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2019 NJCAAYear in Review
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Review of the 2019 NJCAA baseball season. Includes Standings, leaders, player register and more.


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2019 NJCAA Standings

0Dakota County Technical College401.0003317--324195129Team Page -- Roster
0Louisiana State University-Eunice101.000518--570187383Team Page -- Roster
0Northampton Community College1001.0003710--465202263Team Page -- Roster
0St. Cloud Technical College1601.000367--399145254Team Page -- Roster
0Wabash Valley College2701.000554--678194484Team Page -- Roster
0Lansing Community College271.964369--379194185Team Page -- Roster
0Sinclair Community College271.9645110--520210310Team Page -- Roster
0Harford Community College221.957469--526236290Team Page -- Roster
0Rockland Community College211.955329--401205196Team Page -- Roster
0Jefferson College191.9504710--472229243Team Page -- Roster
0Carl Sandburg College171.9442812--359255104Team Page -- Roster
0Community College of Rhode Island161.9412712--329188141Team Page -- Roster
0Herkimer County Community College161.941356--423156267Team Page -- Roster
0Riverland Community College151.9383214--31623086Team Page -- Roster
0Suffolk County Community College151.938267--237100137Team Page -- Roster
0Kellogg Community College262.9294015--436237199Team Page -- Roster
0Niagara County Community College111.9173810--420128292Team Page -- Roster
0Kansas City Community College293.9063916--377272105Team Page -- Roster
0Gloucester County College182.9004211--544216328Team Page -- Roster
0CC of Allegheny County-Boyce81.8892112--25617086Team Page -- Roster
0Finger Lakes Community College162.8893922--375232143Team Page -- Roster
0Cumberland County College152.882475--469193276Team Page -- Roster
0Gordon State College264.867509--546245301Team Page -- Roster
0Hibbing Community College132.8671918--2332249Team Page -- Roster
0Brunswick Community College254.8624011--431189242Team Page -- Roster
0Itawamba Community College244.857418--383204179Team Page -- Roster
0Monroe College61.8573319--31626254Team Page -- Roster
0Miles Community College173.8504214--551254297Team Page -- Roster
0Walters State Community College224.8465411--608182426Team Page -- Roster
0Grayson County College275.8444214--533250283Team Page -- Roster
0McHenry County College163.8424114--522266256Team Page -- Roster
0County College of Morris102.8333217--389222167Team Page -- Roster
0Crowder College51.8334716--505311194Team Page -- Roster
0Western Oklahoma State College194.8264710--556289267Team Page -- Roster
0Hagerstown Community College215.8083718--37128784Team Page -- Roster
0Iowa Western Community College215.8085211--580242338Team Page -- Roster
0College of Southern Nevada246.8004612--414185229Team Page -- Roster
0Hudson Valley Community College82.8002211--313187126Team Page -- Roster
0North Lake College246.8003422--40031783Team Page -- Roster
0San Jacinto College287.8004212--369179190Team Page -- Roster
0Northwest Florida State College195.7924412--409189220Team Page -- Roster
0Jackson Community College226.7863115--364262102Team Page -- Roster
0Kalamazoo Valley Community College226.7863116--387247140Team Page -- Roster
0Lackawanna College113.7863217--422229193Team Page -- Roster
0Surry Community College113.7862418--26623036Team Page -- Roster
0Bismarck State College144.7783310--363184179Team Page -- Roster
0Cowley College288.7784714--553280273Team Page -- Roster
0Midland College288.7783920--43534491Team Page -- Roster
0Bronx Community College103.7691617--231273-42Team Page -- Roster
0Salt Lake Community College237.7673513--379191188Team Page -- Roster
0Seminole State College237.7673914--481306175Team Page -- Roster
0College of Central Florida186.750449--479243236Team Page -- Roster
