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All-Star Game Rosters

+ New York Yankees
Most Valuable Player: None
Starting Pitchers: Lefty Gomez (1933), Lefty Gomez (1934), Lefty Gomez (1935), Lefty Gomez (1937), Lefty Gomez (1938), Red Ruffing (1939), Red Ruffing (1940), Spud Chandler (1942), Hank Borowy (1944), Vic Raschi (1950), Vic Raschi (1952), Whitey Ford (1954), Bob Turley (1958), Whitey Ford (1960), Whitey Ford (1961), Mel Stottlemyre (1969), Jimmy Key (1994), David Wells (1998), Roger Clemens (2001)
  • A full listing of players on the final All-Star Team rosters for both American and National Leagues. Players originally named are not listed in the roster grid. However, for some years, where data is available, we have tried to record the replacement information.
  • First-time all-stars are highlighted.
  • Starters are listed in bold
  • Roster Notes (if any)
  • New York Yankees Historical All-Stars
    2016Carlos BeltranNew York YankeesRF6-1190B-R399
    2016Dellin BetancesNew York YankeesP6-8215R-R283
    2016Andrew MillerNew York YankeesP6-6175L-L311
    2015Dellin BetancesNew York YankeesP6-8215R-R272
    2015Brett GardnerNew York YankeesCF5-10180L-L311
    2015Mark TeixeiraNew York Yankees1B6-3225B-R353
    2014Dellin BetancesNew York YankeesP6-8215R-R261
    2014Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R4014
    2014Masahiro TanakaNew York YankeesP6-2205R-R251
    2013Robinson Cano (s)New York Yankees2B6-0172L-R305
    2013Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R4313
    2012Robinson Cano (s)New York Yankees2B6-0172L-R294
    2012Curtis Granderson (s)New York YankeesCF-LF6-1180L-R313
    2012Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R3813
    2012C.C. SabathiaNew York YankeesP6-7250L-L316
    2011Robinson Cano (s)New York Yankees2B6-0172L-R283
    2011Curtis Granderson (s)New York YankeesCF-LF6-1180L-R302
    2011Derek JeterNew York YankeesSS6-3195R-R3712
    2011Russell MartinNew York YankeesC5-11200R-R283
    2011Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R4112
    2011David RobertsonNew York YankeesP5-11180R-R261
    2011Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees3B6-3195R-R3514
    2011C.C. SabathiaNew York YankeesP6-7250L-L305
    2010Robinson Cano (s)New York Yankees2B6-0172L-R272
    2010Phil HughesNew York YankeesP6-5220R-R241
    2010Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R3611
    2010Andy PettitteNew York YankeesP6-5225L-L383
    2010Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R4011
    2010Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees3B6-3195R-R3413
    2010C.C. SabathiaNew York YankeesP6-7250L-L294
    2010Nick SwisherNew York Yankees1B6-0200B-L291
    2009Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R3510
    2009Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R3910
    2009Mark Teixeira (s)New York Yankees1B6-3225B-R292
    2008Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R349
    2008Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R389
    2008Alex Rodriguez (s)New York Yankees3B6-3195R-R3212
    2007Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R338
    2007Jorge PosadaNew York YankeesDH6-2205B-R355
    2007Alex Rodriguez (s)New York Yankees3B6-3195R-R3111
    2006Robinson CanoNew York Yankees2B6-0172L-R231
    2006Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R327
    2006Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R368
    2006Alex Rodriguez (s)New York Yankees3B6-3195R-R3010
    2005Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R357
    2005Alex Rodriguez (s)New York Yankees3B6-3195R-R299
    2005Gary SheffieldNew York YankeesRF-OF5-11205R-R369
    2004Jason Giambi (s)New York YankeesDH6-3235L-R335
    2004Tom GordonNew York YankeesP5-9190R-R362
    2004Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R306
    2004Hideki MatsuiNew York YankeesLF-DH6-2210L-R302
