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The Japanese Leagues are professional leagues that have provided many players to the Major Leagues. While some of the best Japanese league players find their way across the Pacific, many AAAA American players go to Japan to resurrect their career. The comparison between the two leagues is controversial. There are elements of the Japan Leagues that are on par with MLB but the range of quality of player in Japan makes it difficult to compare as a whole.

TBC does not have the full history of these leagues. We only started tracking them in 2007 but for each of these seasons, Japanese players have a player page on the site.

Years Available2007-2018

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2017 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2017Hiroshima Toyo Carp8851.633--
2017Hanshin Tigers7861.56110.0
2017Yokohama Bay Stars7365.52914.5
2017Yomiuri Giants7268.51416.5
2017Chunichi Dragons5979.42828.5
2017Yakult Swallows4596.31944.0
2017 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2017Fukuoka Hawks9449.657--
2017Seibu Lions7961.56413.5
2017Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles7763.55015.5
2017Orix Buffaloes6379.44430.5
2017Nippon Fighters6083.42034.0
2017Chiba Lotte Marines5487.38339.0
2016 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2016Hiroshima Toyo Carp6042.588--
2016Yomiuri Giants5245.5365.5
2016Yokohama Bay Stars5151.5009.0
2016Hanshin Tigers4656.45114.0
2016Yakult Swallows4659.43815.5
2016Chunichi Dragons4358.42616.5
2016 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2016Fukuoka Hawks6332.663--
2016Nippon Fighters6138.6164.0
2016Chiba Lotte Marines5645.55410.0
2016Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles4253.44221.0
2016Orix Buffaloes3959.39825.5
2016Seibu Lions4061.39626.0
2015 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2015Yakult Swallows7665.539--
2015Yomiuri Giants7567.5281.5
2015Hanshin Tigers7071.4966.0
2015Hiroshima Toyo Carp6971.4936.5
2015Chunichi Dragons6277.44613.0
2015Yokohama Bay Stars6280.43714.5
2015 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2015Fukuoka Hawks9049.647--
2015Nippon Fighters7962.56012.0
2015Chiba Lotte Marines7369.51418.5
2015Seibu Lions6969.50020.5
2015Orix Buffaloes6180.43330.0
2015Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles5783.40733.5
2014 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2014Yomiuri Giants8261.573--
2014Hanshin Tigers7568.5247.0
2014Hiroshima Toyo Carp7468.5217.5
2014Chunichi Dragons6773.47913.5
2014Yokohama Bay Stars6775.47214.5
2014Yakult Swallows6081.42621.0
2014 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2014Fukuoka Hawks7860.565--
2014Orix Buffaloes8062.5632.0
2014Nippon Fighters7368.5186.5
2014Chiba Lotte Marines6676.46514.0
2014Seibu Lions6377.45016.0
2014Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6480.44417.0
2013 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2013Yomiuri Giants8453.613--
2013Hanshin Tigers7367.52112.5
2013Hiroshima Toyo Carp6972.48917.0
2013Chunichi Dragons6477.45422.0
2013Yokohama Bay Stars6479.44823.0
2013Yakult Swallows5783.40728.5
2013 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2013Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles8259.582--
2013Seibu Lions7466.5297.5
2013Chiba Lotte Marines7468.5218.5
2013Fukuoka Hawks7369.5149.5
2013Orix Buffaloes6673.47515.0
2013Nippon Fighters6478.45118.5
2012 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2012Yomiuri Giants8643.667--
2012Chunichi Dragons7553.58610.5
2012Yakult Swallows6865.51120.0
2012Hiroshima Toyo Carp6171.46226.5
2012Hanshin Tigers5575.42331.5
2012Yokohama Bay Stars4685.35141.0
2012 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2012Nippon Fighters7459.556--
2012Seibu Lions7263.5333.0
2012Fukuoka Hawks6765.5086.5
2012Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6767.5007.5
2012Chiba Lotte Marines6267.48110.0
2012Orix Buffaloes5777.42517.5
2011 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2011Chunichi Dragons7559.560--
2011Yakult Swallows7059.5432.5
2011Yomiuri Giants7162.5343.5
2011Hanshin Tigers6870.4939.0
2011Hiroshima Toyo Carp6076.44116.0
2011Yokohama Bay Stars4786.35327.5
2011 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2011Fukuoka Hawks8846.657--
2011Nippon Fighters7265.52617.5
2011Seibu Lions6867.50420.5
2011Orix Buffaloes6968.50420.5
2011Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6671.48223.5
2011Chiba Lotte Marines5479.40633.5
2010 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2010Chunichi Dragons7962.560--
2010Hanshin Tigers7863.5531.0
2010Yomiuri Giants7964.5521.0
2010Yakult Swallows7268.5146.5
2010Hiroshima Toyo Carp5884.40821.5
2010Yokohama Bay Stars4895.33632.0
2010 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2010Fukuoka Hawks7663.547--
2010Seibu Seibu Lions7865.5452.0
2010Chiba Lotte Marines7567.5282.5
2010Nippon Fighters7467.5253.0
2010Orix Buffaloes6971.4937.5
2010Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6279.44015.0
2009 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2009Yomiuri Giants8946.659--
2009Chunichi Dragons8162.56612.0
2009Yakult Swallows7172.49722.0
2009Hanshin Tigers6773.47924.5
2009Hiroshima Toyo Carp6575.46426.5
2009Yokohama BayStars5193.35442.5
2009 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2009Nippon Fighters8260.577--
2009Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles7766.5385.5
2009Fukuoka Hawks7465.5326.5
2009Seibu Lions7070.50011.0
2009Chiba Lotte Marines6277.44618.5
2009Orix Buffaloes5686.39426.0
2008 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2008Yomiuri Giants8457.596--
2008Hanshin Tigers8259.5822.0
2008Chunichi Dragons7168.51112.0
2008Hiroshima Toyo Carp6970.49614.0
2008Yakult Swallows6674.47117.5
2008Yokohama BayStars4894.33836.5
2008 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2008Seibu Lions7664.543--
2008Orix Buffaloes7568.5242.5
2008Nippon Ham Fighters7369.5144.0
2008Chiba Lotte Marines7370.5104.5
2008Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6576.46111.5
2008Fukuoka Softbank6477.45412.5
2007 Japan Central League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2007Yomiuri Giants8063.559--
2007Chunichi Dragons7864.5491.5
2007Hanshin Tigers7466.5294.5
2007Yokohama BayStars7172.4979.0
2007Hiroshima Toyo Carp6082.42319.5
2007Yakult Swallows6084.41720.5
2007 Japan Pacific League
YearTeam NameWLPctGBL
2007Nippon Ham Fighters7960.568--
2007Chiba Lotte Marines7661.5552.0
2007Fukuoka Softbank7366.5256.0
2007Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles6775.47213.5
2007Seibu Lions6676.46514.5
2007Orix Buffaloes6277.44617.0