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Review of the 2013 Northeast Conference College Baseball Season. Standings are complete for Division I for 2002-present but for all other seasons, the standings are based only on available stats captured.
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2013 Pitching Leaderboards

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Earned Run Average - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Salvatore LisantiBryant University1.27
2Vaughn HaywardBryant University1.66
3James CookseySacred Heart1.80
4Jesse FrawleyCentral Ct State1.83
5Matt MorrisWagner1.98
6Andrew McGeeMonmouth2.12
7Trevor LacosseBryant University2.17
8Brendyn KarinchakCentral Ct State2.28
9John HealyBryant University2.32
10Derek LamacchiaQuinnipiac2.39
W+H Per Inning Pitched - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Craig SchlitterBryant University0.93
2Andrew McGeeMonmouth0.94
3Troy ScribnerSacred Heart1.00
4Pete KelichBryant University1.03
5John HealyBryant University1.04
6James CookseySacred Heart1.05
7Salvatore LisantiBryant University1.06
8Jesse FrawleyCentral Ct State1.07
9Jeff StoddardSacred Heart1.09
10Jack GreenhouseCentral Ct State1.10
Wins - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Craig SchlitterBryant University10
2John HealyBryant University9
3Jeff StoddardSacred Heart8
3Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn8
3Andrew McGeeMonmouth8
6Pete KelichBryant University7
6Kevin McavoyBryant University7
6Kody KerskiSacred Heart7
9Joseph MichaudBryant University6
9Nick LeiningenSacred Heart6
9Paul MamminoWagner6
Losses - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike AdamsWagner8
2Derek LamacchiaQuinnipiac7
2Joe BorelliFairleigh Dickinson7
2Nick FabrizioQuinnipiac7
2Brendan ButlerFairleigh Dickinson7
2Jordan LawsonMount Saint Mary7
2Scott NickersonMount Saint Mary7
8Chris FranzeseLong Island-Brooklyn6
8Dan SmithMonmouth6
8Nick CuonoFairleigh Dickinson6
8Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn6
8Craig WarnerFairleigh Dickinson6
8Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn6
Games Pitched - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Anthony CaliseFairleigh Dickinson31
2Evan ZerffLong Island-Brooklyn27
2Trevor LacosseBryant University27
4Dan WertzSacred Heart25
5Jeff PaglioneMonmouth23
5Anthony BattagliaWagner23
5Yonah PerlineFairleigh Dickinson23
8Salvatore LisantiBryant University22
8Steve FreyMonmouth22
8Eric SnyderFairleigh Dickinson22
Games Started - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn14
1Pete KelichBryant University14
1Kevin McavoyBryant University14
1Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn14
5Andrew McGeeMonmouth13
5Craig SchlitterBryant University13
5Ryan CaseyWagner13
8Spencer KaneQuinnipiac12
8Cody BrownCentral Ct State12
8Nick NeumannCentral Ct State12
8Jeff StoddardSacred Heart12
Complete Games - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Andrew McGeeMonmouth7
1Jeff StoddardSacred Heart7
3Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn5
3Troy ScribnerSacred Heart5
3Nick NeumannCentral Ct State5
6Matt MorrisWagner4
6Ryan CaseyWagner4
6Cody BrownCentral Ct State4
6Brendan ButlerFairleigh Dickinson4
6Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn4
6Spencer KaneQuinnipiac4
Shutouts - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Craig SchlitterBryant University2
1Andrew McGeeMonmouth2
1Nick LeiningenSacred Heart2
1Jeff StoddardSacred Heart2
5Kevin McavoyBryant University1
5Nick NeumannCentral Ct State1
5Connor GraberMount Saint Mary1
5Ryan CaseyWagner1
Saves - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Salvatore LisantiBryant University10
2Josh InghamCentral Ct State7
3Gary BinkiewiczQuinnipiac6
3Anthony BattagliaWagner6
5Steve FreyMonmouth5
6Eric SnyderFairleigh Dickinson4
6Jesus MedinaSacred Heart4
8Tito MarreroLong Island-Brooklyn3
8Brendyn KarinchakCentral Ct State3
10Vaughn HaywardBryant University2
10Kevin NeedhamLong Island-Brooklyn2
10Joseph MichaudBryant University2
10Evan ZerffLong Island-Brooklyn2
10Jonathan CohenBryant University2
10Dominic SeverinoCentral Ct State2
10Nick AlfanoWagner2
Innings PItched - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Andrew McGeeMonmouth110.1
2Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn100.0
3Pete KelichBryant University92.2
4Ryan CaseyWagner89.1
5Cody BrownCentral Ct State85.2
6Troy ScribnerSacred Heart83.1
7Kevin McavoyBryant University81.2
8Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn80.1
9Craig SchlitterBryant University78.1
9Jeff StoddardSacred Heart78.1