    2004Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R346
    2004Alex Rodriguez (s)New York Yankees3B6-3195R-R288
    2004Gary SheffieldNew York YankeesRF-OF5-11205R-R358
    2004Javier VazquezNew York YankeesP6-2195R-R271
    2003Roger ClemensNew York YankeesP6-4230R-R409
    2003Jason GiambiNew York YankeesDH6-3235L-R324
    2003Hideki Matsui (s)New York YankeesLF-DH6-2210L-R291
    2003Jorge Posada (s)New York YankeesDH6-2205B-R314
    2003Alfonso Soriano (s)New York YankeesLF6-1160R-R272
    2002Jason Giambi (s)New York YankeesDH6-3235L-R313
    2002Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R285
    2002Jorge Posada (s)New York YankeesDH6-2205B-R303
    2002Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R325
    2002Alfonso Soriano (s)New York YankeesLF6-1160R-R261
    2002Robin VenturaNew York Yankees3B6-1198L-R342
    2001Roger Clemens (s)New York YankeesP6-4230R-R388
    2001Derek JeterNew York YankeesSS6-3195R-R274
    2001Andy PettitteNew York YankeesP6-5225L-L292
    2001Jorge PosadaNew York YankeesDH6-2205B-R292
    2001Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R314
    2001Mike StantonNew York YankeesP6-1215L-L341
    2001Bernie WilliamsNew York YankeesCF6-2205B-R325
    2000Derek Jeter (s)New York YankeesSS6-3195R-R263
    2000Jorge PosadaNew York YankeesDH6-2205B-R281
    2000Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R303
    2000Bernie Williams (s)New York YankeesCF6-2205B-R314
    1999David ConeNew York YankeesP6-1190L-R365
    1999Derek JeterNew York YankeesSS6-3195R-R252
    1999Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R292
    1999Bernie WilliamsNew York YankeesCF6-2205B-R303
    1998Scott BrosiusNew York Yankees3B6-1202R-R311
    1998Derek JeterNew York YankeesSS6-3195R-R241
    1998Paul O'NeillNew York YankeesRF6-4215L-L355
    1998David Wells (s)New York YankeesP6-4235L-L352
    1998Bernie WilliamsNew York YankeesCF6-2205B-R292
    1997David ConeNew York YankeesP6-1190L-R344
    1997Tino Martinez (s)New York Yankees1B6-2210L-R292
    1997Paul O'Neill (s)New York YankeesRF6-4215L-L344
    1997Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesP6-2170R-R271
    1997Bernie WilliamsNew York YankeesCF6-2205B-R281
    1996Wade Boggs (s)New York Yankees3B6-2197L-R3812
    1996Andy PettitteNew York YankeesP6-5225L-L241
    1996John WettelandNew York YankeesP6-2215R-R291
    1995Wade Boggs (s)New York Yankees3B6-2197L-R3711
    1995Paul O'NeillNew York YankeesRF6-4215L-L323
    1995Mike StanleyNew York YankeesC-1B6-0190R-R321
    1994Wade Boggs (s)New York Yankees3B6-2197L-R3610
    1994Jimmy Key (s)New York YankeesP6-1190R-L334
    1994Paul O'NeillNew York YankeesRF6-4215L-L312
    1993Wade Boggs (s)New York Yankees3B6-2197L-R359
    1993Jimmy KeyNew York YankeesP6-1190R-L323
    1992Roberto KellyNew York YankeesCF-LF6-2198R-R271
    1991Scott SandersonNew York YankeesP6-5200R-R341
    1990Steve Sax (s)New York Yankees2B5-11182R-R305
    1989Don MattinglyNew York Yankees1B5-11185L-L286
    1989Steve SaxNew York Yankees2B5-11182R-R294
    1988Rickey Henderson (s)New York YankeesLF-OF5-10190R-L298
    1988Don MattinglyNew York Yankees1B5-11185L-L275
    1988Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R3612
    1987Rickey Henderson (s)New York YankeesLF-OF5-10190R-L287
    1987Don Mattingly (s)New York Yankees1B5-11185L-L264
    1987Willie Randolph (s)New York Yankees2B5-11171R-R325
    1987Dave RighettiNew York YankeesP6-4210L-L282
    1987Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R3511
    1986Rickey Henderson (s)New York YankeesLF-OF5-10190R-L276
    1986Don MattinglyNew York Yankees1B5-11185L-L253
    1986Dave RighettiNew York YankeesP6-4210L-L271
    1986Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R3410
    1985Rickey Henderson (s)New York YankeesLF-OF5-10190R-L265
    1985Don MattinglyNew York Yankees1B5-11185L-L242