0Delgado Community College93.7503614--316216100Team Page -- Roster
0Des Moines Area Community College217.7503817--444258186Team Page -- Roster
0John A. Logan College248.7504413--542278264Team Page -- Roster
0Johnson County Community College248.7504612--559228331Team Page -- Roster
0McLennan Community College248.7504217--431219212Team Page -- Roster
0Mercer County Community College93.7503616--379205174Team Page -- Roster
0Parkland College248.7503817--404193211Team Page -- Roster
0Spartanburg Methodist College155.7503318--359242117Team Page -- Roster
0Navarro College269.7434118--453297156Team Page -- Roster
0Jones County Junior College218.7243712--343195148Team Page -- Roster
0Black Hawk College135.7222719--31525956Team Page -- Roster
0Northwest Mississippi Community College208.7143314--311195116Team Page -- Roster
0New Mexico Junior College2711.7114217--516347169Team Page -- Roster
0Frederick Community College177.7083615--427189238Team Page -- Roster
0Chattahoochee Valley Community College2410.7063720--31927940Team Page -- Roster
0Bucks County Community College73.7001525--284385-101Team Page -- Roster
0Florence-Darlington Technical College146.7004213--404226178Team Page -- Roster
0Florida SouthWestern State College219.7004014--375222153Team Page -- Roster
0Madison Area Technical College73.7003023--407201206Team Page -- Roster
0Northern Essex Community College146.7002516--399266133Team Page -- Roster
0Chipola College188.6923820--399262137Team Page -- Roster
0Butler Community College2210.6883919--39329499Team Page -- Roster
0Coastal Alabama-Monroeville2210.6883423--31228230Team Page -- Roster
0Hutchinson Community College2210.6884421--510357153Team Page -- Roster
0Itasca Community College115.6881729--241373-132Team Page -- Roster
0Lewis and Clark Community College2210.6883017--29421975Team Page -- Roster
0Minnesota State Community and Technical College115.6883219--32326162Team Page -- Roster
0Wallace State Community College2210.6882917--293187106Team Page -- Roster
0Cochise College2612.6844215--404249155Team Page -- Roster
0Oakton Community College136.6843821--447293154Team Page -- Roster
0Motlow State Community College178.6803716--362233129Team Page -- Roster
0Iowa Central Community College199.6793320--402288114Team Page -- Roster
0Pearl River Community College199.6794114--493250243Team Page -- Roster
0Connors State College2110.6774813--571367204Team Page -- Roster
0Brookhaven College2010.6674227--584442142Team Page -- Roster
0College of DuPage84.6672718--29620096Team Page -- Roster
0East Georgia State College2010.6673418--39029496Team Page -- Roster
0Erie Community College84.6672920--37630472Team Page -- Roster
0Howard College2412.6673225--42533392Team Page -- Roster
0Odessa College2412.6673822--452321131Team Page -- Roster
0Panola College2010.6673816--369232137Team Page -- Roster
0Santa Fe Community College168.6673817--358216142Team Page -- Roster
0Tompkins Cortland Community College126.6671916--2532467Team Page -- Roster
0Triton College84.6673218--37728097Team Page -- Roster
0South Mountain Community College2513.6583920--339217122Team Page -- Roster
0Catawba Valley Community College158.6523321--360243117Team Page -- Roster
0Nassau Community College137.6501915--279175104Team Page -- Roster
0Meridian Community College1810.6432915--359228131Team Page -- Roster
0Quinsigamond Community College95.643148--17013733Team Page -- Roster
0Chesapeake College169.6403014--406269137Team Page -- Roster
0Central Arizona College2414.6325020--513308205Team Page -- Roster
0Yavapai College2414.6323719--386217169Team Page -- Roster
0Alvin Community College2213.6293224--31327538Team Page -- Roster
0Cleveland State Community College159.6252720--27820672Team Page -- Roster
0Edison Community College159.6252519--23921821Team Page -- Roster
