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Review of the 2003 Southern Conference College Baseball Season. Standings are complete for Division I for 2002-present but for all other seasons, the standings are based only on available stats captured.
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2003 Pitching Leaderboards

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Earned Run Average - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Tom MastnyFurman1.09
2David MitchellFurman1.12
3Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern1.51
4Griff BeckhamThe Citadel1.91
5Ryan GordonUNC-Greensboro2.59
6Cal HurstFurman2.70
7Derrick HawkWestern Carolina2.86
8Barry RichardsonCollege of Charleston2.89
9Andy HutchingsCollege of Charleston2.91
10Matt SoaleCollege of Charleston2.93
W+H Per Inning Pitched - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern0.76
2Tom MastnyFurman0.81
3David MitchellFurman0.84
4Cal HurstFurman1.10
5Mike McClainUNC-Greensboro1.14
6Derrick HawkWestern Carolina1.16
7Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro1.17
8Brad JoseyWestern Carolina1.19
8Ryan GordonUNC-Greensboro1.19
10Jon StallsmithFurman1.20
10Scott TolbertGeorgia Southern1.20
10Chip CannonThe Citadel1.20
10John CarrollGeorgia Southern1.20
10Brandon McDowellWestern Carolina1.20
10Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina1.20
Wins - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro11
1Tom MastnyFurman11
3Derrick HawkWestern Carolina10
4Matt SoaleCollege of Charleston8
4Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina8
4Jay MetzgerUNC-Greensboro8
7Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern7
7Kyle FunkFurman7
7John CarrollGeorgia Southern7
7Brad JoseyWestern Carolina7
7Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.7
7Brandon McDowellWestern Carolina7
7Scott TolbertGeorgia Southern7
Losses - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick PetersonAppalachian State11
2Jarrod RampeyWofford10
3Jesse ColeWofford9
3Culley KlineWofford9
5Derrik WolpertDavidson College8
5Brian RogersGeorgia Southern8
7Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State7
7Joe NortonAppalachian State7
7Josh KiteEast Tennessee State7
7Scott ClarkAppalachian State7
Games Pitched - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro41
2Chris MasonUNC-Greensboro30
2Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern30
4Brian BarnesWestern Carolina29
5Derrick HawkWestern Carolina28
5Willie McKenzieEast Tennessee State28
7Matt HamerThe Citadel27
7David MitchellFurman27
9Shannon SprouseThe Citadel26
10Jarrod HyderEast Tennessee State25
10Ryan FosterWestern Carolina25
Games Started - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina18
2Brad JoseyWestern Carolina17
2Scooter MichaelUNC-Greensboro17
4Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern16
5Reid PriceCollege of Charleston15
5Seth FosterWestern Carolina15
5Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.15
5Tom MastnyFurman15
5Jay MetzgerUNC-Greensboro15
5Jesse ColeWofford15
5Jonathan EllisThe Citadel15
5Brian RogersGeorgia Southern15
Complete Games - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Tom MastnyFurman8
2Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.4
3Matt SoaleCollege of Charleston3
4Jeremy HarperVa Military Inst.2
4Jonathan EllisThe Citadel2
4Jesse ColeWofford2
4Brian RogersGeorgia Southern2
4Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina2
4Reid PriceCollege of Charleston2
4Brad JoseyWestern Carolina2
Shutouts - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.1
1Nick PetersonAppalachian State1
1Taylor CraigAppalachian State1
1Ken EgeltonThe Citadel1
1Derrik WolpertDavidson College1
1Steven CalicuttEast Tennessee State1
1Patrick GriffinFurman1
1Tom MastnyFurman1
1Brandon McDowellWestern Carolina1
1Brad JoseyWestern Carolina1
Saves - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris MasonUNC-Greensboro8
2Ryan FosterWestern Carolina7
2David MitchellFurman7
2Shannon SprouseThe Citadel7
5Jeff DemaraVa Military Inst.6
6Barry RichardsonCollege of Charleston4
6Derrick HawkWestern Carolina4
6Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern4
9J.J. HollenbeckVa Military Inst.3
9Jason CadenheadGeorgia Southern3
9Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro3
9Brian AkinDavidson College3
Innings PItched - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina125.0
2Tom MastnyFurman124.0
3Brad JoseyWestern Carolina104.0
4Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro101.0
5Scooter MichaelUNC-Greensboro100.2
6Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.97.2
7Reid PriceCollege of Charleston96.0
8Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern93.2
9Jesse ColeWofford90.1
10Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State89.1
Hits Allowed - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina122
2Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.115
3Jarrod HyderEast Tennessee State113
4Scooter MichaelUNC-Greensboro112
4Jesse ColeWofford112
6Reid PriceCollege of Charleston111
6Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State111
8Brad JoseyWestern Carolina107
9Nick PetersonAppalachian State106
10Culley KlineWofford104
Runs Allowed - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jesse ColeWofford90
2Culley KlineWofford84
3Nick PetersonAppalachian State80
4Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State75
4Taylor CraigAppalachian State75
6Joe NortonAppalachian State71
7Scott ClarkAppalachian State65
7Jarrod RampeyWofford65
9Steven CalicuttEast Tennessee State64
10Brian RogersGeorgia Southern63
Earned Runs Allowed - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jesse ColeWofford76
2Taylor CraigAppalachian State67
3Culley KlineWofford66
4Nick PetersonAppalachian State61
5Joe NortonAppalachian State57
6Chad McGillWofford56
7Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State54
8Steven CalicuttEast Tennessee State53
9Brian RogersGeorgia Southern51
10Jarrod RampeyWofford50
Home Runs Allowed - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick PetersonAppalachian State12
1Jesse ColeWofford12
3Brad JoseyWestern Carolina11
3Taylor CraigAppalachian State11
5Seth FosterWestern Carolina10
5Steven CalicuttEast Tennessee State10
5Jarrod RampeyWofford10
5Joe NortonAppalachian State10
5John CarrollGeorgia Southern10
10Ryan FalconUNC-Greensboro9
Walks Allowed - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick PetersonAppalachian State58
2Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State53
3Steven CalicuttEast Tennessee State50
3Scott ClarkAppalachian State50
5Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern48
6Brian RogersGeorgia Southern47
7Taylor CraigAppalachian State45
8Joe NortonAppalachian State43
9Jarrod RampeyWofford40
10Duke AcorsVa Military Inst.39
10Andy CarterDavidson College39
Strikeouts - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern118
2Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro106
3Tom MastnyFurman103
4John CarrollGeorgia Southern101
5Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State97
6Brian RogersGeorgia Southern93
7Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina91
8Scooter MichaelUNC-Greensboro85
9Phillip HendrixVa Military Inst.77
10Reid PriceCollege of Charleston75
Hits per 9 Innings - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern3.53
2David MitchellFurman4.22
3Andy HutchingsCollege of Charleston4.98
4Tom MastnyFurman5.66
5Barry RichardsonCollege of Charleston6.36
6Scott TolbertGeorgia Southern6.45
7Brandon McDowellWestern Carolina7.11
8Derrick HawkWestern Carolina7.29
9Mike McClainUNC-Greensboro7.45
10Ryan GordonUNC-Greensboro7.47
Home Runs per 9 Innings - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Brian BarnesWestern Carolina0.21
2Tom MastnyFurman0.22
3Ken EgeltonThe Citadel0.25
3Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern0.25
5David MitchellFurman0.28
6Willie McKenzieEast Tennessee State0.29
7Cal HurstFurman0.30
8Josh KiteEast Tennessee State0.33
9Andy CarterDavidson College0.34
10Jarrod HyderEast Tennessee State0.36
10Jay MetzgerUNC-Greensboro0.36
10Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro0.36
10Brian RogersGeorgia Southern0.36
Walks per 9 Innings - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Andy PhillipsThe Citadel0.54
2Scooter MichaelUNC-Greensboro1.25
3Jarrod HyderEast Tennessee State1.42
4Brad JoseyWestern Carolina1.47
5Tom MastnyFurman1.60
6Kyle FunkFurman1.68
7Patrick CurrinUNC-Greensboro1.80
8Jeff DemaraVa Military Inst.1.97
9Brett HarkerCollege of Charleston1.99
10Ryan BasnerWestern Carolina2.02
Strikeouts per 9 Innings - (SoCon)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Steve CogswellGeorgia Southern12.11
2Dennis DoveGeorgia Southern11.34
3Barry RichardsonCollege of Charleston11.19
4Brian RogersGeorgia Southern11.16
5John CarrollGeorgia Southern11.13
6Jason CadenheadGeorgia Southern10.46
7Kevin CulpepperGeorgia Southern10.04
8Tim TurnerEast Tennessee State9.77
9Chris MasonUNC-Greensboro9.61
10Jarrett SantosUNC-Greensboro9.45
217 record(s)
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