    1985Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R339
    1984Don MattinglyNew York Yankees1B5-11185L-L231
    1984Phil NiekroNew York YankeesP6-1180R-R455
    1984Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R328
    1983Ron GuidryNew York YankeesP5-11160L-L324
    1983Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R317
    1982Rich GossageNew York YankeesP6-3217R-R307
    1982Ron GuidryNew York YankeesP5-11160L-L313
    1982Dave WinfieldNew York YankeesRF6-6220R-R306
    1981Ron DavisNew York YankeesP6-4207R-R251
    1981Bucky Dent (s)New York YankeesSS5-11181R-R293
    1981Rich GossageNew York YankeesP6-3217R-R296
    1981Reggie Jackson (s)New York YankeesOF6-0200L-L3511
    1981Willie Randolph (s)New York Yankees2B5-11171R-R264
    1981Dave Winfield (s)New York YankeesRF6-6220R-R295
    1980Bucky Dent (s)New York YankeesSS5-11181R-R282
    1980Rich GossageNew York YankeesP6-3217R-R285
    1980Reggie Jackson (s)New York YankeesOF6-0200L-L3410
    1980Tommy JohnNew York YankeesP6-3185R-L374
    1980Graig Nettles (s)New York Yankees3B6-0185L-R355
    1980Willie Randolph (s)New York Yankees2B5-11171R-R253
    1979Ron GuidryNew York YankeesP5-11160L-L282
    1979Reggie JacksonNew York YankeesOF6-0200L-L339
    1979Tommy JohnNew York YankeesP6-3185R-L363
    1979Graig NettlesNew York Yankees3B6-0185L-R344
    1978Rich GossageNew York YankeesP6-3217R-R264
    1978Ron GuidryNew York YankeesP5-11160L-L271
    1978Reggie JacksonNew York YankeesOF6-0200L-L328
    1978Thurman MunsonNew York YankeesC5-11191R-R317
    1978Graig NettlesNew York Yankees3B6-0185L-R333
    1977Reggie Jackson (s)New York YankeesOF6-0200L-L317
    1977Sparky LyleNew York YankeesP6-1195L-L323
    1977Thurman MunsonNew York YankeesC5-11191R-R306
    1977Graig NettlesNew York Yankees3B6-0185L-R322
    1977Willie Randolph (s)New York Yankees2B5-11171R-R222
    1976Chris ChamblissNew York Yankees1B6-1212L-R271
    1976Catfish HunterNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R308
    1976Sparky LyleNew York YankeesP6-1195L-L312
    1976Thurman Munson (s)New York YankeesC5-11191R-R295
    1976Willie RandolphNew York Yankees2B5-11171R-R211
    1976Mickey RiversNew York YankeesOF5-10165L-L271
    1975Bobby Bonds (s)New York YankeesOF6-1190R-R293
    1975Catfish HunterNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R297
    1975Thurman Munson (s)New York YankeesC5-11191R-R284
    1975Graig Nettles (s)New York Yankees3B6-0185L-R301
    1974Thurman Munson (s)New York YankeesC5-11191R-R273
    1974Bobby Murcer (s)New York YankeesOF5-11180L-R284
    1973Sparky LyleNew York YankeesP6-1195L-L281
    1973Thurman MunsonNew York YankeesC5-11191R-R262
    1973Bobby Murcer (s)New York YankeesOF5-11180L-R273
    1972Bobby Murcer (s)New York YankeesOF5-11180L-R262
    1971Thurman MunsonNew York YankeesC5-11191R-R241
    1971Bobby Murcer (s)New York YankeesOF5-11180L-R251
    1970Fritz PetersonNew York YankeesP6-0200B-L281
    1970Mel StottlemyreNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R285
    1970Roy WhiteNew York YankeesOF5-10172B-R262
    1969Mel Stottlemyre (s)New York YankeesP6-2190R-R274
    1969Roy WhiteNew York YankeesOF5-10172B-R251
    1968Mickey MantleNew York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3616
    1968Mel StottlemyreNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R263
    1967Al DowningNew York YankeesP5-11177R-L261
    1967Mickey MantleNew York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3515
    1966Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R307
    1966Mel StottlemyreNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R242
    1965Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R369
    1965Mickey MantleNew York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3314
    1965Joe PepitoneNew York Yankees1B-OF6-2200L-L243
    1965Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R296