0Heartland Community College2012.6253220--33725978Team Page -- Roster
0Hill College2012.6253319--40033070Team Page -- Roster
0Seminole State College of Florida159.6253514--375264111Team Page -- Roster
0St. Johns River State College159.6253719--30721592Team Page -- Roster
0Williston State College106.625------15711344Team Page -- Roster
0Northern Oklahoma College-Enid Campus138.6194218--496315181Team Page -- Roster
0Hillsborough Community College1912.6132824--2702664Team Page -- Roster
0College of Lake County117.6112520--25522431Team Page -- Roster
0Highland Community College117.6111722--221301-80Team Page -- Roster
0Trinidad State Junior College2214.6113028--33932811Team Page -- Roster
0Chattanooga State Technical Community College149.6093315--460230230Team Page -- Roster
0Pitt Community College149.6092315--250147103Team Page -- Roster
0Wake Technical College149.6092815--26219567Team Page -- Roster
0Lake Michigan College1711.607212--251268-17Team Page -- Roster
0Arizona Western College2315.6053818--381180201Team Page -- Roster
0Rockingham Community College64.6003312--387210177Team Page -- Roster
0Colby Community College1913.5943722--46737988Team Page -- Roster
0Lincoln Land Community College1913.5943818--374236138Team Page -- Roster
0Olney Central College1611.5933517--422235187Team Page -- Roster
0Brookdale Community College107.5883617--415239176Team Page -- Roster
0Eastern Florida State College1410.5833120--32022991Team Page -- Roster
0Indian Hills Community College-Centerville1410.5832526--272287-15Team Page -- Roster
0Lamar Community College2115.5833227--42733097Team Page -- Roster
0Rock Valley College75.5833817--390253137Team Page -- Roster
0Pima Community College2216.5793619--347223124Team Page -- Roster
0Community College of Baltimore County-Essex1511.5772421--30429410Team Page -- Roster
0Blinn College2015.5713322--27820276Team Page -- Roster
0Coastal Bend College43.5712731--283339-56Team Page -- Roster
0Grand Rapids Community College1612.5712124--261281-20Team Page -- Roster
0Louisburg College129.5712619--279281-2Team Page -- Roster
0Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College1612.5712918--378239139Team Page -- Roster
0Mott Community College1612.5712821--37233141Team Page -- Roster
0Murray State College129.5712925--42334776Team Page -- Roster
0Northeast Community College1612.5713719--37632848Team Page -- Roster
0Northern Oklahoma College-Tonkawa Campus129.5714116--484279205Team Page -- Roster
0Southeastern Community College1612.5714119--432281151Team Page -- Roster
0Rend Lake College1713.5672826--31629818Team Page -- Roster
0University of South Carolina-Lancaster1310.5653016--28022654Team Page -- Roster
0Cloud County Community College1814.5633424--403296107Team Page -- Roster
0Rainy River Community College97.5631520--230238-8Team Page -- Roster
0Rochester Community & Technical College97.5631624--176224-48Team Page -- Roster
0Snead State Community College1814.5632924--34029050Team Page -- Roster
0Kaskaskia College1512.5562318--23418054Team Page -- Roster
0Northeastern Junior College2016.5562729--36134021Team Page -- Roster
0Southeastern Community College2016.5562128--313339-26Team Page -- Roster
0Western Nebraska Community College2016.5562629--289315-26Team Page -- Roster
0State Fair Community College119.5503521--33225973Team Page -- Roster
0Waubonsee Community College119.5503023--345378-33Team Page -- Roster
0Montgomery College1311.5421918--23920138Team Page -- Roster
0East Central Community College1513.5362323--265275-10Team Page -- Roster
0Kirkwood Community College1513.5363320--37428490Team Page -- Roster
0Lincoln Trail College1513.5363022--31223775Team Page -- Roster
0Muskegon Community College1513.5363118--324221103Team Page -- Roster
0North Iowa Area Community College1513.5363226--38730087Team Page -- Roster
