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Atlantic Sun ConferenceConference History
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This is a Conference History for the Atlantic Sun Conference. The page is organized by season with standings for each season, based on conference win-loss record.

2018 Season

Florida Gulf Coast University813
Jacksonville University146
Kennesaw State University1110
Lipscomb University912
New Jersey Institute of Technology912
Stetson University153
University of North Florida1011
University of South Carolina-Upstate514

2017 Season

Florida Gulf Coast University138
Jacksonville University165
Kennesaw State University1011
Lipscomb University912
New Jersey Institute of Technology219
Stetson University156
University of North Florida129
University of South Carolina-Upstate714

2016 Season

Florida Gulf Coast University912
Jacksonville University147
Kennesaw State University174
Lipscomb University129
New Jersey Institute of Technology218
Stetson University912
University of North Florida156
University of South Carolina-Upstate515

2015 Season

Florida Gulf Coast University119
Jacksonville University129
Kennesaw State University1010
Lipscomb University138
Northern Kentucky University516
Stetson University129
University of North Florida165
University of South Carolina-Upstate417

2014 Season

East Tennessee State University1313
Florida Gulf Coast University198
Jacksonville University1313
Kennesaw State University179
Lipscomb University1710
Mercer University189
Northern Kentucky University621
Stetson University1314
University of North Florida1116
University of South Carolina-Upstate620

2013 Season

East Tennessee State University1710
Florida Gulf Coast University198
Jacksonville University819
Kennesaw State University1314
Lipscomb University1314
Mercer University207
Northern Kentucky University324
Stetson University1512
University of North Florida189
University of South Carolina-Upstate918

2012 Season

Belmont University1710
East Tennessee State University819
Florida Gulf Coast University1512
Jacksonville University720
Kennesaw State University1511
Lipscomb University1413
Mercer University1512
Stetson University1512
University of North Florida1215
University of South Carolina-Upstate00

2011 Season

Belmont University1713
Campbell University327
East Tennessee State University1612
Florida Gulf Coast University1614
Jacksonville University1911
Kennesaw State University1811
Lipscomb University1020
Mercer University1712
Stetson University237
University of North Florida1317
University of South Carolina-Upstate1018

2010 Season

Belmont University1313
Campbell University819
East Tennessee State University1512
Florida Gulf Coast University255
Jacksonville University1412
Kennesaw State University1215
Lipscomb University917
Mercer University1611
Stetson University1413
University of North Florida1412
University of South Carolina-Upstate819

2009 Season

Belmont University1515
Campbell University719
East Tennessee State University1020
Florida Gulf Coast University237
Jacksonville University1911
Kennesaw State University209
Lipscomb University1713
Mercer University1215
Stetson University1614
University of North Florida1515
University of South Carolina-Upstate723

2008 Season

Belmont University1617
Campbell University1320
East Tennessee State University924
Florida Gulf Coast University258
Gardner-Webb University1518
Jacksonville University1320
Kennesaw State University2112
Lipscomb University1914
Mercer University1716
Stetson University1518
University of North Florida1815
University of South Carolina-Upstate1716

2007 Season

Belmont University1611
Campbell University522
East Tennessee State University1116
Gardner-Webb University1215
Jacksonville University1512
Kennesaw State University1314
Lipscomb University1215
Mercer University1710
Stetson University216
University of North Florida1314

2006 Season

Belmont University1119
Campbell University1317
East Tennessee State University1416
Florida Atlantic University1416
Gardner-Webb University1218
Jacksonville University237
Kennesaw State University1218
Lipscomb University1119
Mercer University1911
Stetson University1614
University of North Florida2010

2005 Season

Belmont University1218
Campbell University1317
Florida Atlantic University1911
Gardner-Webb University1515
Georgia State University1515
Jacksonville University1317
Lipscomb University822
Mercer University1218
Stetson University1614
Troy University237
University of Central Florida1911

2004 Season

Belmont University1317
Campbell University1416
Florida Atlantic University2010
Gardner-Webb University1911
Georgia State University1119
Jacksonville University1218
Lipscomb University921
Mercer University822
Stetson University2010
Troy University1515
University of Central Florida246

2003 Season

Belmont University1914
Campbell University1419
Florida Atlantic University258
Gardner-Webb University1815
Georgia State University1617
Jacksonville State University1914
Jacksonville University1716
Mercer University621
Samford University723
Stetson University2112
Troy University1617
University of Central Florida1416

2002 Season

Belmont University920
Campbell University1119
Florida Atlantic University228
Jacksonville State University920
Jacksonville University1515
Mercer University1317
Samford University1317
Stetson University199
Troy University1614
University of Central Florida237