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How to use the Site

This site is only baseball data. The data is organized into major topics (Players, Teams, Events etc) with cross-over between topics. For example, Minor League Teams is logically listed under Teams and Minors.

There are a few different types of pages.
  • Portal Pages: Like the home page, these are pages that do not show data but instead, provide links to pages that do.
  • Rich Data Pages: Player Pages and Team Capsules are an example of pages with a lot of content and different views. The data on these pages may load slower but they provide a lot more information.
  • Regular Data Pages: On a particular topic, usually a data dump of content related to that topic organized in a grid, sometimes sortable.
  • Applications: There are many pages on The Baseball Cube which allow you to build the content. Draft Research, Free Agents, Leaderboards and the Stats Machine are just some of the applications that you can find on the site. These pages essentially allow you to query the TBC database with provided filters.
  • Information Pages: Like this one. Simple text pages with information on the site.

    Each page on the site is organized similarly. Below the menubar, there is a navigational "You are Here" bar at the top with a page Title and subtitle below the first ad. Under the Page Title are some sub-topics relating to the content you are viewing. Links with a black background allow you to change the content of the current page. An "X" at the end of this section usually means that you can remove the currently applied filter.

    Each page will also have "Page Notes" which describe the data you are viewing.

    The data itself is usually displayed in a grid. Note that there are many "hidden links" on each page. They are hidden in the sense that the text is black but moving your mouse over the text will turn it into a link by showing an underline and a change to the cursor. I didn't want to overwhelm people with blue links on each page.

    Also note that many grids are sortable where it made sense. They use inline sorts which means that the page does not need to be reloaded. There are occasional issues with default sorting direction (ascending or descending) but generally, I've made the effort to choose a default sort that makes sense. (Desc for At Bats. Asc for ERA). Clicking an already sorted field will reverse the sort.

    The Search functionality might be more powerful than you think. You can find players, teams, colleges, high schools etc but you can also use it for shortcuts to sections on the site and quickly see pitcher matchups or compare players statistics. Check out the Search Tips guide for more information.

    What is a Cube

    In business intelligence, a cube is a set of data dimensions and facts made available for multi-dimensional analysis. Dimensions can be Players, Teams, Drafts and their related information. Facts are statistics, draft results or team records. The Baseball Cube takes dozens of dimensions and provides reports for various combinations of the dimensions using the different fact data available in our database.

    In most cases, the data dimensions and facts are pre-selected and pre-compiled. In other cases, you are in control of the dimensions. (.e.g. Draft Research, Stat Machine)

    Still confused? Go here. Wikipedia page

    About me

    My name is Gary Cohen. Thank you for visiting The Baseball Cube. I'm a lifelong baseball fan living just outside of Montreal. I started the site in 2002 as a hobby. I've been compiling data since then. I've spent more than 10 years trying to figure out how to best present it to the public. I suck at web design.

    I've been in a long denial since the departure of the Expos at the end of 2004. My kids tell me I spend way too much time at my computer. This makes it difficult to get them away from the family computer or video games. "This is work" I tell them. "Baseball is not work" they reply. I have a day job. I have a mortgage payment. I have 2 cats. One of them loves me. The other one tolerates me. I have 2 kids. One of them loves me. The other one tolerates me. My wife tolerates me. I'm a big hockey fan and have recently become an even bigger NFL fan. Of course, I love baseball. I played first-base when I was younger. They called me "stretch" because I was tall and had soft hands. I could not throw hard and I could not throw accurately to other bases. I was a dead-pull hitter who had outfielders backing up. Free-swinger with good power. I'm not Dominican. Power is relative.

    This web site is a one-man show. The only data not compiled by me is the Play-by-Play data that I sourced from Retrosheet. I'm a very fast typer. I brag about this to my wife and children but they are not impressed. I think I would be able to work in a courtroom as a stenographer but I imagine that by now, there is an app for that. I spend about 4 hours a night in my office sourcing data and programming it into the site. I have a tv next to my computer to watch sports and sitcoms. I'm not much for tv drama unless its from HBO or Mad Men. I don't have HBO though. Sometimes I'll sit next to my wife on the downstairs couch and watch a dancing or reality show. They make me want to cry. Except for the Amazing Race. I dream regularly about being on this show. In the dream, I'm always the one doing the hard detour while my wife watches. In real life, I'd be watching her.

    This site has always been my goal in life. I don't know why. Its kind of a strange goal. I used to be obsessed with Baseball Registers and hockey guides. The neatness of the information. The amount of time you could spend getting lost in it. Its meaningless really. But it was candy to me. My next goal is to have TBC become my day job.

    In my spare time, I am addicted to my iPhone. I do about 3 crossword puzzles a day on the NY Times Crossword app. I recently took up guitar with one of my daughters. She's twice as good as me but I can type a lot faster than her. I like jogging and I like chocolate. But I seem to like chocolate twice as much as jogging. I play fantasy sports year-round. Baseball, Hockey and Football. I make rash decisions and get frustrated easily. My trades are poor. My drafting is questionable. My free agent and waiver wire picks are magical. I get addicted to things. I am currently addicted to fantasy football.

    My favorite players went from Tim Raines to Delino Deshields to Brad Wilkerson. My passion for baseball has changed over the years. The loss of the Expos cured me of an addiction but it created an unfilled void. I am trying to become a Blue Jays fan but have discovered you don't pick a team. It picks you. I love the Montreal Canadiens. Give hockey a chance. Its an incredible sport to watch. You don't have to be Canadian.

    Enjoy the website. If you visit often, please support us by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar. The data doesn't magically appear on the site. Its put there by a really fast typer.

    Thanks for your support
    Gary Cohen

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