0Northeast Mississippi Community College1513.5362621--31726057Team Page -- Roster
0Angelina College1614.5333321--34927772Team Page -- Roster
0Rose State College1614.5332422--29624254Team Page -- Roster
0Barton County Community College1715.5313722--31722097Team Page -- Roster
0Fort Scott Community College1715.5313721--463340123Team Page -- Roster
0North Central Texas College1715.5313023--300305-5Team Page -- Roster
0Seward County Community College1715.5312627--36334419Team Page -- Roster
0Adirondack Community College98.5291623--250297-47Team Page -- Roster
0Camden County College98.5292918--404263141Team Page -- Roster
0Frank Phillips College1917.5282925--40234359Team Page -- Roster
0Prince George's Community College1110.5241818--237258-21Team Page -- Roster
0Owens Community College1211.5222720--21420212Team Page -- Roster
0Columbia State Community College1312.5202227--264341-77Team Page -- Roster
0Georgia Highlands College1514.5172925--36030258Team Page -- Roster
0College of Southern Idaho1615.5163323--341231110Team Page -- Roster
0Wharton County Junior College1716.5152828--304312-8Team Page -- Roster
0Baton Rouge Community College66.5001540--263456-193Team Page -- Roster
0Bergen Community College99.5001915--29722374Team Page -- Roster
0Cayuga County Community College44.5002016--22720522Team Page -- Roster
0Central Lakes College-Brainerd88.5002423--34930742Team Page -- Roster
0Coastal Alabama Community College1616.5002331--315349-34Team Page -- Roster
0Community College of Baltimore County-Catonsville1313.5002529--418428-10Team Page -- Roster
0Dyersburg State Community College1313.5003620--390247143Team Page -- Roster
0Eastern Oklahoma State College1515.5002523--36629967Team Page -- Roster
0Garrett College1212.5002925--31429519Team Page -- Roster
0Guilford Technical Community College1111.5001717--205254-49Team Page -- Roster
0Illinois Central College1616.5002526--33329142Team Page -- Roster
0Illinois Valley Community College88.500142--1961924Team Page -- Roster
0Kingsborough Community College1212.5001320--223273-50Team Page -- Roster
0Lawson State Community College1616.5003126--31926455Team Page -- Roster
0Marion Military Institute1616.5002524--25623323Team Page -- Roster
0Mesa Community College1919.5004423--428275153Team Page -- Roster
0Metropolitan Community College-Longview22.5001335--218321-103Team Page -- Roster
0Montgomery County Community College44.5001616--25922039Team Page -- Roster
0Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College1515.5002730--42338538Team Page -- Roster
0Mercyhurst North East1112.4782320--27825919Team Page -- Roster
0Westchester Community College1112.4782416--32327746Team Page -- Roster
0Moraine Valley Community College1011.4762026--226279-53Team Page -- Roster
0University of South Carolina-Sumter1011.4763122--279287-8Team Page -- Roster
0Gateway Community College1820.4742931--41240210Team Page -- Roster
0Scottsdale Community College1820.4742827--3033030Team Page -- Roster
0Clarendon College1719.4722826--46941455Team Page -- Roster
0Allen County Community College1517.4693121--40831494Team Page -- Roster
0Central Alabama Community College1517.4692430--245339-94Team Page -- Roster
0Danville Area Community College1517.4692625--316319-3Team Page -- Roster
0Lurleen B. Wallace Community College1517.4692826--366378-12Team Page -- Roster
0Bossier Parish Community College1416.4673121--31126546Team Page -- Roster
0Cedar Valley College1416.4673121--43737562Team Page -- Roster
0Eastfield College1416.4672622--340348-8Team Page -- Roster
0Delta College1315.4642926--381390-9Team Page -- Roster
0Clark State Community College1214.4622025--223353-130Team Page -- Roster
0Indian River State College1113.4581920--236246-10Team Page -- Roster
0Jackson State Community College1113.4583322--33228745Team Page -- Roster
0Marshalltown Community College1113.4581629--284369-85Team Page -- Roster
