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How to Support The Cube

We Need Your Support! The original idea of a Free Internet was wonderful in theory but the reality behind the scenes is that it takes a lot of energy and time to produce a web site and though the site continues to be free to users, please note that there is a lot behind it. It is true that outside of the subscription model, that most pages are littered with ads to provide revenue to the publisher. While The Baseball Cube does have a small amount of unobtrusive ads on the site, we have slowly moved away from littering the site with ads and trying to move them clearly into advertising zones that are apart from the data, for the most part.

When I talk about supporting the site, I am talking specifically to those who are frequent visitors to the site. Please consider one of the following 2 options to help support us:

Page Sponsorships - For $10 a year you can attach your name to a player and have a large gold text box with your name and message above the page scroll. This means, it would be one of the first things that a site visitor would see when they reach the player page. The Page Sponsorship, at the very least, gives you the opportunity to advertise your site or your cause.

Donate - Through PayPal using Credit Card or eCheck. I would suggest the following yearly guidelines based on the frequency of your visits:

  • Occasional ($5)
  • A few times a month ($10)
  • A few times a week ($25)
  • Daily or 250+ days a year ($50)

    These are just guidelines. Anything you are willing to donate would be appreciated. Each time I receive a donation, its like a little bit of gas for my engine and it keeps me going!

    There are other ways to support us as well that provide more value in return. You can buy data from our Data Store in the form of Standard Data Extacts or Custom Extracts/Reports. You can subscribe to TBC PREMIUM and get an ad-free experience with access to our research applications. The other option is you can subscribe to our Player Tracker which provides you a daily email with stats from the prior day for Pro Players and/or season stats for Division I College Players updated every few days.

    Either way, you are still free to experience the site for free and I appreciate your visit!