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YearMfrEditionCardNoTeamCard Description
1981DonrussRegular Issue105New York YankeesGraig Nettles   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue106New York YankeesEric Soderholm   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue107New York YankeesTommy John   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue108New York YankeesTom Underwood   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue109New York YankeesLou Piniella   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue111New York YankeesBobby Murcer   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue225New York YankeesBob Watson   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue226New York YankeesJim Spencer   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue227New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue228New York YankeesReggie Jackson   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue229New York YankeesOscar Gamble   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue231New York YankeesLuis Tiant   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue345New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue346New York YankeesRick Cerone   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue347New York YankeesRich Gossage   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue348New York YankeesReggie Jackson   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue349New York YankeesRuppert Jones   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue351New York YankeesYogi Berra  Coach   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue465New York YankeesBucky Dent   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue466New York YankeesDennis Werth   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue467New York YankeesRon Davis   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue468New York YankeesReggie Jackson   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue469New York YankeesBobby Brown   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue471New York YankeesGaylord Perry   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue500New York YankeesGene Michael  Mgr   profile
1981DonrussRegular Issue571New York YankeesJoe Lefebvre   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue79New York YankeesReggie Jackson  of-dh   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue80New York YankeesBucky Dent   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue81New York YankeesTommy John   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue82New York YankeesLuis Tiant   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue83New York YankeesRick Cerone   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue84New York YankeesDick Howser  Mgr   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue85New York YankeesLou Piniella   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue86New York YankeesRon Davis   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue87New York YankeesGraig Nettles   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue88New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue89New York YankeesRich Gossage   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue90New York YankeesRudy May   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue91New York YankeesGaylord Perry   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue92New York YankeesEric Soderholm   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue93New York YankeesBob Watson   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue94New York YankeesBobby Murcer  of-dh   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue95New York YankeesBobby Brown   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue96New York YankeesJim Spencer   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue97New York YankeesTom Underwood   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue98New York YankeesOscar Gamble   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue99New York YankeesJohnny Oates   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue100New York YankeesFred Stanley   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue101New York YankeesRuppert Jones   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue102New York YankeesDennis Werth   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue103New York YankeesJoe Lefebvre   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue104New York YankeesBrian Doyle   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue105New York YankeesAurelio Rodriguez   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue106New York YankeesDoug Bird   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue107New York YankeesMike Griffin   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue108New York YankeesTim Lollar   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue109New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1981FleerRegular Issue650New York YankeesReggie Jackson  Mr. Baseball   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue16New York YankeesRon Davis   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue34New York YankeesAurelio Rodriguez   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue60New York YankeesWillie Randolph   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue88New York YankeesJoe Lefebvre   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue114New York YankeesTom Underwood   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue139New York YankeesOscar Gamble   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue159New York YankeesBrian Doyle   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue179New York YankeesRudy May   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue225New York YankeesRuppert Jones   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue250New York YankeesRon Guidry   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue281New York YankeesFred Stanley   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue303New York YankeesJohnny Oates   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue335New York YankeesRick Cerone   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue365New York YankeesGraig Nettles   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue383New York YankeesEric Soderholm   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue400New York YankeesReggie Jackson  AL All-Star   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue418New York YankeesBobby Brown   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue424New York YankeesFuture Stars  Tim Lollar, Bruce Robinson, Dennis Werth
1981ToppsRegular Issue435New York YankeesJim Spencer   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue460New York YankeesRich Gossage  AL All-Star   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue483New York YankeesMike Griffin   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue516New York YankeesDoug Bird   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue550New York YankeesTommy John   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue582New York YankeesGaylord Perry   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue602New York YankeesBobby Murcer   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue627New York YankeesLuis Tiant   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue650New York YankeesBucky Dent  AL All-Star   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue670New York YankeesGene Michael  Team Card   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue690New York YankeesBob Watson   profile
1981ToppsRegular Issue724New York YankeesLou Piniella   profile
1981ToppsTraded763New York YankeesBarry Foote   profile
1981ToppsTraded789New York YankeesDave LaRoche   profile
1981ToppsTraded802New York YankeesLarry Milbourne   profile
1981ToppsTraded808New York YankeesJerry Mumphrey   profile
1981ToppsTraded809New York YankeesGene Nelson   profile
1981ToppsTraded822New York YankeesRick Reuschel   profile
1981ToppsTraded823New York YankeesDave Revering   profile
1981ToppsTraded855New York YankeesDave Winfield   profile

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