Hits Allowed - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan CaseyWagner100
1Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn100
3Cody BrownCentral Ct State95
4Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn94
5Andrew McGeeMonmouth89
6Nick CuonoFairleigh Dickinson83
7Nick FabrizioQuinnipiac82
8Spencer KaneQuinnipiac79
9Pete KelichBryant University77
10Nick NeumannCentral Ct State74
10Jordan LawsonMount Saint Mary74
10Dan SmithMonmouth74
Runs Allowed - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Joe BorelliFairleigh Dickinson52
2Dan SmithMonmouth51
2Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn51
4Ryan CaseyWagner50
4Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn50
4Mike AdamsWagner50
7Nick CuonoFairleigh Dickinson49
8Brendan ButlerFairleigh Dickinson46
9Craig WarnerFairleigh Dickinson45
10Nick LeiningenSacred Heart44
Earned Runs Allowed - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick CuonoFairleigh Dickinson46
2Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn45
2Joe BorelliFairleigh Dickinson45
2Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn45
5Ryan CaseyWagner43
5Mike AdamsWagner43
7Brendan ButlerFairleigh Dickinson41
8Nick FabrizioQuinnipiac40
9Dan SmithMonmouth39
10Nick LeiningenSacred Heart38
Home Runs Allowed - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick LeiningenSacred Heart7
2Ryan CaseyWagner6
2Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn6
4Connor GraberMount Saint Mary4
4Steven BloodworthWagner4
4Craig WarnerFairleigh Dickinson4
4Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn4
4Kevin CastodioQuinnipiac4
4Scott NickersonMount Saint Mary4
10Steve FreyMonmouth3
10Alain GirmanMount Saint Mary3
10Dan SmithMonmouth3
10Cody BrownCentral Ct State3
10Thomas WilliamsMount Saint Mary3
10Spencer KaneQuinnipiac3
10Kevin McavoyBryant University3
10Anthony CaliseFairleigh Dickinson3
10Kevin NeedhamLong Island-Brooklyn3
10Eric SnyderFairleigh Dickinson3
10Chris Del VecchioMount Saint Mary3
10Joe BorelliFairleigh Dickinson3
10Jeff StoddardSacred Heart3
10Mike AdamsWagner3
Walks Allowed - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike AdamsWagner50
2Brendan ButlerFairleigh Dickinson37
3Nick LeiningenSacred Heart36
4Joe BorelliFairleigh Dickinson35
5Scott NickersonMount Saint Mary31
6Chris FranzeseLong Island-Brooklyn30
7Matt CadiganFairleigh Dickinson29
7Justin ThomasQuinnipiac29
7Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn29
10Spencer KaneQuinnipiac28
10Alain GirmanMount Saint Mary28
Strikeouts - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Troy ScribnerSacred Heart90
2Pete KelichBryant University83
3Justin TopaLong Island-Brooklyn81
4Craig SchlitterBryant University74
5Andrew McGeeMonmouth69
6John HealyBryant University68
7Kody KerskiSacred Heart63
8Jordan WilcoxLong Island-Brooklyn60
9Joseph MichaudBryant University58
10Derek LamacchiaQuinnipiac56
10Kevin McavoyBryant University56
Hits per 9 Innings - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1James CookseySacred Heart6.30
2Salvatore LisantiBryant University6.35
3Craig SchlitterBryant University6.55
4Vaughn HaywardBryant University6.65
5John HealyBryant University6.72
6Joseph MichaudBryant University6.79
7Tyler BenderLong Island-Brooklyn7.06
8Troy ScribnerSacred Heart7.13
9Trevor LacosseBryant University7.23
10Andrew McGeeMonmouth7.26
Home Runs per 9 Innings - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Troy ScribnerSacred Heart0.11
2John HealyBryant University0.12
2Kody KerskiSacred Heart0.12
4Logan FratiFairleigh Dickinson0.16
4Andrew McGeeMonmouth0.16
6Casey BrownCentral Ct State0.17
6Justin ThomasQuinnipiac0.17
8Nick MorriseySacred Heart0.21
9Craig SchlitterBryant University0.23
9Dan WertzSacred Heart0.23
Walks per 9 Innings - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jesse FrawleyCentral Ct State0.92
2Jack GreenhouseCentral Ct State1.17
3Andrew McGeeMonmouth1.22
4Chris MckennaMonmouth1.50
5Pete KelichBryant University1.75
6Craig SchlitterBryant University1.84
6Troy ScribnerSacred Heart1.84
6Jeff StoddardSacred Heart1.84
9Frank TrimarcoMonmouth1.88
10Nick NeumannCentral Ct State1.92
Strikeouts per 9 Innings - (NEC)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Troy ScribnerSacred Heart9.72
2Alain GirmanMount Saint Mary9.68
3Vaughn HaywardBryant University9.55
4Salvatore LisantiBryant University8.89
5Tyler BenderLong Island-Brooklyn8.72
6Joseph MichaudBryant University8.56
7Craig SchlitterBryant University8.50
8Evan ZerffLong Island-Brooklyn8.43
9Chris FranzeseLong Island-Brooklyn8.10
10Pete KelichBryant University8.06
227 record(s)
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