    1965Mel StottlemyreNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R231
    1964Whitey FordNew York YankeesP5-10181L-L358
    1964Elston Howard (s)New York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R358
    1964Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3213
    1964Joe PepitoneNew York Yankees1B-OF6-2200L-L232
    1964Bobby Richardson (s)New York Yankees2B5-9170R-R285
    1963Jim BoutonNew York YankeesP6-0185R-R241
    1963Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R347
    1963Mickey MantleNew York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3112
    1963Joe Pepitone (s)New York Yankees1B-OF6-2200L-L221
    1963Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R274
    1963Tom TreshNew York YankeesOF-SS6-0191B-R252
    1962Yogi BerraNew York YankeesC5-8194L-R3715
    1962Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R336
    1962Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R3011
    1962Roger Maris (s)New York YankeesOF6-0204L-R274
    1962Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R263
    1962Ralph TerryNew York YankeesP6-3195R-R261
    1962Tom TreshNew York YankeesOF-SS6-0191B-R241
    1961Luis ArroyoNew York YankeesP5-8190L-L342
    1961Yogi BerraNew York YankeesC5-8194L-R3614
    1961Whitey Ford (s)New York YankeesP5-10181L-L327
    1961Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R325
    1961Tony Kubek (s)New York YankeesSS6-3191L-R243
    1961Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R2910
    1961Roger Maris (s)New York YankeesOF6-0204L-R263
    1961Bill SkowronNew York Yankees1B5-11195R-R305
    1960Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R3513
    1960Jim CoatesNew York YankeesP6-4192R-R271
    1960Whitey Ford (s)New York YankeesP5-10181L-L316
    1960Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R314
    1960Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R289
    1960Roger Maris (s)New York YankeesOF6-0204L-R252
    1960Bill Skowron (s)New York Yankees1B5-11195R-R294
    1959Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R3412
    1959Ryne DurenNew York YankeesP6-1195R-R302
    1959Whitey FordNew York YankeesP5-10181L-L305
    1959Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R303
    1959Tony KubekNew York YankeesSS6-3191L-R222
    1959Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R278
    1959Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees2B-3B6-1180R-R315
    1959Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R232
    1959Bill Skowron (s)New York Yankees1B5-11195R-R283
    1958Yogi BerraNew York YankeesC5-8194L-R3311
    1958Ryne DurenNew York YankeesP6-1195R-R291
    1958Whitey FordNew York YankeesP5-10181L-L294
    1958Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R292
    1958Tony KubekNew York YankeesSS6-3191L-R211
    1958Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R267
    1958Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees2B-3B6-1180R-R304
    1958Bill Skowron (s)New York Yankees1B5-11195R-R272
    1958Bob Turley (s)New York YankeesP6-2215R-R273
    1957Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R3210
    1957Bob GrimNew York YankeesP6-1185R-R271
    1957Elston HowardNew York YankeesC-OF6-2200R-R281
    1957Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R256
    1957Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees2B-3B6-1180R-R293
    1957Bobby RichardsonNew York Yankees2B5-9170R-R211
    1957Bobby ShantzNew York YankeesP5-6142R-L313
    1957Bill SkowronNew York Yankees1B5-11195R-R261
    1956Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R319
    1956Whitey FordNew York YankeesP5-10181L-L273
    1956Johnny KucksNew York YankeesP6-3184R-R221
    1956Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R245
    1956Billy MartinNew York Yankees2B5-11165R-R281
    1956Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees2B-3B6-1180R-R282
