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There are 133,732 baseball players in the TBC database. You might be wondering which players get included and which do not. Here, you will find a list of how players get included on the site.

Major Leaguers

All Major Leaguers since 1903 are included.

Minor Leaguers

Minor League data on TBC is available since 1977 and every player with at least one minor league game in this timespan is included on the site. Minor Leaguers for prior years may appear as part of another criterion but will most likely not have any statistics.

Independent League Players

Any player who played at least one game in an Independent League since 1993. Indy stats are available on TBC since their inception in 1993. Each player profile for every Indy player since 1993 will have a profile page though many of the players may not have any biography information or incomplete statistics.

Japanese League Players

Full list of players since 2007 which was when we started tracking Japanese league data.

Draft Picks

All historical draft picks since 1965 for all phases will have a player profile page on the The Baseball Cube. Though many of these players between 1965 and 1977 may not have statistics, they may have played in the Minor Leagues. A long-term project has TBC filling all player profile data for these players.

Division I College Players

There are pages for all NCAA Division I players since 2002 whether they are included in one of the other criteria or they were not. Some players will their historical stats listed from College to the Minors to the Major Leagues while some players will only have their College stats listed. Players in other divisions are not included (II,III,NAIA,NJCAA). Some schools will have players listed prior to 2002 and it is based on availability of data during the initial load of college data in 2003.

Team Baseball Personnel

For all teams with full statistics included, there was every attempt to research all baseball personnel with the team in a baseball-related, non-administrative capacity. For Major League teams, this includes general managers, managers, coaching staffs, scouts, coordinators and assistants to the GM. For all other leagues, the personnel is limited to Managers/Head Coaches and assistants. A baseball person listed here may or may not have histortical statistics and it is possible that a manager or coach will be listed only with baseball jobs only.


All historical broadcasters are included with a page. This includes play-by-play broadcasters, color analysts and studio hosts/analysts. There may even be some "sideline reporters" included for more recent seasons. The broadcasting data only includes a year and team cross-reference and not a list of stations.

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