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This is a little bit about me in case you were curious what kind of person would spend all their free time doing this...

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Thanks for visiting The Baseball Cube. This section will explain a bit about me.

I was born in Montreal. I live about 50 minutes from the Olympic spaceship in East End Montreal. I have a wife, a fast-fingered musician and a fastpitching pitcher. There is a cat that roams around my house and a hamster that fears this cat.

Grew up an Expos fan. 1993 and 1994 raised my hopes. All subsequent years broke my heart. Slowly. Fire Sale after Fire Sale.

I created this site in 2003 because I love Baseball, data, the Internet and web Programming. My original inspiration was the Sporting News Baseball Registers. I devoured them. Minor League stats, college and high school attended. More information than a baseball Card. A super-sonic baseball card. Video-game stats in the minors. Jefferies. Flash Gordon. Gwynn. The path to stardom was often clear in the numbers.

Baseball-Reference, Baseball-Almanac, hockeyDB and IMDB were also inspirations. Those sites had a motor. I have a motor. I can program. I can type. I can type quickly. I can type very qiuckly. I can devour large datasets. I can automate. I can store and process large amounts of data. I cannot design. Colors frighten me. Clear and concise presenstation of data should be enough for a data site. Colors and design are superfluous.

I started with MLB stats and got minor traffic. I added minor stats and got major traffic. Then came Division I college stats, the draft and the CUBE concept of twisting and turning the data to see it from different views. The site took off. I manage the database and the site by myself. Its obvious I try to make money. We all try to make money, don't we? The Internet is a great "free" resource for people but is not free for those who publish. Please consider that if you visit frequently.

My history. Born in the mid(ish) 1970s. Passionate Expos fan. Loved Guerrero, Raines, Wilkerson, Pedro, Wallach, Rondell, Floyd, Grudzielanek, Lansing. Kirk Rueter perplexed me. Jamey Carroll was inspirational. FP Santangelo was a bit scary. 2005's move to Washington was painful. Baseball Trauma. I got over it in 2011. Tried the Jays. Tried the Cubs. Its hard to become a true fan of a team. I don't believe you can pick the team. The team will pick you. I still watch a ton of MLB.TV. I pick the game I want each night and I settle in. I am addicted to baseball but not to a team. Unencumbered by a home team, I am free to roam around the baseball world, just like my cat roams the house.

Baseball Cards. Strat-o-matic, Pursue The Pennant, Dynasty League. Earl Weaver Baseball on PC. Invented with my friend in his living room. Couch cushion for strike zone. Ping pong ball for baseball. Back of a hairbrush as a bat. Above the clock on the fireplace was a homer. Hit the clock: triple. Hardcore rules. The only household carnage was an unlucky hanging ceramic duck. Played 9 years of little league. Power hitting first baseman. Batted cleanup but should have batted 3rd. I tried programming my own simulation game. On paper. Then on computer. Baseball is an old best friend. It connected me early on to my father and then to my friends and then became a peaceful haven. Baseball and I will probably always be friends.

These days, softball has joined in. I play fastpitch. I coached fastpitch and my youngest daughter pitches at a AAA level. The wife plays. The oldest is now retired and is concentrating on a music career. One child has perfect pitch, the other pitches perfect. I watch I read baseball and I think baseball. I have accepted that my life is dedicated to baseball. and I'm okay with that.

Thanks for reading and for visiting the site,
Gary Cohen