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Montreal Expos [4] Philadelphia Phillies [3]Play by Play
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Greg Gross played in this game for PHI
Play by Play results of this game. Play by Play data is available since 1957. The grid below provides an at-bat by at-bat record of this game including the game state at the time of the at bat, the batter and pitcher information and the results.

Date of GameSaturday June 8,1985Day/NightNight
StadiumVeterans StadiumLocationPhiladelphia,PA
Winning PitcherBryn SmithLosing PitcherShane RawleySaveJeff Reardon

Game Boxscore -- Play by Play -- Pitch by Pitch -- Boxscore Main -- About Boxscore Data

Play by Play

Top Scored on Play
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
1Tim RainesMON1LF25.266BShane RawleyPHI 29.347L63Groundout SS000
1Jim WohlfordMON2RF34.100RShane RawleyPHI 29.347L43Groundout 2B100
1Andre DawsonMON3CF30.333RShane RawleyPHI 29.347LHRHome Run 200
1Hubie BrooksMON4SS28.257RShane RawleyPHI 29.347L9Flyout RF200
1Jeff StonePHI 1LF24.164LBryn SmithMON29.302RSSingle 000
1Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LBryn SmithMON29.302RS.1-2Single 000Jeff Stone
1Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RBryn SmithMON29.302RSB3;SB2Stolen Base (2nd)000Greg GrossJeff Stone
1Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RBryn SmithMON29.302RKStrikeout Swinging000Greg GrossJeff Stone
1Von HayesPHI 4CF26.281LBryn SmithMON29.302RWP.3-H;2-3100Greg GrossJeff Stone
1Von HayesPHI 4CF26.281LBryn SmithMON29.302RKStrikeout Swinging100Greg Gross
1Mike SchmidtPHI 53B35.254RBryn SmithMON29.302R53Groundout 3B200Greg Gross
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
2Tim WallachMON53B27.267RShane RawleyPHI 29.347LKStrikeout Swinging000
2Dan DriessenMON61B33.315LShane RawleyPHI 29.347L31Groundout 1B100
2Vance LawMON72B28.250RShane RawleyPHI 29.347L7Flyout LF200
2Tim CorcoranPHI 61B32.081LBryn SmithMON29.302R31Groundout 1B000
2Ozzie VirgilPHI 7C28.183RBryn SmithMON29.302RWWalk100
2Luis AguayoPHI 8SS26.087RBryn SmithMON29.302R54(1)/FOGroundout 3B100Ozzie Virgil
2Shane RawleyPHI 9P29.347RBryn SmithMON29.302R31Groundout 1B200Luis Aguayo
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
3Mike FitzgeraldMON8C24.330RShane RawleyPHI 29.347LWWalk000
3Bryn SmithMON9P29.302RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L3/SH.1-2Groundout 1B000Mike Fitzgerald
3Tim RainesMON1LF25.266BJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168LWWalk100Mike Fitzgerald
3Jim WohlfordMON2RF34.100RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L63.2-3;1-2Groundout SS100Tim RainesMike Fitzgerald
3Andre DawsonMON3CF30.333RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168LS.3-H;2-HSingle 200Tim RainesMike Fitzgerald
3Hubie BrooksMON4SS28.257RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168LS.1-2Single 200Andre Dawson
3Tim WallachMON53B27.267RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L7Flyout LF200Hubie BrooksAndre Dawson
3Jeff StonePHI 1LF24.164LBryn SmithMON29.302RSSingle 000
3Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LBryn SmithMON29.302RSB2Stolen Base (2nd)000Jeff Stone
3Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LBryn SmithMON29.302R3/G.2-3Groundout 1B000Jeff Stone
3Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RBryn SmithMON29.302RKStrikeout Swinging100Jeff Stone
3Von HayesPHI 4CF26.281LBryn SmithMON29.302R3/GGroundout 1B200Jeff Stone
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
4Dan DriessenMON61B33.315LJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L3Flyout 1B000
4Vance LawMON72B28.250RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168LKStrikeout Swinging100