0Ulster County Community College1113.4582021--29426529Team Page -- Roster
0St. Louis Community College-Forest Park1012.4551925--238252-14Team Page -- Roster
0Sullivan County Community College1012.4552123--307333-26Team Page -- Roster
0Hinds Community College1316.4482620--27924831Team Page -- Roster
0Glendale Community College1721.4472632--268354-86Team Page -- Roster
0Mid-Plains Community College-McCook Campus1620.4442028--240279-39Team Page -- Roster
0Anoka-Ramsey Community College79.4381719--179200-21Team Page -- Roster
0Coastal Alabama CC-Brewton1418.4381929--231307-76Team Page -- Roster
0Coffeyville Community College1418.4382927--42532798Team Page -- Roster
0Temple College1418.4382230--271324-53Team Page -- Roster
0Copiah-Lincoln Community College1216.4292120--28126219Team Page -- Roster
0Delaware Technical & Community College68.4292115--23621818Team Page -- Roster
0Tyler Junior College34.4294119--395261134Team Page -- Roster
0University of Connecticut-Avery Point34.4291516--1891809Team Page -- Roster
0Chandler-Gilbert Community College1622.4212726--34029446Team Page -- Roster
0Morton College811.4212126--32030713Team Page -- Roster
0Broward College1014.4172026--206249-43Team Page -- Roster
0Palm Beach State College1014.4172420--28123447Team Page -- Roster
0St. Charles Community College1116.4072020--279347-68Team Page -- Roster
0Neosho County Community College.1319.4063127--38929891Team Page -- Roster
0Ranger College1319.4062723--36832741Team Page -- Roster
0Southern Union State Community College1319.4062030--25223319Team Page -- Roster
0Weatherford College1319.4063123--34927871Team Page -- Roster
0Dutchess Community College812.400------183226-43Team Page -- Roster
0Genesee Community College46.4002920--354252102Team Page -- Roster
0Joliet Junior College46.4002223--260303-43Team Page -- Roster
0Mineral Area College812.4003217--360231129Team Page -- Roster
0South Georgia State College1218.4002829--38335825Team Page -- Roster
0Paradise Valley Community College1523.3952924--32929831Team Page -- Roster
0Holmes Community College1117.3932818--31726750Team Page -- Roster
0El Paso Community College1422.3892034--242359-117Team Page -- Roster
0Middlesex County College711.3892614--337235102Team Page -- Roster
0Elgin Community College813.3811137--250323-73Team Page -- Roster
0Andrew College1118.3792332--312362-50Team Page -- Roster
0Bevill State Community College-Fayette1220.3751932--219287-68Team Page -- Roster
0Bishop State Community College1220.3751729--184230-46Team Page -- Roster
0Garden City Community College1220.3752627--334359-25Team Page -- Roster
0Lake Sumter Community College915.3752225--35834216Team Page -- Roster
0Massasoit Community College610.375------182276-94Team Page -- Roster
0Minnesota West Community & Technical College610.3751626--189303-114Team Page -- Roster
0Tallahassee Community College915.3752823--29924950Team Page -- Roster
0Polk State College1119.3672429--315320-5Team Page -- Roster
0Richland College1119.3672429--37535421Team Page -- Roster
0St. Petersburg College1119.3671830--297308-11Team Page -- Roster
0West Georgia Tech1119.3672027--207312-105Team Page -- Roster
0CC Allegheny County-South47.364------96879Team Page -- Roster
0Henry Ford Community College1018.3571327--159232-73Team Page -- Roster
0Monroe College-Bronx611.353------194353-159Team Page -- Roster
0Corning Community College713.350------135299-164Team Page -- Roster
0Dawson Community College713.350------173302-129Team Page -- Roster
0Allegany College of Maryland917.3461624--200277-77Team Page -- Roster
0Onondaga Community College917.346------160257-97Team Page -- Roster
0Cisco Junior College1121.3443025--342344-2Team Page -- Roster
0Phoenix College1325.3422530--237276-39Team Page -- Roster
0Gulf Coast State College816.3332622--27423539Team Page -- Roster
