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Philadelphia Phillies [2] St. Louis Cardinals [8]Play by Play
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Julian Javier played in this game for SLN
Play by Play results of this game. Play by Play data is available since 1957. The grid below provides an at-bat by at-bat record of this game including the game state at the time of the at bat, the batter and pitcher information and the results.

Date of GameSunday June 28,1964Day/NightDay
StadiumSportsman's ParkLocationSt. Louis,MO
Winning PitcherRay SadeckiLosing PitcherRay Culp

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Play by Play

Top Scored on Play
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
1Tony TaylorPHI12B28.192RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L43Groundout 2B000
1Cookie RojasPHI2CF25.114RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L7Flyout LF100
1Johnny CallisonPHI3RF25.108LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LKStrikeout Swinging200
1Curt FloodSLN 1CF26.161RRay CulpPHI22.326R13/BGGroundout P000
1Lou BrockSLN 2LF25.010LRay CulpPHI22.326RD8/89Double CF100
1Bill WhiteSLN 31B30.151LRay CulpPHI22.326RS9/89.2-HSingle RF100Lou Brock
1Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RRay CulpPHI22.326R7Flyout LF100Bill White
1Bob SkinnerSLN 5RF32.269LRay CulpPHI22.326RS8.1-2Single CF200Bill White
1Dick GroatSLN 6SS33.236RRay CulpPHI22.326R4/PPopout 2B200Bob SkinnerBill White
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
2Dick AllenPHI43B22.112RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LD9/9DDouble RF000
2Danny CaterPHI5LF24.124RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS8.2-HSingle CF000Dick Allen
2Roy SieversPHI61B37.222RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L64(1)3/GDPGroundout SS000Danny Cater
2Bobby WinePHI7SS25.284RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L3/PPopout 1B200
2Julian JavierSLN 72B27.323RRay CulpPHI22.326R7Flyout LF000
2Tim McCarverSLN 8C22.255LRay CulpPHI22.326R31Groundout 1B100
2Ray SadeckiSLN 9P23.184LRay CulpPHI22.326RKStrikeout Swinging200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
3Clay DalrymplePHI8C27.207LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L3/GGroundout 1B000
3Ray CulpPHI9P22.326RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L9/9DFlyout RF100
3Tony TaylorPHI12B28.192RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LD9Double RF200
3Cookie RojasPHI2CF25.114RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L6/PPopout SS200Tony Taylor
3Curt FloodSLN 1CF26.161RRay CulpPHI22.326RS7Single LF000
3Lou BrockSLN 2LF25.010LRay CulpPHI22.326R8/8DFlyout CF000Curt Flood
3Bill WhiteSLN 31B30.151LRay CulpPHI22.326RS9.1-3Single RF100Curt Flood
3Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RRay CulpPHI22.326R6(1)3/GDPGroundout SS100Bill WhiteCurt Flood
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
4Johnny CallisonPHI3RF25.108LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LWWalk000
4Dick AllenPHI43B22.112RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L3/FLFlyout 1B000Johnny Callison
4Danny CaterPHI5LF24.124RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L4/FLFlyout 2B100Johnny Callison
4Roy SieversPHI61B37.222RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS8.1-2Single CF200Johnny Callison
4Bobby WinePHI7SS25.284RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L4/P34DPopout 2B200Roy SieversJohnny Callison
4Bob SkinnerSLN 5RF32.269LRay CulpPHI22.326R7Flyout LF000
4Dick GroatSLN 6SS33.236RRay CulpPHI22.326R9Flyout RF100
4Julian JavierSLN 72B27.323RRay CulpPHI22.326RE3Reached on Error by 1B200
4Tim McCarverSLN 8C22.255LRay CulpPHI22.326RS7.1-2Single LF200Julian Javier
4Ray SadeckiSLN 9P23.184LRay CulpPHI22.326R31Groundout 1B200Tim McCarverJulian Javier
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
5Clay DalrymplePHI8C27.207LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L3/GGroundout 1B000
5Ray CulpPHI9P22.326RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LKStrikeout Swinging100
