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Arm & Hammer ParkBallpark Profile
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Basic information on Arm & Hammer Park. Essentially a list of basic park attributes and a history of tenants. The tenant list may not be complete. The tenant list could contain more than 1 team. Stadiums often change names and we have tracked them as well. Each record in the tenant list will show the name of the stadium for that year. Most changes in stadium names are related to sponsorship of the stadium changing.

LocationTrenton, New Jersey
Seating Capacity6,341SurfaceGrass
Dimensions (LF-LC-CF-RC-RF)330-0-407-0-330
Prior Stadium NamesMercer County Waterfront Park
Other Trenton Thunder StadiumsMercer County Waterfront Park

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Recent Tenant History for Arm & Hammer Park

YearTeam NameNicknameLeagueDivisionCategoryStadium NameGWLPctGBLRkManagerPlayoffs
2018TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorArm & Hammer Park1407961.564--1Jay BellLost in semi-finals
2017TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorArm & Hammer Park1409248.657--1Bobby MitchellLost in Finals
2016TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorArm & Hammer Park1428755.6132.52Bobby MitchellLost in Finals
2015TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorArm & Hammer Park1427171.5009.53Al Pedrique
2014TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1426775.47221.04Tony Franklin
2013TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1417467.52512.02League champions
2012TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1427963.556--1Tony FranklinLost in Finals
2011TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1416873.4828.54Tony Franklin
2010TrentonThunderEastern LeagueEasternMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1428359.585--1Tony FranklinLost in Finals
2009TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1416972.48913.53Tony Franklin
2008TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1408654.614--1Tony FranklinLeague Champions
2007TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1428359.585--1Tony FranklinLeague Champions
2006TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1428062.563--1Billy MasseLost in 1st Round
2005TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1427468.5212.02Billy MasseLost in Semi-Finals
2004TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1426478.45120.56Stump Merrill
2003TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1417071.4968.54Stump Merrill
2002TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1406377.45013.05Ron Johnson
2001TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1426775.47220.05Billy Gardner
2000TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1426775.47216.05Billy Gardner
1999TrentonThunderEastern LeagueNorthMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1429250.648--1DeMarlo HaleLost in Semi-Finals
1998TrentonThunderEastern LeagueSouthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1417170.50410.04DeMarlo Hale
1997TrentonThunderEastern LeagueSouthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1417170.50414.54DeMarlo Hale
1996TrentonThunderEastern LeagueSouthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1428656.606--1Ken MachaLost in Semi-Finals
1995TrentonThunderEastern LeagueSouthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1427369.514--2Ken MachaLost in Semi-Finals
1994TrentonThunderEastern LeagueSouthernMinorMercer County Waterfront Park1405585.39333.55Tom Runnells
25 season(s) listed for this ballpark