0New Mexico Military Institute1224.3332531--39534055Team Page -- Roster
0Sussex County Community College48.3331721--210250-40Team Page -- Roster
0Vermilion Community College510.333------151242-91Team Page -- Roster
0Western Texas College1224.3331734--330385-55Team Page -- Roster
0Macomb Community College919.3211429--241311-70Team Page -- Roster
0Southwestern Illinois College919.321------189250-61Team Page -- Roster
0Volunteer State Community College817.3202029--240267-27Team Page -- Roster
0USC Union613.316------131189-58Team Page -- Roster
0Broome Community College511.313------55266-211Team Page -- Roster
0Ocean County College511.3132318--26520461Team Page -- Roster
0Bryant and Stratton (WI)818.3081533--249374-125Team Page -- Roster
0CCBC Dundalk818.308------218288-70Team Page -- Roster
0Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College921.3001532--267374-107Team Page -- Roster
0Northeast Texas Community College921.3001734--301339-38Team Page -- Roster
0Queensborough Community College614.300------157322-165Team Page -- Roster
0South Florida State College921.3002034--305365-60Team Page -- Roster
0Southeastern Illinois College819.2961830--322399-77Team Page -- Roster
0East Mississippi Community College820.286------211345-134Team Page -- Roster
0St. Clair County Community College820.2861328--207243-36Team Page -- Roster
0Enterprise-Ozark Community College923.2811330--186255-69Team Page -- Roster
0Pratt Community College923.2812631--332359-27Team Page -- Roster
0Atlantic Cape Community College513.2781620--179204-25Team Page -- Roster
0Lake Region State College513.278------155233-78Team Page -- Roster
0Westmoreland County Community College38.273------99198-99Team Page -- Roster
0Cecil College719.269830--214402-188Team Page -- Roster
0Cuyahoga Community College719.2691243--452273179Team Page -- Roster
0Southwest Tennessee Community College719.2691733--216315-99Team Page -- Roster
0Fulton-Montgomery Community College411.267717 1--132226-94Team Page -- Roster
0Paris Junior College822.2672530--329355-26Team Page -- Roster
0Daytona State College617.2611725--226264-38Team Page -- Roster
0Colorado Northwestern Community College720.259935--112301-189Team Page -- Roster
0Carl Albert State College515.250212--252321-69Team Page -- Roster
0Delaware County Community College26.250------146362-216Team Page -- Roster
0Dodge City Community College824.2502628--34831236Team Page -- Roster
0Jefferson Community College26.250------167322-155Team Page -- Roster
0Lakeland Community College618.250735--206445-239Team Page -- Roster
0Mississippi Delta Community College721.2501527--224274-50Team Page -- Roster
0Nunez Community College39.2501137--166377-211Team Page -- Roster
0Pensacola State College618.2502330--289301-12Team Page -- Roster
0Schoolcraft College721.2501132--234368-134Team Page -- Roster
0Spoon River College824.2501442--203354-151Team Page -- Roster
0Laredo Community College825.2421636--210356-146Team Page -- Roster
0Roane State Community College619.2401625--196248-52Team Page -- Roster
0Mountain View College723.2331139--271456-185Team Page -- Roster
0Anne Arundel Community College620.2311132--186385-199Team Page -- Roster
0Mohawk Valley Community College310.231------143202-59Team Page -- Roster
0Galveston College827.2291137--206311-105Team Page -- Roster
0Lenoir Community College517.227------185261-76Team Page -- Roster
0Kishwaukee College414.222632--108351-243Team Page -- Roster
0Union County College414.2221630--334445-111Team Page -- Roster
0Valley Forge Military Academy27.222------000Team Page -- Roster
0Calhoun Community College725.2191236--221354-133Team Page -- Roster
0Labette Community College725.2191730--230356-126Team Page -- Roster
0Wallace Community College-Selma725.2191933--205320-115Team Page -- Roster
0Coahoma Community College622.2142026--239262-23Team Page -- Roster