    1955Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R308
    1955Whitey FordNew York YankeesP5-10181L-L262
    1955Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R234
    1955Bob TurleyNew York YankeesP6-2215R-R242
    1954Hank Bauer (s)New York YankeesOF6-0192R-R313
    1954Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R297
    1954Whitey Ford (s)New York YankeesP5-10181L-L251
    1954Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R223
    1954Irv NorenNew York YankeesOF6-0190L-L291
    1954Allie ReynoldsNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R396
    1953Hank Bauer (s)New York YankeesOF6-0192R-R302
    1953Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R286
    1953Mickey Mantle (s)New York YankeesOF5-11198B-R212
    1953Johnny MizeNew York Yankees1B6-2215L-R4010
    1953Allie ReynoldsNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R385
    1953Phil RizzutoNew York YankeesSS5-6160R-R355
    1953Johnny SainNew York YankeesP6-2200R-R353
    1952Hank Bauer (s)New York YankeesOF6-0192R-R291
    1952Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R275
    1952Mickey MantleNew York YankeesOF5-11198B-R201
    1952Gil McDougald (s)New York Yankees2B-3B6-1180R-R241
    1952Vic Raschi (s)New York YankeesP6-1205R-R334
    1952Allie ReynoldsNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R374
    1952Phil Rizzuto (s)New York YankeesSS5-6160R-R344
    1951Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R264
    1951Joe DiMaggioNew York YankeesOF6-2193R-R3613
    1951Ed LopatNew York YankeesP5-10185L-L331
    1951Phil RizzutoNew York YankeesSS5-6160R-R333
    1950Yogi Berra (s)New York YankeesC5-8194L-R253
    1950Tommy ByrneNew York YankeesP6-1182L-L301
    1950Jerry ColemanNew York Yankees2B-SS6-0170R-R251
    1950Joe DiMaggioNew York YankeesOF6-2193R-R3512
    1950Tommy HenrichNew York YankeesOF6-0180L-L375
    1950Vic Raschi (s)New York YankeesP6-1205R-R313
    1950Allie ReynoldsNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R353
    1950Phil Rizzuto (s)New York YankeesSS5-6160R-R322
    1949Yogi BerraNew York YankeesC5-8194L-R242
    1949Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R3411
    1949Tommy HenrichNew York YankeesOF6-0180L-L364
    1949Vic RaschiNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R302
    1949Allie ReynoldsNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R342
    1948Yogi BerraNew York YankeesC5-8194L-R231
    1948Joe DiMaggioNew York YankeesOF6-2193R-R3310
    1948Tommy Henrich (s)New York YankeesOF6-0180L-L353
    1948George McQuinn (s)New York Yankees1B5-11165L-L387
    1948Joe PageNew York YankeesP6-2205L-L303
    1948Vic RaschiNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R291
    1947Spud ChandlerNew York YankeesP6-0181R-R394
    1947Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R329
    1947Tommy HenrichNew York YankeesOF6-0180L-L342
    1947Billy JohnsonNew York Yankees3B5-10180R-R281
    1947Charlie KellerNew York YankeesOF5-10190L-R305
    1947George McQuinn (s)New York Yankees1B5-11165L-L376
    1947Joe PageNew York YankeesP6-2205L-L292
    1947Aaron RobinsonNew York YankeesC6-2205L-R321
    1947Spec SheaNew York YankeesP6-0195R-R261
    1946Spud ChandlerNew York YankeesP6-0181R-R383
    1946Bill DickeyNew York YankeesC6-2185L-R3911
    1946Joe DiMaggioNew York YankeesOF6-2193R-R318
    1946Joe GordonNew York Yankees2B5-10180R-R316
    1946Charlie Keller (s)New York YankeesOF5-10190L-R294
    1946Snuffy StirnweissNew York Yankees2B5-8175R-R272
    1944Hank Borowy (s)New York YankeesP6-0175R-R281
    1944Rollie Hemsley (s)New York YankeesC5-10170R-R375
    1944Joe PageNew York YankeesP6-2205L-L261
    1943Tiny BonhamNew York YankeesP6-2215R-R292
    1943Spud ChandlerNew York YankeesP6-0181R-R352
    1943Bill DickeyNew York YankeesC6-2185L-R3610
    1943Joe GordonNew York Yankees2B5-10180R-R285
    1943Charlie KellerNew York YankeesOF5-10190L-R263