4Mike FitzgeraldMON8C24.330RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L43Groundout 2B200
4Mike SchmidtPHI 53B35.254RBryn SmithMON29.302R53Groundout 3B000
4Tim CorcoranPHI 61B32.081LBryn SmithMON29.302R9Flyout RF100
4Ozzie VirgilPHI 7C28.183RBryn SmithMON29.302R7Flyout LF200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
5Bryn SmithMON9P29.302RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L6/LLineout SS000
5Tim RainesMON1LF25.266BJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L8Flyout CF100
5Jim WohlfordMON2RF34.100RJerry KoosmanPHI 41.168L63Groundout SS200
5Luis AguayoPHI 8SS26.087RBryn SmithMON29.302R4Flyout 2B000
5Glenn WilsonPHI 9PH26.168RBryn SmithMON29.302RSSingle 100
5Jeff StonePHI 1LF24.164LBryn SmithMON29.302RE4.1-2;B-1Reached on Error by 2B100Glenn Wilson
5Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LBryn SmithMON29.302RS.2-3;1-2Single 100Jeff StoneGlenn Wilson
5Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RBryn SmithMON29.302R52(3)/FO.2-3;1-2Groundout 3B100Greg GrossJeff StoneGlenn Wilson
5Von HayesPHI 4CF26.281LBryn SmithMON29.302R8Flyout CF200Juan SamuelGreg GrossJeff Stone
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
6Andre DawsonMON3CF30.333RDave RuckerPHI 27.280LE4.B-1Reached on Error by 2B000
6Hubie BrooksMON4SS28.257RDave RuckerPHI 27.280LD.1-H(UR);B-3(THH)Double 000Andre Dawson
6Tim WallachMON53B27.267RDave RuckerPHI 27.280L4Flyout 2B000Hubie Brooks
6Dan DriessenMON61B33.315LDave RuckerPHI 27.280LKStrikeout Swinging100Hubie Brooks
6Vance LawMON72B28.250RDave RuckerPHI 27.280LKStrikeout Swinging200Hubie Brooks
6Mike SchmidtPHI 53B35.254RBryn SmithMON29.302R8Flyout CF000
6Tim CorcoranPHI 61B32.081LBryn SmithMON29.302R43Groundout 2B100
6Ozzie VirgilPHI 7C28.183RBryn SmithMON29.302R8Flyout CF200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
7Mike FitzgeraldMON8C24.330RDave RuckerPHI 27.280L53Groundout 3B000
7Bryn SmithMON9P29.302RDave RuckerPHI 27.280LSSingle 100
7Tim RainesMON1LF25.266BDave RuckerPHI 27.280L23.1-2Groundout C100Bryn Smith
7Jim WohlfordMON2RF34.100RDave RuckerPHI 27.280L8Flyout CF200Bryn Smith
7Luis AguayoPHI 8SS26.087RBryn SmithMON29.302RDDouble 000
7Garry MaddoxPHI 9PH35.280RBryn SmithMON29.302R53Groundout 3B000Luis Aguayo
7Jeff StonePHI 1LF24.164LBryn SmithMON29.302RKStrikeout Swinging100Luis Aguayo
7Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LBryn SmithMON29.302RD.2-HDouble 200Luis Aguayo
7Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RBryn SmithMON29.302RS.2-HSingle 200Greg Gross
7Von HayesPHI 4CF26.281LGary LucasMON30.212L3/GGroundout 1B200Juan Samuel
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
8Andre DawsonMON3RF30.333RLarry AndersenPHI 32.033R63Groundout SS000
8Hubie BrooksMON4SS28.257RLarry AndersenPHI 32.033RKStrikeout Swinging100
8Tim WallachMON53B27.267RLarry AndersenPHI 32.033RKStrikeout Swinging200
8Mike SchmidtPHI 53B35.254RJeff ReardonMON29.251RSSingle 000
8Tim CorcoranPHI 61B32.081LJeff ReardonMON29.251R13/SH.1-2Groundout P000Mike Schmidt
8Ozzie VirgilPHI 7C28.183RJeff ReardonMON29.251RS.2-3Single 100Mike Schmidt
8John WockenfussPHI 8PH36.101RJeff ReardonMON29.251RKStrikeout Swinging100jelts001Mike Schmidt
8Bo DiazPHI 9PH32.077RJeff ReardonMON29.251R9Flyout RF200jelts001Mike Schmidt
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
9Dan DriessenMON61B33.315LKent TekulvePHI 38.095R13Groundout P000
9Vance LawMON72B28.250RKent TekulvePHI 38.095R6Flyout SS100
9Mike FitzgeraldMON8C24.330RKent TekulvePHI 38.095R63Groundout SS200
9Jeff StonePHI 1LF24.164LJeff ReardonMON29.251R31Groundout 1B000
9Greg GrossPHI 2RF32.311LJeff ReardonMON29.251R9Flyout RF100
9Juan SamuelPHI 32B24.181RJeff ReardonMON29.251R8Flyout CF200