0Glen Oaks Community College622.214------168274-106Team Page -- Roster
0Iowa Lakes Community College622.2141833--216325-109Team Page -- Roster
0Southwest Mississippi Community College622.2141427--205295-90Team Page -- Roster
0Orange County Community College415.211------204263-59Team Page -- Roster
0Patrick Henry Community College519.2081033--27722651Team Page -- Roster
0Harper College28.200------130302-172Team Page -- Roster
0Manor College312.200------141325-184Team Page -- Roster
0Milwaukee Area Technical College28.2001921--243257-14Team Page -- Roster
0Otero Junior College729.1941145--181390-209Team Page -- Roster
0John Wood Community College625.1941635--255372-117Team Page -- Roster
0Northland Community & Technical College313.188------158296-138Team Page -- Roster
0Western Technical College313.188------78154-76Team Page -- Roster
0University of South Carolina-Salkehatchie522.1851440--278392-114Team Page -- Roster
0Florida State College at Jacksonville419.1741330--221317-96Team Page -- Roster
0Schenectady County Community College210.167------105253-148Team Page -- Roster
0Shawnee Community College420.167631--173405-232Team Page -- Roster
0College of Southern Maryland421.160835--184385-201Team Page -- Roster
0Eastern Arizona College632.1581638--194344-150Team Page -- Roster
0Three Rivers Community College316.1582329--351365-14Team Page -- Roster
0Highland Community College527.1561141--221432-211Team Page -- Roster
0Vernon College527.1562036--320397-77Team Page -- Roster
0Ancilla College424.143------131321-190Team Page -- Roster
0Ellsworth Community College424.1431047--267489-222Team Page -- Roster
0Ridgewater College214.125------55158-103Team Page -- Roster
0Southwestern Junior College321.125640--155430-275Team Page -- Roster
0Borough of Manhattan Community College216.111------65237-172Team Page -- Roster
0Utah State University325.107432--101255-154Team Page -- Roster
0SUNY-Jamestown19.100------112225-113Team Page -- Roster
0Prairie State College219.095------76269-193Team Page -- Roster
0Raritan Valley Community College110.091822 1--154317-163Team Page -- Roster
0Holyoke Community College111.083------43147-104Team Page -- Roster
0Lake Land College222.083834--133325-192Team Page -- Roster
0Luna Community College333.083748--259627-368Team Page -- Roster
0Thomas Nelson Community College111.083------71116-45Team Page -- Roster
0Bunker Hill Community College113.071------48111-63Team Page -- Roster
0Dakota College at Bottineau115.063------57127-70Team Page -- Roster
0Mesabi Range Community and Technical College115.063------99339-240Team Page -- Roster
0Sauk Valley Community College119.050------91333-242Team Page -- Roster
0Arkansas Baptist College030.000052--164328-164Team Page -- Roster
0ASA Miami00--1826--282291-9Team Page -- Roster
0Brooklyn College05.000------129142-13Team Page -- Roster
0Bryant and Stratton College00--------164293-129Team Page -- Roster
0Century College00--3812--365174191Team Page -- Roster
0Frontier Community College00--2730--370425-55Team Page -- Roster
0Hesston College00--1324--210216-6Team Page -- Roster
0Ivy Tech CC Northeast00--3314--416207209Team Page -- Roster
0Kankakee Community College00--3917--487299188Team Page -- Roster
0Lehigh Carbon Community College04.0001519--196223-27Team Page -- Roster
0Monroe Community College00--2921--396287109Team Page -- Roster
0North Arkansas College00--1534--168335-167Team Page -- Roster
0North Central Missouri College00--1537--272417-145Team Page -- Roster
0Olive-Harvey College00--------171249-78Team Page -- Roster
0Pasco-Hernando Community College01.0003525--41032585Team Page -- Roster
0Potomac State College of WVU00--3213--392203189Team Page -- Roster
0South Suburban College00--3024--42134477Team Page -- Roster
*Playoff Teams in bold

2019 NJCAA Batting Totals