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You can't talk about boxscores without talking about Retrosheet, an organization devoted to building baseball history one event at a time. Retrosheet has provided the ability to download complete play-level data from 1957 to present day. TBC has downloaded this data, loaded it into a database and presented it here on this site with full authority from Retrosheet based on the statement displayed at the bottom of each page on the TBC site.

Retrosheet is certainly the foundation of the boxscore data on the site but it is not the only source we use. Boxscore data is extracted from other sources as well and converted into retrosheet format mid-season with some missing elements that will get updated during the subsequent off-season. An example of missing data is pickoff throws or hit and run plays. In addition to play-level data (batter/pitcher matchups), TBC has gone further and obtained pitch-level data which includes pitch type and velocity.

The following details the availability of boxscore-level data on this site: (ALL indicates we have all historical data for this data element)

 Season-Level Data (Team Win-Loss Records + Standings) 1871-Present ALL
 Batting Statistics (Player-Season)   1871-Present ALL
 Pitching Statistics (Player-Season)  1871-Present ALL
 Fielding Statistics (Player-Season)  1871-Present ALL
 Draft History  1965-Present ALL
 Game Boxscores 1957-Present
 Play by Play   1957-Present
 Game Logs      1957-Present
 Splits         1957-Present
 Lineups Logs   1957-Present
 Pitch Results (Ball,strike,foul,etc)         1989-Present
 Pitch Details (Pitch Type,Velocity,location) 2010-present