    1943Johnny LindellNew York YankeesOF6-4217R-R261
    1942Tiny BonhamNew York YankeesP6-2215R-R281
    1942Spud Chandler (s)New York YankeesP6-0181R-R341
    1942Bill DickeyNew York YankeesC6-2185L-R359
    1942Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R277
    1942Joe Gordon (s)New York Yankees2B5-10180R-R274
    1942Tommy Henrich (s)New York YankeesOF6-0180L-L291
    1942Phil RizzutoNew York YankeesSS5-6160R-R241
    1942Buddy RosarNew York YankeesC5-9190R-R271
    1942Red RuffingNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R386
    1941Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R348
    1941Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R266
    1941Joe GordonNew York Yankees2B5-10180R-R263
    1941Charlie KellerNew York YankeesOF5-10190L-R242
    1941Red RuffingNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R375
    1941Marius RussoNew York YankeesP6-1190R-L261
    1940Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R337
    1940Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R255
    1940Joe Gordon (s)New York Yankees2B5-10180R-R252
    1940Charlie Keller (s)New York YankeesOF5-10190L-R231
    1940Monte PearsonNew York YankeesP6-0175R-R312
    1940Red RolfeNew York Yankees3B5-11170L-R314
    1940Red Ruffing (s)New York YankeesP6-1205R-R364
    1939Frankie CrosettiNew York YankeesSS5-10165R-R282
    1939Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R326
    1939Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R244
    1939Lou GehrigNew York Yankees1B6-0200L-L367
    1939Lefty GomezNew York YankeesP6-2173L-L307
    1939Joe Gordon (s)New York Yankees2B5-10180R-R241
    1939Johnny MurphyNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R303
    1939Red Rolfe (s)New York Yankees3B5-11170L-R303
    1939Red Ruffing (s)New York YankeesP6-1205R-R353
    1939George Selkirk (s)New York YankeesOF6-1182L-R312
    1938Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R315
    1938Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R233
    1938Lou GehrigNew York Yankees1B6-0200L-L356
    1938Lefty Gomez (s)New York YankeesP6-2173L-L296
    1938Johnny MurphyNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R292
    1938Red RolfeNew York Yankees3B5-11170L-R292
    1938Red RuffingNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R342
    1937Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R304
    1937Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R222
    1937Lou Gehrig (s)New York Yankees1B6-0200L-L345
    1937Lefty Gomez (s)New York YankeesP6-2173L-L285
    1937Johnny MurphyNew York YankeesP6-2190R-R281
    1937Red Rolfe (s)New York Yankees3B5-11170L-R281
    1936Frankie CrosettiNew York YankeesSS5-10165R-R251
    1936Bill DickeyNew York YankeesC6-2185L-R293
    1936Joe DiMaggio (s)New York YankeesOF6-2193R-R211
    1936Lou Gehrig (s)New York Yankees1B6-0200L-L334
    1936Lefty GomezNew York YankeesP6-2173L-L274
    1936Monte PearsonNew York YankeesP6-0175R-R271
    1936George SelkirkNew York YankeesOF6-1182L-R281
    1935Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesP-OF6-0190R-R263
    1935Lou Gehrig (s)New York Yankees1B6-0200L-L323
    1935Lefty Gomez (s)New York YankeesP6-2173L-L263
    1934Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesP-OF6-0190R-R252
    1934Bill Dickey (s)New York YankeesC6-2185L-R272
    1934Lou Gehrig (s)New York Yankees1B6-0200L-L312
    1934Lefty Gomez (s)New York YankeesP6-2173L-L252
    1934Red RuffingNew York YankeesP6-1205R-R301
    1934Babe Ruth (s)New York YankeesOF6-2215L-L392
    1933Bill DickeyNew York YankeesC6-2185L-R261
    1933Lou Gehrig (s)New York Yankees1B6-0200L-L301
    1933Lefty Gomez (s)New York YankeesP6-2173L-L241
    1933Tony LazzeriNew York Yankees2B5-11170R-R291
    1933Babe Ruth (s)New York YankeesOF6-2215L-L381

    Roster Notes

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