 100% of my site focus for the next 4-6 months will be on re-development of the structure of the database and the design of the site. I will be changing servers. I will be changing the ads. I will be reducing design and focusing more on content. Everything will be changing and I need the time and space to do this. There is risk involved though. If I am unable to achieve my goal, I will likely shut down.  "What can I do to help?"?

The new version of TBC will be built over this time. Programming and database rebuilding require dedicated focus. Data collection is a different brain space. I am having problems doing both concurrently..

For those that are unaware, this is a one-person web site. “But yeah, you are single and live alone in your parents basement and this is all you do and dude, c'mon, you love it!”

1.       My parents don’t have a basement so...
2.       I DO love this but...
3.       I have an awesome understanding wife, 2 athletic softball-playing daughters and a full-time job in addition to this site.

Why am I doing this and/or why would you care that you I am changing things around? Well, it's because things will change for you if you're a regular visitor. 

The site is angling towards minimal ads. At most 2 on a page. Maybe 1. The design will be toned down and possibly non-existant. The breadth and depth of data and functionality will both increase and decrease at the same time. There will be more data but some of it will only be accessible via subscription. 

A subscription will be activated with a sponsored page. A sponsored page will be a player page with your name and optional message and link included. You will simultaneously remove ads for users on that page and get increased access to the data on the site for the life of your sponsorship. . The increased access will include applications to research the data and wider data outputs with extra functionality on each page (filters/reports). You may also be provided with more rows of output for a data query. 

My vision is simplicity for you and more money for me. I want to make this site full-time. I want to dedicate my life to it and this is my last effort to do so. 

What Can I Do?
In essence I am asking for both patience and support. Patience while I regroup and reorganize. And support financially during the process and once the new site is released. 

I am both a web publisher and a web surfer. I consume data from many sites for free but I also do my best to support those sites. For years TBC has been supported by the many ads on the pages you visit. These ads take away from the site in both how they force me to modify the layout and they make it more difficult for you to view the data. Some of the ads are disgusting and some of the ads cover content. I want to reduce this and I am counting on my regular visitors to support me yearly with one sponsorship per year. If 2000 people are on board, then I think TBC will prosper in the near future and the site will reach new heights.

Thanks for your understanding. 
Gary Cohen

Pledge your support:  Donations are appreciated of course but what I am hoping is for an idea of how many people support this venture. Its hard to pledge $19.94 to a page without knowing the improvements but imagine what you see on the site now and then add in PEDs. That is the plan. Please pledge your support by donating or  Contacting me with a pledge to sponsor a page (Put PLEDGE in the subject). The pledge is non-binding and please don't hesitate to take the time to let me know what features you would want to see on the new site.