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The Amateur Baseball draft has been around since 1965. TBC has been around since 2002 but not long after the inception of the Cube, historical draft data was added and yearly data appended every year. We have every player of every round of every phase of every year of the Major League draft organized into a database and every player ever drafted will have a player page on the site.

Search/Filter the data

The Draft Research Tool gives you a list of filters that you can use to narrow your historical search of the draft and you can see draft listings by several dimensions including year, round, team, pick#, high school, college or highest level reached in pro ball.

Drafting Schools

Most players have their drafting school listed whether it was a high school, community college or college. Some players were not drafted out of a school and these players will have blanks in this field. Please note that throughout history, schools have closed and changed names and so some of the older players may have outdated information.


The position listed for the drafted player is separate from the position listed on other pages of the site. This position has to do with the position listed when they were drafted. A better description would be the position that was listed next to their name on the source of the draft data when compiled. The positions listed next to a player outside the draft records are more reflective of their recent activity.

Signing Bonuses

Bonus data is not always readily available for players but in more recent years, for players drafted in the first 10 rounds, the signing bonus has been easy to track. At this point, the bonuses are listed on a player's transactions page and not really anywhere else but that could change. There is a Signing Bonus data product available with a list of all signing bonuses in our database.

Signed Players

Indicates whether the drafting team was able to sign the drafted player to a contract resulting in the player officially joining the organization. A signed player would start to play ball with the lower levels of the organization's minor league system. TBC doesn't have complete and accurate signing information but we have deduced that many players did not sign based on the fact that they have draft records in later drafts. A player marked as unsigned is valid. A player marked as signed with a signing bonus is valid. A player marked as signed without a signing bonus and without minor league statistics is unconfirmed.

Drafted players with no stats

There are three ways this can happen. The first is that the player was drafted before 1977 and did play Minor League baseball. TBC only tracks minor stats from 1977 so we won't have stats for those drafted players. The second instance, and this can happen for a player drafted at any point, he never signed or did sign with the team but never played in the minors. High School players often get drafted only to go to college instead and either change career paths or simply flame out. A player may also have an injury that the drafting team didn't know about and so the player was never officially signed. The final reason a player may have no stats is that there is an error in the bridging of the player in our database. Its very difficult to navigate through the popular names like Wilson, Williams, Jones and Smith. Its possible that a draft record for a Brian Jones is not linked to the proper Brian Jones record and so no stats appear next to his name.

Duplicate Players

There are 83,000 draft records since 1965 and many times, players use different variations of their names when entering the draft and they may have been drafted out of different schools (i.e. High School and College), therefore, it is likely that there are players who are duplicated on The Cube. You can write a note to us if you find any. Note that its a challenge to match up names like Bob Smith, Steve Jones and Richard Davis using limited clues. More recent draft data provides a birthdate but older draft records display only position and school.

Discovering Fraudulent Friends

At the onset of the Internet, I received a lot of emails from inquisitive people looking up their friends in the draft database and coming up empty. "Yeah, the Cardinals drafted me in the late 1990s but I blew out my arm so I didn't play much." Turned out that a lot of people who thought they were drafted may have in fact been signed as free agents or they are assuming that nobody would check up on their false claims. Unless your friend changed names or our information is wrong, there's a good chance they're trying to exagerrate their success.

Source of the Draft Data:

The data was compiled since 2002 from various web sites specializing in the draft including Baseball America and MLB.Com. For 2001 and earlier, the data was compiled through baseball almanacs and for the earliest of draft years, through the Baseball America draft almanac. There is the possibility of spelling mistakes in the data since a lot of the compilation was done at 3am and/or the source material had errors.

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