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YearMfrEditionCardNoTeamCard Description
1990ToppsDebut1California AngelsJim Abbott  April 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut2Cleveland IndiansBeau Allred  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut3Texas RangersWilson Alvarez  July 24,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut4California AngelsKent Anderson  April 15,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut5Houston AstrosEric Anthony  July 28,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut6Kansas City RoyalsKevin Appier  June 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut7Oakland AthleticsLarry Arndt  June 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut8Texas RangersJohn Barfield  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut9Milwaukee BrewersBilly Bates  August 17,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut10Toronto Blue JaysKevin Batiste  June 13,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut11New York MetsBlaine Beatty  September 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut12Pittsburgh PiratesStan Belinda  September 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut13Baltimore OriolesJuan Bell  September 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut14Cleveland IndiansAlbert Belle  July 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut15San Diego PadresAndy Benes  August 11,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut16San Francisco GiantsMike Benjamin  July 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut17Atlanta BravesGeronimo Berroa  April 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut18New York YankeesMike Blowers  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut19California AngelsBrian Brady  April 18,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut20Toronto Blue JaysFrancisco Cabrera  July 24,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut21Milwaukee BrewersGeorge Canale  September 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut22Houston AstrosJose Cano  August 26,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut23Pittsburgh PiratesSteve Carter  April 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut24Philadelphia PhilliesPat Combs  September 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut25Texas RangersScott Coolbaugh  September 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut26Toronto Blue JaysSteve Cummings  June 24,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut27Cleveland IndiansPete Dalena  July 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut28Detroit TigersJeff Datz  September 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut29New York YankeesBob Davidson  July 15,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut30Atlanta BravesDrew Denson  September 13,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut31California AngelsGary DiSarcina  September 23,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut32Detroit TigersBrian Dubois  August 17,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut33Minnesota TwinsMike Dyer  June 29,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut34Chicago White SoxWayne Edwards  September 11,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut35Toronto Blue JaysJunior Felix  May 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut36California AngelsMike Fetters  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut37Baltimore OriolesSteve Finley  April 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut38Los Angeles DodgersDarrin Fletcher  September 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut39Milwaukee BrewersLaVel Freeman  April 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut40Montreal ExposSteve Frey  May 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut41Montreal ExposMark Gardner  May 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut42Chicago CubsJoe Girardi  April 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut43Texas RangersJuan Gonzalez  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut44Toronto Blue JaysMauro Gozzo  August 8,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut45Atlanta BravesTommy Greene  September 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut46Seattle MarinersKen Griffey  April 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut47Philadelphia PhilliesJason Grimsley  September 8,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut48Montreal ExposMarquis Grissom  August 22,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut49Minnesota TwinsMark Guthrie  July 25,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut50Minnesota TwinsChip Hale  August 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut51Chicago White SoxJack Hardy  May 23,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut52Montreal ExposGene Harris  April 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut53Los Angeles DodgersMike Hartley  September 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut54Oakland AthleticsScott Hemond  September 9,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut55Toronto Blue JaysXavier Hernandez  June 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut56Boston Red SoxEric Hetzel  July 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut57Chicago White SoxGreg Hibbard  May 21,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut58Cleveland IndiansMark Higgins  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut59Toronto Blue JaysGlenallen Hill  July 31,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut60Baltimore OriolesChris Hoiles  April 25,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut61Detroit TigersShawn Holman  September 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut62Oakland AthleticsDann Howitt  September 15,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut63Los Angeles DodgersMike Huff  August 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut64Minnesota TwinsTerry Jorgensen  September 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut65Atlanta BravesDavid Justice  May 29,1995   profile
