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St. Louis Cardinals [2] Los Angeles Dodgers [1]Play by Play
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Mike Garman played in this game for SLN
Play by Play results of this game. Play by Play data is available since 1957. The grid below provides an at-bat by at-bat record of this game including the game state at the time of the at bat, the batter and pitcher information and the results.

Date of GameFriday August 23,1974Day/NightNight
StadiumDodger StadiumLocationLos Angeles,CA
Winning PitcherLynn McGlothenLosing PitcherMike MarshallSaveMike Garman

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Play by Play

Top Scored on Play
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
1Lou BrockSLN1LF35.066LDoug RauLAN 25.251L63Groundout SS000
1Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RDoug RauLAN 25.251L8Flyout CF100
1Reggie SmithSLN3RF29.143BDoug RauLAN 25.251L9Flyout RF200
1Dave LopesLAN 12B29.112RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R43Groundout 2B000
1Bill BucknerLAN 2LF24.252LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R3/GGroundout 1B100
1Jimmy WynnLAN 3CF32.164RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R9Flyout RF200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
2Joe TorreSLN41B34.036RDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging000
2Ted SimmonsSLN5C25.014BDoug RauLAN 25.251LWWalk100
2Bake McBrideSLN6CF25.201LDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging100Ted Simmons
2Ken ReitzSLN73B23.060RDoug RauLAN 25.251L7/LLineout LF200Ted Simmons
2Steve GarveyLAN 41B25.244RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R8Flyout CF000
2Willie CrawfordLAN 5RF27.350LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R43Groundout 2B100
2Ron CeyLAN 63B26.190RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RS4Single 2B200
2Bill RussellLAN 7SS25.306RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R64(1)/FOGroundout SS200Ron Cey
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
3Mike TysonSLN8SS24.222RDoug RauLAN 25.251LS6Single SS000
3Lynn McGlothenSLN9P24.149LDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging000Mike Tyson
3Lou BrockSLN1LF35.066LDoug RauLAN 25.251LW.1-2Walk100Mike Tyson
3Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RDoug RauLAN 25.251L7Flyout LF100Lou BrockMike Tyson
3Reggie SmithSLN3RF29.143BDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging200Lou BrockMike Tyson
3Steve YeagerLAN 8C25.272RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RKStrikeout Swinging000
3Doug RauLAN 9P25.251LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RS7Single LF100
3Dave LopesLAN 12B29.112RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RD7.1-3Double LF100Doug Rau
3Bill BucknerLAN 2LF24.252LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RIWIntentional Walk100Dave LopesDoug Rau
3Jimmy WynnLAN 3CF32.164RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R8/SF.3-HFlyout CF100Bill BucknerDave LopesDoug Rau
3Steve GarveyLAN 41B25.244RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RKStrikeout Swinging200Bill BucknerDave Lopes
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
4Joe TorreSLN41B34.036RDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging000
4Ted SimmonsSLN5C25.014BDoug RauLAN 25.251L63Groundout SS100
4Bake McBrideSLN6CF25.201LDoug RauLAN 25.251LS4Single 2B200
4Ken ReitzSLN73B23.060RDoug RauLAN 25.251LHP.1-2Hit by Pitch200Bake McBride
4Mike TysonSLN8SS24.222RDoug RauLAN 25.251L54(1)/FOGroundout 3B200Ken ReitzBake McBride
4Willie CrawfordLAN 5RF27.350LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RWWalk000
4Ron CeyLAN 63B26.190RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R8Flyout CF000Willie Crawford
4Bill RussellLAN 7SS25.306RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RD7.1-3Double LF100Willie Crawford
4Steve YeagerLAN 8C25.272RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RIWIntentional Walk100Bill RussellWillie Crawford
4Doug RauLAN 9P25.251LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RK/CStrikeout Swinging100Steve YeagerBill RussellWillie Crawford
