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Osceola County StadiumBallpark Profile
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Basic information on Osceola County Stadium. Essentially a list of basic park attributes and a history of tenants. The tenant list may not be complete. The tenant list could contain more than 1 team. Stadiums often change names and we have tracked them as well. Each record in the tenant list will show the name of the stadium for that year. Most changes in stadium names are related to sponsorship of the stadium changing.

LocationKissimmee, Florida
Address631 Heritage Park Way
Seating Capacity5,300SurfaceGrass
Dimensions (LF-LC-CF-RC-RF)325-0-405-0-325

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Recent Tenant History for Osceola County Stadium

YearTeam NameNicknameLeagueDivisionCategoryStadium NameGWLPctGBLRkManagerPlayoffs
2018FloridaFire FrogsFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorOsceola County Stadium1315180.38923.06Luis Salazar
2017FloridaFire FrogsFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorOsceola County Stadium1294881.37234.06Paul Runge
2016Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastMinorOsceola County Stadium532231.4154.55Marty Malloy
2015Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastMinorOsceola County Stadium601941.31717.54Marty Malloy
2014Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastMinorOsceola County Stadium602832.4677.04Marty Malloy
2013Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastMinorOsceola County Stadium602733.4509.03Edgar Alfonzo
2012Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium592831.4756.53Ed Romero
2011Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium542034.37018.05
2010Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium562036.35717.05Omar Lopez
2009Gulf Coast Astros-Gulf Coast LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium561838.32120.55Omar Lopez
2000KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State League-MinorOsceola County Stadium1397366.52511.50
1999KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1377166.5181.52Manny ActaLeague Champions
1998KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1396475.46015.54Manny Acta
1997KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1377166.5189.02John TamargoLost in Semi-Finals
1996KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1356075.44412.05Alan Ashby
1995KissimmeeCobrasFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1365581.40432.55Dave Engle
1994OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1354689.34130.06Tim Tolman
1993OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueEastMinorOsceola County Stadium1305674.43122.05Tim Tolman
1992OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium684226.618--1Sal ButeraLost in Semi-Finals
1991OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1276463.5047.52Sal Butera
1990OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1387266.52214.02Sal Butera
1989OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1377265.5265.03Rick Sweet
1988OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1378354.606--1Keith BodieLost in Finals
1987OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1398059.576--1Ken BolekLost in Finals
1986OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1375978.43126.02
1985OsceolaAstrosFlorida State LeagueCentralMinorOsceola County Stadium1357758.570--1Dave CripeLost in Semi-Finals
26 season(s) listed for this ballpark