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Marty Barrett played in this game for BOS
Play by Play results of this game. Play by Play data is available since 1957. The grid below provides an at-bat by at-bat record of this game including the game state at the time of the at bat, the batter and pitcher information and the results.

Date of GameMonday June 22,1987Day/NightNight
StadiumFenway ParkLocationBoston,MA
Winning PitcherOil Can BoydLosing PitcherJohn Henry Johnson

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Play by Play

Top Scored on Play
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
1Paul MolitorMIL13B30.304ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260RS8/L8SSingle CF001
1Robin YountMIL2CF31.280ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260RS7/G56.1-2Single LF001Paul Molitor
1Cecil CooperMIL3DH37.275LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R46(1)3/GDP.2-3Groundout 2B012Robin YountPaul Molitor
1Rob DeerMIL4RF26.266ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260RKStrikeout Swinging202Paul Molitor
1Ellis BurksBOS 1CF22.284RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LS5/G15Single 3B001
1Marty BarrettBOS 22B28.364RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305L7Flyout LF001Ellis Burks
1Wade BoggsBOS 33B29.007LJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LSB2Stolen Base (2nd)120Ellis Burks
1Wade BoggsBOS 33B29.007LJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LS7/L7S.2-3Single LF132Ellis Burks
1Jim RiceBOS 4LF34.106RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305L64(1)3/GDPGroundout SS121Wade BoggsEllis Burks
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
2B.J. SurhoffMIL5C22.322LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260RD7/L7LDouble LF022
2Billy Jo RobidouxMIL61B23.161LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260RE4/G.2-H(NR);B-1Reached on Error by 2B011B.J. Surhoff
2Mike FelderMIL7LF25.216BOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R13/SH.1-2Groundout P000Billy Jo Robidoux
2Jim GantnerMIL82B33.168LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R6/FLFlyout SS132Billy Jo Robidoux
2Dale SveumMIL9SS23.212BOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R3/GGroundout 1B232Billy Jo Robidoux
2Don BaylorBOS 5DH37.359RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LHR/F7DHome Run 011
2Dwight EvansBOS 61B35.232RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305L9Flyout RF031
2Todd BenzingerBOS 7RF24.131BJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LS8/G6MSingle CF100
2Spike OwenBOS 8SS26.064BJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305L8Flyout CF112Todd Benzinger
2Marc SullivanBOS 9C28.332RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LS7/F7D.1-3Single LF200Todd Benzinger
2Ellis BurksBOS 1CF22.284RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305L63Groundout SS232Marc SullivanTodd Benzinger
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
3Paul MolitorMIL13B30.304ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R7Flyout LF012
3Robin YountMIL2CF31.280ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R63Groundout SS100
3Cecil CooperMIL3DH37.275LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R13Groundout P210
3Marty BarrettBOS 22B28.364RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LS8/L8SSingle CF001
3Wade BoggsBOS 33B29.007LJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LW.1-2Walk032Marty Barrett
3Jim RiceBOS 4LF34.106RJohn Henry JohnsonMIL30.305LW.2-3;1-2Walk030Wade BoggsMarty Barrett
3Don BaylorBOS 5DH37.359RJay AldrichMIL26.069RHP.3-H;2-3;1-2Hit by Pitch020Jim RiceWade BoggsMarty Barrett
3Dwight EvansBOS 61B35.232RJay AldrichMIL26.069RS4/G1.3-H;2-3;1-2Single 2B010Don BaylorJim RiceWade Boggs
3Todd BenzingerBOS 7RF24.131BJay AldrichMIL26.069R64(1)3/GDP.3-H;2-3Groundout SS011Dwight EvansDon BaylorJim Rice
3Spike OwenBOS 8SS26.064BJay AldrichMIL26.069R43Groundout 2B210Don Baylor
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
4Rob DeerMIL4RF26.266ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R6Flyout SS001
4B.J. SurhoffMIL5C22.322LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260RS8/L8SSingle CF112
4Billy Jo RobidouxMIL61B23.161LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260RS8/F8S.1-3Single CF111B.J. Surhoff
4Mike FelderMIL7LF25.216BOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R64(1)/FO.3-HGroundout SS101Billy Jo RobidouxB.J. Surhoff
4Jim GantnerMIL82B33.168LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R3/LLineout 1B200Mike Felder
4Marc SullivanBOS 9C28.332RJay AldrichMIL26.069RKStrikeout Swinging002
4Ellis BurksBOS 1CF22.284RJay AldrichMIL26.069R53Groundout 3B120
4Marty BarrettBOS 22B28.364RJay AldrichMIL26.069R7Flyout LF212
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
5Dale SveumMIL9SS23.212BOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R8Flyout CF001
5Paul MolitorMIL13B30.304ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R143Groundout P100
5Robin YountMIL2CF31.280ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R8Flyout CF212
5Wade BoggsBOS 33B29.007LJay AldrichMIL26.069RS6/G6SSingle SS022
5Jim RiceBOS 4LF34.106RJay AldrichMIL26.069R64(1)3/GDPGroundout SS011Wade Boggs
5Don BaylorBOS 5DH37.359RJay AldrichMIL26.069R7Flyout LF210
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
6Cecil CooperMIL3DH37.275LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R5Flyout 3B011
6Rob DeerMIL4RF26.266ROil Can BoydBOS 27.260R53Groundout 3B112
6B.J. SurhoffMIL5C22.322LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R5Flyout 3B200
6Dwight EvansBOS 61B35.232RJay AldrichMIL26.069RD9/L89Double RF000
6Todd BenzingerBOS 7RF24.131BJay AldrichMIL26.069R43.2-3Groundout 2B000Dwight Evans
6Spike OwenBOS 8SS26.064BJay AldrichMIL26.069R8/SF.3-HFlyout CF100Dwight Evans
6Marc SullivanBOS 9C28.332RJay AldrichMIL26.069R7Flyout LF222
InningBatterTeamLnPosAgeHandPitcherTeamAgeHandResultDescOutBalStrRunner on 1bRunner on 2bRunner on 3bPitches
7Billy Jo RobidouxMIL61B23.161LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260RKStrikeout Swinging032
7Mike FelderMIL7LF25.216BOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R13/BGGroundout P110
7Jim GantnerMIL82B33.168LOil Can BoydBOS 27.260R1/LLineout P210
7Ellis BurksBOS 1CF22.284RMark ClearMIL31.026RWWalk030
7Marty BarrettBOS 22B28.364RMark ClearMIL31.026R13/SH.1-2Groundout P000Ellis Burks
7Wade BoggsBOS 33B29.007LMark ClearMIL31.026RIIntentional Walk130Ellis Burks
7Jim RiceBOS 4LF34.106RMark ClearMIL31.026RK/CStrikeout Swinging102Wade BoggsEllis Burks
7Don BaylorBOS 5DH37.359RMark ClearMIL31.026RKStrikeout Swinging202Wade BoggsEllis Burks