5Tony TaylorPHI12B28.192RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L63Groundout SS200
5Curt FloodSLN 1CF26.161RRay CulpPHI22.326RWWalk000
5Lou BrockSLN 2LF25.010LRay CulpPHI22.326RS5.1-2Single 3B000Curt Flood
5Bill WhiteSLN 31B30.151LRay CulpPHI22.326RKStrikeout Swinging000Lou BrockCurt Flood
5Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RRay CulpPHI22.326RC/E2.2-3;1-2Catcher Interference100Lou BrockCurt Flood
5Bob SkinnerSLN 5RF32.269LRay CulpPHI22.326R36(1)/FO.3-H(UR);2-H(E2/TH)(UR);B-2Groundout 1B100Ken BoyerLou BrockCurt Flood
5Dick GroatSLN 6SS33.236RRay CulpPHI22.326R63Groundout SS200Bob Skinner
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
6Cookie RojasPHI2CF25.114RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS8Single CF000
6Johnny CallisonPHI3RF25.108LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L8/8DFlyout CF000Cookie Rojas
6Dick AllenPHI43B22.112RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L9Flyout RF100Cookie Rojas
6Danny CaterPHI5LF24.124RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L2/FLFlyout C200Cookie Rojas
6Julian JavierSLN 72B27.323RRay CulpPHI22.326R4/PPopout 2B000
6Tim McCarverSLN 8C22.255LRay CulpPHI22.326RE4Reached on Error by 2B100
6Ray SadeckiSLN 9P23.184LRay CulpPHI22.326R8Flyout CF100Tim McCarver
6Curt FloodSLN 1CF26.161RRay CulpPHI22.326R8/LLineout CF200Tim McCarver
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
7Roy SieversPHI61B37.222RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L53Groundout 3B000
7Bobby WinePHI7SS25.284RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L9Flyout RF100
7Gus TriandosPHI8PH33.333RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L2/FFlyout C200
7Lou BrockSLN 2LF25.010LRay CulpPHI22.326RS9Single RF000
7Bill WhiteSLN 31B30.151LRay CulpPHI22.326RS9.1-3Single RF000Lou Brock
7Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RRay CulpPHI22.326RS8.3-H;1-2Single CF000Bill WhiteLou Brock
7Bob SkinnerSLN 5RF32.269LRay CulpPHI22.326R6/PPopout SS000Ken BoyerBill White
7Dick GroatSLN 6SS33.236RRay CulpPHI22.326RS7.2-H;1-2Single LF100Ken BoyerBill White
7Julian JavierSLN 72B27.323RRay CulpPHI22.326R5(2)3/GDPGroundout 3B100Dick GroatKen Boyer
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
8Ruben AmaroPHI9PH28.174RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L9/9DFlyout RF000
8Tony TaylorPHI12B28.192RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LWWalk100
8Cookie RojasPHI2CF25.114RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS9.1-2Single RF100Tony Taylor
8Johnny CallisonPHI3RF25.108LRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L5/FLFlyout 3B100Cookie RojasTony Taylor
8Dick AllenPHI43B22.112RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS7.2-H;1-2Single LF200Cookie RojasTony Taylor
8Danny CaterPHI5LF24.124RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L64(1)/FOGroundout SS200Dick AllenCookie Rojas
8Tim McCarverSLN 8C22.255LJack BaldschunPHI27.255RS8Single CF000
8Ray SadeckiSLN 9P23.184LJack BaldschunPHI27.255RE1/SH.1-3Reached on Error by P000Tim McCarver
8Curt FloodSLN 1CF26.161RJack BaldschunPHI27.255RS8.3-H;1-3(E8);B-2Single CF000Ray SadeckiTim McCarver
8Lou BrockSLN 2LF25.010LJack BaldschunPHI27.255RKStrikeout Swinging000Curt FloodRay Sadecki
8Bill WhiteSLN 31B30.151LJack BaldschunPHI27.255RS9.3-H(UR);2-H(UR)Single RF100Curt FloodRay Sadecki
8Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RJack BaldschunPHI27.255RWP.1-2100Bill White
8Ken BoyerSLN 43B33.039RJack BaldschunPHI27.255R53Groundout 3B100Bill White
8Carl WarwickSLN 5RF27.121RJack BaldschunPHI27.255RKStrikeout Swinging200Bill White
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
9Roy SieversPHI61B37.222RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LWWalk000
9Bobby WinePHI7SS25.284RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LKStrikeout Swinging000Roy Sievers
9Gus TriandosPHI8C33.333RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L7Flyout LF100Roy Sievers
9Ruben AmaroPHI9LF28.174RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184LS7.1-2Single LF200Roy Sievers
9Tony TaylorPHI12B28.192RRay SadeckiSLN 23.184L8Flyout CF200Ruben AmaroRoy Sievers