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Florida Auto Exchange StadiumBallpark Profile
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Basic information on Florida Auto Exchange Stadium. Essentially a list of basic park attributes and a history of tenants. The tenant list may not be complete. The tenant list could contain more than 1 team. Stadiums often change names and we have tracked them as well. Each record in the tenant list will show the name of the stadium for that year. Most changes in stadium names are related to sponsorship of the stadium changing.

LocationDunedin, Florida
Address373 Douglas Ave. #A
Seating Capacity5,510SurfaceGrass
Dimensions (LF-LC-CF-RC-RF)333-380-400-363-336
Prior Stadium NamesDunedin Stadium, Knology Park
Other Dunedin Blue Jays StadiumsDunedin Stadium -- Grant Field -- Knology Park

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Recent Tenant History for Florida Auto Exchange Stadium

YearTeam NameNicknameLeagueDivisionCategoryStadium NameGWLPctGBLRkManagerPlayoffs
2018DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorDunedin Stadium1376968.5048.05Casey Candaele
2017DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1387266.52214.52John SchneiderCo-League Champions
2016DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1357659.5635.53Lost in Semi-Finals
2015DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1376176.44518.04Omar Malave
2014DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1387761.558--1Omar MalaveLost in Semi-Finals
2013DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1316368.48114.55Bob MeachamLost in Semi-Finals
2012DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1337855.586--1Mike RedmondLost in Semi-Finals
2011DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorFlorida Auto Exchange Stadium1407961.564--1Clayton McCulloughLost in Semi-Finals
2010DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorDunedin Stadium1397267.5188.03Clayton McCulloughLost in Semi-Finals
2009DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueNorthMinorDunedin Stadium1346767.50015.54Omar Malave
2008DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorKnology Park1388553.616--1Omar MalaveLost in Semi-Finals
2007DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorKnology Park1407268.51411.54Omar Malave
2006DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorKnology Park1376869.49610.53Omar MalaveLost in Finals
2005DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorKnology Park1408258.5866.52Omar MalaveLost in Semi-Finals
2004DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorKnology Park1337657.571--1Omar MalaveLost in Semi-Finals
2003DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1407862.557--1Mike BassoLost in Finals
2002DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1356372.46718.54Marty Pevey
2001DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1357164.5264.02Marty Pevey
2000DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State League-MinorDunedin Stadium1388454.609--0Marty Pevey
1999DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1378651.628--1Rocket WheelerLost in Finals
1998DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1408258.5861.03Rocket Wheeler
1997DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1395782.41025.08Ernie Whitt,Dennis Holmberg
1996DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1376770.48918.55Dennis Holmberg
1995DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1376374.46015.58Jim Nettles
1994DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1336568.48915.56Jim Nettles
1993DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1326864.51515.55Dennis Holmberg
1992DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium703634.51414.54Dennis HolmbergLost in 1st Round
1991DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1315972.45022.54Dennis Holmberg
1990DunedinBlue JaysFlorida State LeagueWestMinorDunedin Stadium1368452.618--2Dennis HolmbergLost in 1st Round
29 season(s) listed for this ballpark