4Dave LopesLAN 12B29.112RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R8Flyout CF200Steve YeagerBill RussellWillie Crawford
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
5Lynn McGlothenSLN9P24.149LDoug RauLAN 25.251L6/PPopout SS000
5Lou BrockSLN1LF35.066LDoug RauLAN 25.251LE4Reached on Error by 2B100
5Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RDoug RauLAN 25.251LSB2#Stolen Base (2nd)100Lou Brock
5Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RDoug RauLAN 25.251LK/CStrikeout Swinging100Lou Brock
5Reggie SmithSLN3RF29.143BDoug RauLAN 25.251LKStrikeout Swinging200Lou Brock
5Bill BucknerLAN 2LF24.252LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R7Flyout LF000
5Jimmy WynnLAN 3CF32.164RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RK/CStrikeout Swinging100
5Steve GarveyLAN 41B25.244RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RS6Single SS200
5Willie CrawfordLAN 5RF27.350LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R8Flyout CF200Steve Garvey
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
6Joe TorreSLN41B34.036RDoug RauLAN 25.251L3/FLFlyout 1B000
6Ted SimmonsSLN5C25.014BDoug RauLAN 25.251LHR/7Home Run LF100
6Bake McBrideSLN6CF25.201LDoug RauLAN 25.251L43Groundout 2B100
6Ken ReitzSLN73B23.060RDoug RauLAN 25.251L13Groundout P200
6Ron CeyLAN 63B26.190RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RKStrikeout Swinging000
6Bill RussellLAN 7SS25.306RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R63Groundout SS100
6Steve YeagerLAN 8C25.272RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R53Groundout 3B200
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
7Mike TysonSLN8SS24.222RDoug RauLAN 25.251L8Flyout CF000
7Lynn McGlothenSLN9P24.149LDoug RauLAN 25.251L31#Groundout 1B100
7Lou BrockSLN1LF35.066LDoug RauLAN 25.251L7Flyout LF200
7Doug RauLAN 9P25.251LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R143Groundout P000
7Dave LopesLAN 12B29.112RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R3/FLFlyout 1B100
7Bill BucknerLAN 2LF24.252LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RS4Single 2B200
7Jimmy WynnLAN 3CF32.164RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R64(1)/FOGroundout SS200Bill Buckner
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
8Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RDoug RauLAN 25.251LS4Single 2B000
8Reggie SmithSLN3RF29.143BDoug RauLAN 25.251LS7.1-2Single LF000Ted Sizemore
8Joe TorreSLN41B34.036RMike MarshallLAN 31.220R14/SH.2-3;1-2Groundout P000Reggie SmithTed Sizemore
8Ted SimmonsSLN5C25.014BMike MarshallLAN 31.220R5/PPopout 3B100Reggie SmithTed Sizemore
8Bake McBrideSLN6CF25.201LMike MarshallLAN 31.220R4/PPopout 2B200Reggie SmithTed Sizemore
8Steve GarveyLAN 41B25.244RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RS9Single RF000
8Willie CrawfordLAN 5RF27.350LLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R34/SH.1-2Groundout 1B000Steve Garvey
8Ron CeyLAN 63B26.190RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RIWIntentional Walk100Steve Garvey
8Bill RussellLAN 7SS25.306RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149RKStrikeout Swinging100Ron CeySteve Garvey
8Steve YeagerLAN 8C25.272RLynn McGlothenSLN24.149R3/PPopout 1B200Ron CeySteve Garvey
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
9Ken ReitzSLN73B23.060RMike MarshallLAN 31.220RS7Single LF000
9Mike TysonSLN8SS24.222RMike MarshallLAN 31.220R34/SH.1-2Groundout 1B000melel101
9Tim McCarverSLN9PH32.311LMike MarshallLAN 31.220R8.2-3Flyout CF100melel101
9Lou BrockSLN1LF35.066LMike MarshallLAN 31.220RS8.3-HSingle CF200melel101
9Ted SizemoreSLN22B29.130RMike MarshallLAN 31.220RS8.1-3Single CF200Lou Brock
9Reggie SmithSLN3RF29.143BMike MarshallLAN 31.220RKStrikeout Swinging200Ted SizemoreLou Brock
9Von JoshuaLAN 9PH26.114LMike GarmanSLN24.341RKStrikeout Swinging000
9Dave LopesLAN 12B29.112RMike GarmanSLN24.341RS6Single SS100
9Bill BucknerLAN 2LF24.252LMike GarmanSLN24.341R8Flyout CF100Dave Lopes
9Jimmy WynnLAN 3CF32.164RMike GarmanSLN24.341RW.1-2Walk200Dave Lopes
9Steve GarveyLAN 41B25.244RMike GarmanSLN24.341R43Groundout 2B200Jimmy WynnDave Lopes