1990ToppsDebut66Pittsburgh PiratesJeff King  June 2,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut67St. Louis CardinalsMatt Kinzer  May 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut68Chicago CubsJoe Kraemer  August 22,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut69New York YankeesMarcus Lawton  August 11,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut70Atlanta BravesDerek Lilliquist  April 13,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut71Pittsburgh PiratesScott Little  July 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut72San Francisco GiantsGreg Litton  May 2,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut73Kansas City RoyalsRick Luecken  June 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut74New York MetsJulio Machado  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut75Cleveland IndiansTom Magrann  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut76Atlanta BravesKelly Mann  September 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut77San Francisco GiantsRandy McCament  June 25,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut78Baltimore OriolesBen McDonald  September 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut79Philadelphia PhilliesChuck McElroy  September 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut80New York MetsJeff McKnight  June 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut81Atlanta BravesKent Mercker  September 22,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut82Chicago White SoxMatt Merullo  April 12,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut83New York YankeesHensley Meulens  August 23,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut84New York YankeesKevin Mmahat  September 9,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut85Los Angeles DodgersMike Munoz  September 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut86San Diego PadresDan Murphy  August 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut87Milwaukee BrewersJaime Navarro  June 20,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut88Detroit TigersRandy Nosek  May 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut89Toronto Blue JaysJohn Olerud  September 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut90Cleveland IndiansSteve Olin  July 29,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut91Cincinnati RedsJoe Oliver  July 15,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut92Minnesota TwinsFrancisco Oliveras  May 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut93Minnesota TwinsGreg Olson  June 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut94California AngelsJohn Orton  August 20,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut95Texas RangersDean Palmer  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut96Detroit TigersRamon Pena  April 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut97Milwaukee BrewersJeff Peterek  August 14,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut98Montreal ExposMarty Pevey  May 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut99Atlanta BravesRusty Richards  September 20,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut100Cincinnati RedsJeff Richardson  July 14,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut101Detroit TigersRob Richie  August 19,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut102Detroit TigersKevin Ritz  July 15,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut103Cincinnati RedsRosario Rodriguez  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut104Cincinnati RedsMike Roesler  August 9,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut105Texas RangersKenny Rogers  April 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut106California AngelsBobby Rose  August 12,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut107Toronto Blue JaysAlex Sanchez  May 23,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut108New York YankeesDeion Sanders  May 31,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut109Chicago White SoxJeff Schaefer  April 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut110Kansas City RoyalsJeff Schulz  September 2,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut111Detroit TigersMike Schwabe  May 27,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut112Oakland AthleticsDick Scott  May 19,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut113Cincinnati RedsScott Scudder  June 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut114Cleveland IndiansRudy Seanez  September 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut115Cleveland IndiansJoe Skalski  April 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut116Chicago CubsDwight Smith  May 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut117Chicago CubsGreg Smith  September 2,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut118Baltimore OriolesMike Smith  June 30,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut119Minnesota TwinsPaul Sorrento  September 8,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut120Texas RangersSammy Sosa  June 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut121Milwaukee BrewersBill Spiers  April 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut122Atlanta BravesMike Stanton  August 24,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut123Chicago CubsPhil Stephenson  April 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut124Detroit TigersDoug Strange  July 13,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut125San Francisco GiantsRuss Swan  August 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut126New York MetsKevin Tapani  July 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut127San Francisco GiantsStu Tate  September 20,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut128Milwaukee BrewersGreg Vaughn  August 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut129Chicago White SoxRobin Ventura  September 17,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut130Milwaukee BrewersRandy Veres  July 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut131Los Angeles DodgersJose Vizcaino  September 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut132Seattle MarinersOmar Vizquel  April 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut133Montreal ExposLarry Walker  August 16,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut134Chicago CubsJerome Walton  April 4,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut135Minnesota TwinsGary Wayne  April 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut136Minnesota TwinsLenny Webster  September 1,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut137Baltimore OriolesMickey Weston  June 18,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut138Atlanta BravesJeff Wetherby  June 7,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut139Los Angeles DodgersJohn Wetteland  May 31,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut140Atlanta BravesEd Whited  July 5,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut141New York MetsWally Whitehurst  July 17,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut142Cleveland IndiansKevin Wickander  August 10,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut143Chicago CubsDean Wilkins  August 21,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut144Boston Red SoxDana Williams  June 19,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut145Texas RangersPaul Wilmet  July 25,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut146St. Louis CardinalsCraig Wilson  September 6,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut147Kansas City RoyalsMatt Winters  May 30,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut148Houston AstrosEric Yelding  April 9,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut149Seattle MarinersClint Zavaras  June 3,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut150St. Louis CardinalsTodd Zeile  August 18,1989   profile
1990ToppsDebut151No teamChecklist 1
1990ToppsDebut152No teamChecklist 2

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